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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

cena&torrierock's Review on RAW - 01.21.08

Opening Promo: It was a very good opening promo. Although I was expecting John Cena to deliver the opening promo, Randy Orton delivering it worked fine. His promo was very intense and it was filled with quality. I really enjoyed the promo. I'm glad Cena didn't interrupt Orton midway through his sentence but let him finish it. This was a very enjoyable promo and I loved every bit of it. It was nice and long and it was also very rich in detail. Vince McMahon coming out at the end was unexpected and the Main Event he put Cena in was shocking. I honestly never expected it. But it sounds like an amazing Main Event where Orton is definetely going to get involved. Anyway, fantastic way to open the show!
Grade: 10/10

Maria, Melina & Santino Marella Backstage: Melina insulting Maria's looks is classic and ironic, seeing as she does look like a mess every week, IMO. But anyway, you should've made Maria be more bimbo-esque to play off the bimbo character that she usually has but has lost on TV since her Playboy push. Melina making a stab at the town they were in was expected and was a great way to generate heel heat. Santino coming up and insulting Maria was a good choice and him asking Melina to accompany him to his match was unexpected. It's obvious you're trying to build up an alliance between Melina and Santino but I'd rather it be Jillian. They'd be a very comic alliance!
Grade: 8.5/10

Carlito Promo: Very nice. I really liked it. It was short and simple which I really like to see in in-ring promos right before a match takes place. I would've liked to see Eduardo say something since he rarely does saying anything but Carlito speaking the entire time was good enough. I just had to laugh when he referred to Kelly as a "skank", lol.
Grade: 8.5/10

Cody Rhodes vs. Carlito: First off, a very well-written match that was great to read. Eduardo's involvement in the match was expected, of course. When Eduardo interfered, I thought that the match would be over with Carlito winning due to Eduardo's distraction but I was clearly wrong. I like the use of the steel chair in the match, it's much better than just pulling on one's foot or punching them while the referee isn't looking. Kelly Kelly coming down to the ring was unexpected to me, despite her psuedo-alliance with Rhodes. I felt that Eduardo could've done something to her ringside or Kelly could've done something to Eduardo a la Torrie Wilson & Chris Masters on RAW after New Year's Revolution; she hit him with the ring bell, helping Carlito out. Anyway, Rhodes picking up the win was nice but I was hoping for some sort of attack afterwards but what happened was good enough.
Grade: 9/10

Mr. Kennedy, Elijah Burke, CM Punk & Layla Backstage: I really enjoyed this promo. I'm also really glad that you didn't have the stereotypical 'heel' thing going on in which all the faces are friends and all the heels are friends too. You can tell that all three guys hate each other despite having to team up with each other later that night. That's really good, IMO. This segment was nice, you put Kennedy over nicely and you also displayed the hostility between all three well. Maybe a heel vs. heel feud in the future? It's barely ever done on TV, let alone BTBs so you could be one of the first. It would be a change and also, very creative. But anyway, great promo. I just feel that Burke could've said more. This promo put Kennedy and Punk over but barely put Burke over. A bit unfair, IMO.
Grade: 8.5/10

Jillian Hall vs. Victoria: Great match, great match. Victoria hitting several of her signature moves was expected and I'm glad you used a strong competitor in Jillian to make Victoria look like a force not to be messed with. I like the attention to detail- "Victoria did the freaky shake..." Also, I felt that Jillian should've gotten more offense in but since what was written was the ending, I'll just assume she got a fair amount of offense in the beginning. Victoria winning was expected, no doubt about that. I felt that during the staredown, Phoenix could've at least stood up or something to make the staredown more effective. But anyway, it was a great match which I'd kill to see on TV as both Jillian and Victoria are talented workers.
Grade: 9.5/10

Jeff Hardy Interview: Really, really good interview here. Jeff Hardy addressing every CM Punk-related aspect that's been bothering him was a good idea. I liked how he mentioned that Punk stole the belt but he didn't seem too irate about it. But anyway, what Jeff said was really good. Sunny getting some words in was nice, it was a great read. She's awesome on the mic and she's a great valet, and you've done a good job on using her alongside Jeff. Good job.
Grade: 10/10

