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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Royal Rumble Review

Nice little video package to start the show, not too long which I like, but got the point across that there are 30 men, but only one dream will come true as usual.

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy
Brilliant match to open the show. I was expecting the Cruiserweight title match to kick off the show tbh but this was a great choice, really got us pumped. This match was so interesting becuase of the way you have booked this rivalry, you've booked it so well and you made the IC Title feud one of the top feuds, which WWE hasn't done IRL for a long time. You did well starting the match off quickly as these guys really hate each other, so a slow, cautious start wouldn't have been right for these two. Man, the Whisper In the Wind already! That got the match off to a good start. Loving all the great moves they used in this, the D.U.Backbreaker is one of my favourites. Loved the counter to the Air Punk. Punk just hit the Rock Bottom!? Man, the Anaconda Vice! I think you needed a submission in here to make it realistic as these guys couldn't go at that pace all the way through. Hilarious Ref bump here Lol, only a WWE ref would get caught with a boot from a guy up the the GTS position, why didn't he just step backwards!? ... WHAT!? Sunny just hit Jeff with the belt!? Man I wasn't expecting that at all, don't tell me she's been with Punk all this time!? CM Punk makes the cover and he's the new champ, Yay! Awesome ending and leaves it open for a second match, wouldn't be suprised if you stretch this feud up to Mania, although Jeff will probably be in the MITB. Loved this match Nige and got me pumped for the rest of the show, this rivalry has just been great.

Nice little seg with Rated RKO. They were in character playing their typical heel roles. Loved the New York joke Lol, that's something Edge would say.
Nice little segment with Batista and Flair too, Flair is good at putting 'Tista over and he did that, saying that Batista is bigger and stronger than his opponents, but I still doubt he'll win.

Chavo vs. Dykstra
Nice little match here between two solid wrestlers. I like how you have built the Cruiserweight title back up, and you've done it by giving the title to Dykstra. He's had a good little title reign so far and it's done him a lot of good, so there is no way he's losing the belt tonight. This match was at a fast pace too with both guys getting some good offense in. I like the moves you were using in this like the Brainbuster and the Northern Lights, love those moves. The Three Amigo's were great too. Chavo rolling out the way of the leg drop and Kenny dodging the frogsplash made for an exciting ending. Nice little heel tactics from Dykstra to hit the low blow, and then the cutter. Damn! I said it would end a DQ win for Chavo, and it would've if the stupid Ref had seen it Lol! Nice ending with the Guillotine Leg Drop, top finisher and Dykstra's reign continues, but this leaves it open for a second match too.

Decent interview with HBK, I like what he had to say about him coming back from the career threatening injury. Here comes Cena, can't stand him tbh but he was in character and what he had to say was good.

Here is my pick for the Rumble! KKEENNNNEEDDDYYY! Great confrontation with Y2J and Kennedy. KK calling Regal 'Willy' was funny and something he would do. I'm suprised no one said 'that's a tough job, you should be proud of yourselves' to the tumblers Maria and McCool, WWE normally uses that line every year at the Rumble. It's obvious that we'll get the KK/Y2J rivalry again after tonight so that makes me think that KK isn't winning tonight. I think your next PPV is Mania or a SNME so we could get another match on Raw.

HBK vs. Edge vs. Batista
This match started out really exciting too, it was funny how Batista got dumped out of the ring straight away, not exactly what Flair had in mind when he told Batsita to kick some ass! Some near falls early on were cool. I loved Batista's counter from the Asai Moonsault into the running powerslam, that was awesome. All three guys had their signature moves in this match and you did a good job of eliminating a guy for certain stages, like you did with Batista the start. Lou Thesz press! I was wondering when HBK was going to hit that as he normally hits it early on, Figure Four! Batista was never going to tap from that but it was a good submission to throw in. The last few paragraphs were really exciting with the near falls. Man I thought it was over after the Batista Bomb. Nice close finishes with the Spear and Spinebuster too, and nice SCM to stop the Batista Bomb. Sweet Chin Music to Edge! That was great to eliminate him from the equation, and Sweet Chin to Batista! Yes! Great counter to stop the spear and I'm glad that HBK won. Great match.

So all power has been taken away from the McMahon's? That's interesting. Who is the guy who will take over then I wonder? I know you like your shocks so it could be anyone, but I look forward to finding out, the McMahon's certainly won't like it.
The HHH/CM Punk confrontation was interesting. I don't think it's going anywhere though but what Punk had to say was cool. HHH had some strong words too but I don't think he's winning.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton
This was a really great match Nige, really exciting. It's strange seeing Randy Orton and John Cena in a TLC match but you made it work. Once again the match got off to an exciting start, there are no slow starts in your matches and it's cool to read, especially for a TLC. There was good use of the ladder in this match and I liked how you described how many rungs they were up the ladder, that helps us imagine it in our heads better.There was a real good part of the match between all the ladder climbing, with Cena hitting the powerslam onto the ladder and Orton sending Cena through the table. That was great. The Spike DDT through the announce table was awesome, I really thought it was over there. I liked how Cena made the Superman recovery, Orton should have just hit the RKO through the table instead. Yes, RKO through the table! I'm glad you used that spot. Great ending to a really exciting match and I'm glad that the Orton era will continue.

Cool segment between Hardy and MVP, MVP's joke about Hardy having fun was funny. I really hope that MVP wins the Rumble but I really doubt it.

The Royal Rumble Match
I'm not going to go through and review each part Nige as it's hard to do that with the Rumble without telling the story all over again. The start of the Rumble was cool and I liked how you saved the first elimination for a bit. Marrella was eliminated first like he was IRL this year, poor Santino! Kane with the mask was a BIG shock, I knew that he was coming but I didn't think he was going to be an actual entrant in the Rumble, I thought he was going to interfere and eliminate Taker so it was a massive shock seeing him enter. Kane eliminated lots of guys and that helped him make a massive impact on his return, the way he was throwing guys out all over the place was similar to a few years back when he got rid of like 11 guys.I loved how you kept these feuds going to with Punk eliminating Hardy and Chavon eliminating Dykstra. I was real angry when Ric Flair got rid of Mr Kennedy, he was my pick to win, I don't know why I picked him though really. The battle with the McMahons and Triple H was cool and having JBL re enter and eliminate HHH was a great booking decision. Wow, Umaga made the last three, brilliant! Great choice for the last two, Kane and the Undertaker even though they didn't really fight each other at the end. Kane Chokeslamming Taker off of the apron was a great way to end it, and Kane winning was a big surpise! I knew you would shock us with the Rumble winner and you did. Is Kane going to feud with Taker or will he go for the title? And will Kane be going against HBK now at Mania? That would be really interesting. Great ending Nige, it was the best Rumble I've read on here for sure.

Overall it was a fantastic PPV Nige, really great. It will get the PPV of the month for sure IMO. All the matches were really exciting, you are a great match writer and you proved it here. I can't wait for Raw and SD now to see all the fallout. Great PPV Nige, good job mate!

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