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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Perfect Poster's Royal Rumble Review:

Before I start with my review, I'd like to say hats off to an awesome Pay-Per-View. It took me a while to read, but I'm glad I read it and hope I'll be able to write some long-ass PPV's like this one. Cheers. Now, onto my review. Sense I'm a first time reader, I'm just going to comment what I read, as I don't know any of the storylines whatsoever, at least don't know them very well.

Punk vs. Hardy IC Title Match: Surprised me to see that Punk was a heel, and I thought you wrote it out very great. A lot of near-falls in the match, with both hitting their signature moves. I liked that Sunny turned on Jeff and gave Punk the belt. Instant heel heat. Great match. 10/10

Edge/Orton Promo: Very in character, liked Edge bashing New Yorkers. Serious ownage there. 9/10

Flair/Batista Promo: Flair put Batista over, but I think he said a little less then what I thought. Batista got the point out of what he had to do, then they had a little "guy hug." 7.5/10

Guererro vs. Dykstra CW Title Match: No offense, but I just find Dykstra a tad too boring. Not your fault, I just don't care for him. You did put on a pretty good match, with Chavo hitting most of his signature moves, such as the 3 Amigos and Frog Splash (if I remember) and glad that you put Dykstra over. He needs to keep the title for a longer time. 8/10

HBK/Cena Promo: I like serious HBK more then what I like comical HBK. It just seems right. As for Cena, it seems like something Cena would say on a normal basis. 8/10

Jericho/Kennedy Promo:
What’ve they seen you do Kennedy Kennedy? . . . Take some snow, urinate on it and super glue it to your head
Classic. Unlike HBK, I love Y2J's comedy segments. That quote is gold, and so is this promo. 10/10

Triple Threat for WHC: I was busy having to do something else when I read this match, so it wasn't my favorite match, but what I read it was decent. HBK getting the win is awesome, still the WHC. 8/10

McMahon Segment:
That is why tomorrow night on Raw, there will be an independent head of authority taking over as the sole decision maker on Raw
You bitch
I actually roflmao at that comment by Vince. I don't think he'd actually say that, but it was great segment either way. I do wonder who will be the decision maker. Way to have something going into RAW. 9/10

Punk/HHH Segment: You are on fire with this PPV so far. I'm in love with heel Punk. And Sunny, for that matter. Calling Steph a slut, not actually saying it, but obviously hinting at it. I'm interested in a Punk/Sunny relationship. 9.5/10

TLC match for WWE Title: This, along with the IC title Match, was my favorite match of the 4. Nice spot with Orton RKOing Cena through the table. And a Spike DDT through the Spanish announcers table? Nice, you can never go wrong with the Spanish announcers table. 10/10

Hardy/MVP Segment: Decent, seemed a little boring except for when Hardy called him a bitch. The only problem with that is it seemed way out of character, as Hardy doesn't seem to be the one to swear. That's just me though. 7/10

Royal Rumble Match: I'm not going to go to deep into this, as that might take me a while and you probably don't want to hear me babble. Anyways, I liked Kane coming in masked and eliminating 9 guys! 9! Maybe he's gone back to 2001 form? Umaga also went over, as he lasted from No. 2 until the last 3. Lashley went for a decent time too, and JBL and HHH furthered their rivalry. I was shocked like many to see Kane win, but he deserved it. Undertaker had it last year (in real life) so it was his brothers turn. 10/10

Overall: 106/120 Great show, easily the best PPV I've read. Too bad I haven't read too many. Great job, and congrats on the awesome post.
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