The McMahons Backstage: I'm glad you're following up on this, I'd really like to see Vince vs. Triple H, the ultimate showdown, take place at the grandest stage of them all: Wrestlemania. I was expecting some sort of awkward moment in which Stephanie would call out her father but her sly remarks and her announcement regarding the tweaks she'd made to the Main Event was so much better than I anticipated. I'm really glad the Main Event was changed in Stephanie's favor but I have to admit, I was really hoping to see the original handicap match. I also liked Triple H's line at the end: "The Game is coming to play." I don't know why but I just loved it, lol.
Grade: 10/10

Tommy Dreamer vs. Santino Marella: A very nice Royal Rumble qualifying match. I would've liked to see Dreamer advance instead of Marella but what happened was fine with me. I liked how you had emotion written into the match alongside all the match details, a huge plus, IMO. It also shows realism so good job. Also, I would've liked to see Melina get a bit involved but she's just starting out with Marella so hopefully she gets involved in a week or two. The ending was very typical heel but it worked well with Marella and it was good.
Grade: 9/10

Hardy, Jericho & Mysterio vs. CM Punk, Kennedy & Burke: Holy shit. That was an amazing match. I loved every bit of it and the in-ring action during the match was simply fantastic. This stuff should be on TV, right now! The aftermath was insane. The swanton bomb off the stage onto Punk was a spot I would pay big bucks to see live. This match was an excellent match. Why isn't this the Main Event? Why can't the WWE ever have matches like this? You, my friend, just wrote one of the best matches I've ever read, even if it was a match recap.
Grade: 10/10

Rhodes, Kelly Kelly, Carlito, Eduardo & Kingston Backstage: Nice to see Rhodes finally go in for the kill and finally seal the deal with Kelly Squared. I know it's not meant to be funny but Kelly screaming after their kiss sounds like a scene stolen from some kind of horror movie in which Rhodes is attacked by the demon killer or something, lol. The beatdown on Rhodes was really unexpected, I thought it would just be picked up next week. Kofi Kingston coming out of nowhere and yelling was hilarious to imagine, lol. I take it we're getting Kingston & Rhodes vs. the Colons next week?
Grade: 9/10

Ron Killings vs. Orlando Jordan: That was a really good Royal Rumble qualifying match, much better than Santino Marella vs. Tommy Dreamer, IMO. The action was fast-paced (on Killings' end) and the two seemed to work well. The match flowed nicely and Killings' finish at the end was a great way to end the match. I felt that OJ should've been given the Royal Rumble slot as he just returned and should be booked as a dominant force but Killings is relatively new as well. At the end of the day, I'd take OJ over Killings, though. Just my opinion. But anyways, great match.
Grade: 10/10

JBL & Randy Orton Backstage: A very good promo that put both Randy Orton and JBL over really nicely. I think Shane could've said more to get himself over in this match but what was said was fine. I like how this whole team of superstars had so much time getting themselves over yet Cena's tag team partners get nothing to say? Not smart, but I think they'll just be dominant forces in the match. I can't wait for the Main Event!
Grade: 9/10

The McMahons Backstage: Not much to comment on but I do like the mystery in this promo and the allusion of a huge secret. I think what killed this whole vibe was JBL's jab at Minneapolis for some cheap heat but I guess that works well too. No complaints here, I want to know what Linda's announcement is really badly now, lol.
Grade: 9.5/10

Main Event: Amazing match. Simply amazing. THIS is a Main Event that has not failed to impress at all. I have absolutely no complaints here. I liked the direction the match was taken in and I thought it was written really well. I'd like to see Shane vs. Triple H next week, that'd be a great Main Event. Heck, how about make the main event on the RAW after the Royal Rumble be: Shane & JBL vs. Steph & Triple H? It'd definetely be interesting and refreshing. Also, Cena not getting that much in-ring time at the end of the match was a good choice. People seem to always have him be the one who gets the hot tag. As if he isn't so predictable already, lol.
Grade: 10/10

Overall Grades:
Promos: 9.2/10
Matches: 9.6/10
Show: 9.4/10

General Comments: Amazing show. I enjoyed every bit of it. You did really well this week, Nige and I can't wait for the Royal Rumble. I'm sure you won't fail to impress. Also, sorry for the delay in getting a review up. My internet's been acting up. I probably won't review Smackdown! but I'll definetely hit the Royal Rumble up with a review. Again, good job on this show and good luck with the Royal Rumble.

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