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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Jamie1 Presents Nige with his Royal Rumble Review

Nigel. As promised here is my review for your Royal Rumble. First of all I have to credit you mate. I remember when you started this thread a while back now and a lot of people had high expectations for you and you have managed to live up to them with not much bother in all honesty so I congratulate you for that and I am looking forward to reading your first Rumble. I remember you telling me you were looking forward to writing this. Hope itís better than Survivor Series but that would be hard

The opening promo thing. Donít know what too call it, LOL but I felt this was good and got us excited about the up coming event although you seemed to have a clip for every match that was on the card which is OK but I think you should have had more than one bit of footage for the World Heavyweight Championship match and the WWE. Now I know you had two footages for that but that is just a little thing I thought I would pick up on Have too say though I liked how you ended it with a Wooooo by Ric Flair. Most people including myself ended my rumble with McMahon saying Wrestlemania so I liked this

Michael Cole and The Coach introducing us too the Rumble. I donít like that TBH and always think JR should do it as its more traditional and something I like too here when the old guy getís so excited about introducing us to the event. Anyway, nice build up from both sets of commentators and once again gets us built up for the event

Great way to open the show I have too say and a match that would get the crowd interested from the start. Good booking skills from such a small thing. Another thing I have to comment on is this CM Punk heel turn which due to me not reviewing as much I havenít been able to comment on. I have to applaud you for it and say you done it very, very well as it first I doubted CM Punk would be a good heel. Anyway, onto the match itself. Right, This match was exactly as I expected and as exactly as I had hoped. It was a match you had to get perfect as it was opening one of the biggest events of the year and I think some people may even argue the biggest. The flow in the match was superb and it wasnít broke up a lot. Like D-K-L I liked how you started this match quickly. He said it wouldnít suit there rivalry you have going and I am not too sure but I just donít think it would suit they two superstars and the way they wrestle in the ring. A Whisper in the wind so quick was great and got the match exciting from the word go! I liked how the domination of each man sort of changed with both men hitting moves that you think could maybe get them the win with a few close pin falls. The ending of this match was your booking skills at the best and at the top as the way you ended it kept the rivalry as huge as it already was and keeps it open for a second match. When Sunny through the belt I wasnít sure what you were going too do and a lot of different possibilities were running through my head. I thought maybe she would run in and try and grab the belt of off CM Punk and accidentally hit Jeff. I thought of the finish which did happen and just other different things. I loved the wee nod from CM Punk and then the hit. Great way to end the match and a great way too kick off the show. A MOTN contender I wonder? Well how could it not be!

A decent segment here from Rated RKO I suppose thatís what I can call them even though they arenít a team anymore. TBH though I didnít think they were in the best of character and fell out of it quite a bit. Michael Shane, I really am not sure who this guy is so I canít judge him. Orton was good when he was saying he would beat John Cena. That was his usual character but sometimes you would have him drift out of what seemed like a cocky mood. Edge wasnít in great character also and I think he was worse than Orton but thatís just my opinion. Also didnít like how Michael Shane was introduced to Orton and it was done in like a couple of lines. Would have liked to seen Orton stare at Shane a bit or something like that.

Now this is what I expect from you Nigel. This segment was great although the only bad thing was I didnít here Batista speak but just onto Ric Flair. He was in character all throughout this and it was just really great to read such a great segment. I am sort of confused. Is Shawn heel or is Flair just saying that because he is facing him. I would love too see Batista v Flair but I just cannot see it happening

The Cruiserweight championship match up next no surprises really here and the match I expected to be up. Itís good as these type of matches are usually fast and entertaining which will keep the crowd interested. Not sure if it will be like our usual cruiserweight matches though with Chavo taking on Kenny but still should be good. Onto the match, I liked how you didnít start the match at a slow speed with lots of build up until the action started. You just got Chavo and went straight in there with a punch and the match started. Excellent there. Thatís you done the first two matches starting at a very fast speed and itís a good way to do it. Throughout the match I felt if flowed well. I do think there was too many close 3 counts though. Maybe should had at least a couple were the superstar kicked out not just before the 3 count was done. It is exciting though to have close 3 counts. Anyway, when I seen Kenny push the referee too the side I absolutely loved it. Itís a lot better than the usual referee getting bumped into and he falls down and then the cheating starts too happen. This was a very original idea. Loved too see Kenny win in the way he did TBH as it always keeps a second match open for the next time. Well done!

I am going to be honest with you here. I was really, really surprised to see this segment as I remember you telling me you arenít a fan of a superstar doing an interview before a match. So I was surprised but you have obviously changed your thoughts on that which I wouldnít be bothered about as I donít see anything wrong with a superstar doing an interview before his match and it happens IRL hell of a lot. Onto the interview itself I thought it was a decent interview and is just really to build us up for the next match. Shawn seemed in character throughout which was good too see and I loved the last few lines when he made it clear that he respects Batista but its all about the championship really. Thatís basically what he said and that takes my thoughts away that HBK is heel. I didnít notice Cena came into this segment until I read back for some weird reason. This just added too the goodness of the segment TBH.

