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Post Re: WWE: A Strong Response

CM Punk has been an awesome throughout this thread and it is no different here. You’ve done a good job making him the heel in this match although some of his moves may’ve been cheered by the crowd. Both Hardy and Punk hit pretty much all their moves they would’ve in real life, so good realism there. You’ve got a good angle working here with Sunny siding with Punk. I have to say I like Sunny with Punk a lot better than with Hardy. Punk gets the win, the IC Championship belt and now the girl … I expect Hardy to come back.

For some reason I still cannot see Kenny Dykstra as a cruiserweight. But hopefully this feud will hope lift him up into a higher division. In all honestly though I don’t really like the booking of this match. I believe Chavo is also above the cruiserweight division, i.e the ECW Championship irl. I feel with cruiserweights like Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Shannon Moore, and Jimmy Wang Yang that some better matches could be booked. Nonetheless this match was entertaining. Chavo seemed to have it in the middle of the match, but it wasn’t to be. Maybe Dykstra should jump the belt to a credible champion and move up the ranks.

This triple threat match has been booked PERFECTLY. There was some good action with each man getting some sort of “break.” By this I mean that it was either Batista or Edge going at, Edge and HBK going at it or Batista and HBK going at it. With HBK pinning Batista I see that Edge’s race for the gold is not over yet. I expect maybe some sort of unclean finish between the two at NWO and then a rematch at ‘Mania. So far this has been my favorite match.
The TLC match was spot on. It started out nice and slow with Orton and Cena feeling each other out before going at it. I like how there wasn’t any weapons brought in right away and we got a sense of a wrestling match. The spots were … well spot on. There wasn’t any real HUGE on but you know when do to them and when not to. Cena looked really strong throughout this match and I thought that may’ve been bad for Orton. The ending was written terrifically … highly entertaining match.

Now for the rumble match I am not going to do a play by play analysis, I am just going to highlight some of the things I liked/didn’t like and stuff like that. The rumble match always has to begin and strong and you did that with Umaga and Lashley. I wouldn’t mind seeing Lashley go all the way, that’d be pretty sick. There seems to be some sort of order in your entrants and that they aren’t just randomly thrown in there. Kane returning wasn’t that big of a shock seeing how all those videos were on Smackdown, but it still surprised me as I forgot about him. The one thing I didn’t like though was that Kane may have entered too soon. But I do understand that you did that so he looked strong, so actually it makes sense. Kane must’ve eliminated 20 guys.

You really told a story with this match. It wasn’t all about the rumble, if that makes sense. Some other angles were taking place throughout this match and that is what made it very enjoyable. It was good to see Umaga last all the way down to the wire, seems as though a push is coming. Also one thing I didn’t like was Kane eliminating The Undertaker. Kane and Taker, although maybe the most memorable feud/storyline/angle, has been beaten to death. I would like to see something different for both of them.

Overall this was a damn good PPV. You’ve come far since I first started reading your stuff and I’m glad that’s the case. This thread is very enjoyable and you are being recognized as one of the best one here. The promo with Edge and Orton was also very good, &#189; because I <3 Rated RKO and &#189; because of your writing, other than that none of the other segments really hit me hard. Just a lot of hype for the rest of the night. All the matches were entertaining and I found myself really in tangled in the rumble match. Great job Nige, keep it up.
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