Without a doubt the best segment of the night so far with the Royal Rumble tumbler thingy involved. Kennedy and Chris Jericho. Two gods on the mic and two men with great talent. You know its set up for an awesome segment! Both men were in great character Nige and you got this segment down too a tee to say the least. I loved the confidence from Kennedy and then Regal sort of knocking it to the side and not really taking it in. Chris Jericho then coming into it and taking the mickey out of Kennedy. I loved Jerichos first line in this. Just complete and utter classic Jericho. I could see him saying that as I was reading. Great segment mate!

World Heavyweight Championship up next. Certainly should be good. Nice recap before it so that we can all remember how this match came about. I felt this match would start at a very, very slow speed or at least slow but once again you have went for the quick tempo. Didnít like how you got Batista out the equation really quickly. Even though it wasnít too be for a long time I still didnít like it and didnít like how he was put out the ring in all honesty. The match really didnít slow down after that but it did come to a steady tempo which was good for these three superstars. Edge getting a pin very early. Nice idea! I liked how Edge was on top from the start continuing from the last few weeks. As it seems the last few weeks Edge has been coming into this match the strongest so it was good too see you werenít just going to chance this as we all know Edge would be high in confidence. Two pins straight away werenít really near getting the 3 but I liked how you done this and that marked his authority. Nice move from Shawn to stop his dominance putting him too the outside and then taking him down with a Sling shot cross body!!! It looked like you were going to have HBK dominate for a while but after hitting Batista first Batista became stronger and it was good too see in such an early part of the match you had all three men have there dominance and showing to each other and the fans what they can do! Moving further into the matchÖÖ.The pin were Shawn split it up. I had my page so it ended there and I didnít know what happened. It was deliberate it was just thatís were It was. So I really thought Edge had it until I went down and seen Shawn had split it up. Still great excitement through this match. After this the match really picked up. There was a spell were I said to myself unbelievable and could tell IRL it would get so many people excited. When Shawn went to hit with the sweet chin music but Batista ducked. I was expecting Batista then too hit with the Batista bomb but when I seen the spine buster I felt that was a better idea. Then we have the heel intentions of Edge come into it. Pulling the tights of his opponent. So glad to see Batista kick out The next spot of the match was also awesome. Another spine buster from an angry Batista and then the Batista Bomb but NO! Shawn Michaels hits with the super kick and goes for the pin. Will he win it? NO! Edge pulls him away. Amazing once again. Edge going back on top when he ducked from the super kick and hits with one of his own finishers but still no winner and another close pin. Right Edge hits with the spear, The match is over. Is it, NO! absolute amazing stuff here Nige. This is definitely you at your best work with this match. Finally the match ends a few close pins later. Shawn Michaels retaining was great too see and it was a real great finish. I had my opinion that Shawn would walk out as champion but the way Edge started and then the way Batista picked up and with all the close calls I really wasnít sure. Great match and by far MOTN so far. It will take a lot for even the rumble to beat that. Trust me!

Another segment here coming off that great match. Hopefully itís a good one! Like I said I was hoping for a good segment but I wasnít expecting it too be this bloody good. Real excellent stuff and once again in this pay-per-view you are proving to me why you are considered one of the best here! I liked how Vince, Shane and JBL. Have to say its weird JBL calling Vince dad although I can remember the tremendous build up and when the announcement actually came. That was great stuff in this thread. But like I was saying I loved how JBL, Shane and Vince were all considering what they will do and then Linda comes in from the back of them. Shane jokes he is happy to see Linda really and Linda tells him too shut up. Excellent stuff. I have to say, you got Lindaís character IMO to the best you possibly could. Her saying Vince a lot was something she usually does and despite her delivering such bad news she done it in a way were it seemed she was so innocent

Another segment. It will be hard to beat the previous one but lets see if you can manage it. Triple H and CM Punk. That could be a dream match in the making IMO. I donít see CM Punk or Triple H winning the rumble so a title match at Mania between Punk and Triple H. The IC Title I mean. Anyway, this segment was definitely not as good as the previous and I didnít like how it started TBH. Triple H said he would throw 29 other asses out including yours. Maybe its just me or did that not make much sense. Anyway the rest of the segment was decent with both men being in character although its quite hard too tell CM Punks character. Liked the stare off at the end and Sunny slating Stephanie!

I really thought it would be hard to beat the opening match of the night as I thought that was great but still thought you could beat it. This was proved when I read the World Heavyweight Championship match and I then thought that was MOTN but after reading this match I change my mind again. Unbelievable. This is the first match you havenít started at a real fast tempo and you have brought the trash talk into it which I like and in all honesty I donít think these two could handle a very, very fast paced TLC Match. Anyway, I wasnít sure who would win but it really looked like you were giving Cena the major push and he was the dominant force I felt and was dominating Orton. I was going to comment on at first you not using the steel chair enough but how much you used the other two weapons it doesnít matter. I loved the power slam onto the ladders leaning on the ropes. Great move and you could see it being a mark out spot. Three spots were someone went through a table as well. The first one probably being the least exciting. The super slam of the ladders near the start of the match also. There were so many huge spots in this match and there were none that shouldnít have been there. I also need to say I liked it when the steel chair would get used to smack the superstar going up the ladders but he wouldnít fall. That was a very realistic move and I donít think a lot of people would do it. I think most people would have them roll about after it. So that was good too see TBH. The monitor over Ortons head. I could really go on and talk about so many big moments in this match. The RKO through the table too finish the match off really was another awesome move and well deserving of finishing off any match. MOTN by far Nige and you are proving to me once again as I have said already. Why you are so great

A segment right before the Rumble was a good idea as I donít think there has been a great amount of build up too the main event. That may sound stupid but I think this was done well. MVP was in great character and Matt Hardy also seemed in character. I really donít know who will win but I donít see any of these two for the time being!

Like some other people said Nige I am not going to go through and review each wee bit of the match as it would be like telling you the story you already know but what I will do is give an overall review off the whole thing. You had to start the match with a few good superstars and thatís what you did. You got two big guns in Umaga and Lashley before bringing in Kofi Kingston which was good too see and gives us a different element in the match already. When Triple H came into the ring you were right too get someone eliminated by him straight away and bring his dominance into the match. I was thinking to myself you need to get a huge superstar into the match soon as it was taking a while but you finally did and they donít get much bigger than Triple H! Santino getting the first elimination was disappointing TBH but you get a real good segment out of him talking about that. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! The big red machine Kane is back. I absolute love it, I didnít see there until I read again that he is masked. What will be his reason now but anyway, what a surprise for the show! 3 men out already. Absolute excellent too see three jobbers chucked out the ring and it reminded me of the year were Kane just started eliminating people left, right and centre. Him and The Big Show do it quite a lot. Harry Smith out by Kane thatís his fourth person and I am sure there will be more. The Undertaker not coming out so long after Kane was a good idea and there should now be fireworks in the ring. I said I wouldnít do this sort of review but its hard, LOL . You really started to get some bigger or more talented wrestlers into the ring with Dykstra, Jeff Hardy, Ric Flair and Rey Mysterio. Good to see. Also need too comment on how I liked it that you had Chavo eliminate Dykstra too keep that feud alive and showing that you want too. Kane eliminating him straight after was also good and I believe that is 5 eliminations now. Kane slowly becoming the favourite to win this match but I can see someone putting him out as a sort of shock move! Maven to the Undertaker, that sort of idea. Thereís a lot of people in the ring but not a lot of people eliminated TBH. I had actually forgot about Umaga but I am now glad to see he eliminated someone as you canít have a monster like that do nothing. You kept another feud going with CM Punk eliminating Jeff Hardy. That was also good too see. The Undertaker getting his first elimination followed by Triple H and then Umaga got his second. Triple H I had also forgot about really. The Nature boy gets two elimination. That deserves a wooooooo. Here is Shane and MVP. MVP got a good high number. Wasnít expecting it and Shane In at 30. He surely cannot win it, can he? Shane is out of there after a few eliminations. Great too see it done by the Game, Triple H. Ric Flair is out now disappointed. I loved the next part and once again you showed how to develop feuds in the rumble match. JBL getting eliminated but then taking Triple H out. Glad to see you had both men fight and brawl with each other after there eliminations because if you hadnít. It would have just took away the fun of it. Itís down too The Undertaker and Kane after Umaga getting chucked out. He lasted a while in there with only two eliminations or something. Quite disappointed he only got that but anyway. Kane won the fucking match. TBH during the match I was thinking it must be him the way he was dominating and because of the return with the mask and such. I knew you wouldnít have The Undertaker win also but I am expecting a Kane v Undertaker main event at Mania with Undertakers legacy being broken. Very early prediction but who cares.

Overall/ I donít know if it was the best pay-per-view I have read, hell I donít know if it was the best I have read of yours as that Survivor Series would take some beating but If I did have to choose I would say this was better. Despite a bit of criticism at the start, the pay-per-view really got interesting with some great segments like The Vince, Linda one and we had real great matches. If I am being honest I think the WWE championship was better than the rumble and the World Heavyweight Championship wasnít far away from being better. I would give it around 96/100 which is pretty good, eh ?


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