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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night RAW Review (WWE: A Strong Response)

S1 (Opening Segment, In the ring, Orton + Cena + Vinnie Mac) = Orton was tight, so was Cena, and McMahon's announcement was grand. This is the first show I read from you and, I like how somehow JBL is McMahon's somewhat illegitimate son?! Great! The match he booked should be a great, and the No DQ aspect means something's bound to go down, great way to open up the show, only minor flaw was that sometimes the promos linger on too much and they sound more like a E-Fed type promo than a BTB type promo, still, as there was nothing wrong with the promos and what they talk about, I guess we could just scratch this last criticism out.

S2 (Backstage, Maria + Melina + Santino) = Cool little segment, I wasn't sure how to take Maria's reactions, like, is she not a blonde like girl anymore, but still, when Santino came out, everything was cleared up for me and everything was cool. I could easily see Melina & Santino becoming a full-time pairing too.

S3 (Carlito v. Rhodes) = Good little match, question I have is, does Eddie sport the same kind of look as Carlito as it pretains to his hair style? Last picture I saw of Eddie, he had a crew cut of sorts... I like the little pairing with Kelly & Rhodes (please, drop the Kelly Kelly, just call her Kelly for God's sake!), they're both extremely young so, it's like puppy love.

S4 (Backstage, Kennedy/Burke/Layla + Punk) = This segment was okay, I felt it was a bit rushed and I didn't get a good feel for everyone's own distinct personalities. It did serve its purpose, so that's good. I also like Layla & Burke's pairing, could work, I'll have to see more of them though. I especially like CM Punk's heelish ways, though, he didn't sound like the kind of heel i'd portray him as... get your hands on some of his ROH heel stuff, I think that without copying it, it gives you a great idea of just how Punk as a heel can be done. Anyhow, I'm still really looking forward to that 6-Men, should be quite the bout.

S5 (Jillian v. Victoria) = It seems a lot of BTBs have turned Victoria face over the last couple of months. Honestly, I prefer her as a heel, but, she can do both so, that's cool with me. And, since she's getting a soon to be crack at the Women's Belt, I'm even more for that. The matchup was so-so, (Savate, not Savote & A Springboard Somersault Legdrop would actually mean Victoria would bounce from the top rope and then perform the flip in mid-air... I'm sure that, if she tried it, she could do it, but Victoria's pet hold is a Slingshot Somersault Legdrop, just little things that would have made this match better when reading it) but, overall, this match served its purpose and Jillian didn't look half bad... although since this was just an ending, we couldn't really her get in much offense. Hence sometimes I prefer match recaps then just endings, still, to each's own I say. I might have forgotten but is the Women's Title match set to take place at the Rumble? If so, goo-ood.

S6 (Interview, Grisham + JHardy & Sunny) = Everyone was in character, so it helped this segment quite a lot. Grisham was is non-charismatic self (good), Hardy was his straight to the point self (good) and Sunny, well, she was Sunny when things don't go her way as a face (good). Only thing I have a hard time swallowing for lack of a better term is Tammy & Jeff's partnership. As a heel or face, I would believe she'd go with someone that's got more of that Mr. Ass Billy Gunn look. Anyhow, the segment was good and set up the 6 Men quite nicely. Yerr.

S7 (Rumble Preview) = Good stuff, I like how you utilize banners to hype stuff in your shows.

S8 (Backstage, Vinnie Mac + Steph & HHH) = Awesome segment right there. Stephanie was very much in character and the whole interaction between the three of them was priceless for the times we do live in right now. The switch in tonight's match is a good way to go about things, brings me back to a time where anything could be changed at the drop of the dime because the McMahon family ruled over all!

S9 (Marella v. Dreamer - Rumble Qualifier) = Good match, I wouldn't have bought Santino winning cleanly so the heelish tactics worked tremendously for him... question: What does a Rolling Cutter look like?!

S10 (Punk/Kennedy/Burke v. JHardy/Jericho/Rey) = Good match overall, we really only saw Rey & Burke in there going at it, although with the out of control action everybody got a piece of the pie. I didn't fully picture how Layla could grab Rey's foot but he could actually fall into the ring. To me, he would have been dragged and hit his head against the ring apron, but, still, I'm digging the fact the Heels got the win, plus, the aftermath was really cool. Although I don't know why you wouldn't actually sell the fall and try to make us believe Punk actually fell through tables or something... or through a wooden plate. Anyhow, I think everything from the promos earlier were followed correctly storyline wise and that's what matters at the end of the day.

S11 (Backstage, Kelly + Rhodes + Colons + Kingston) = Interesting and well developped angle. I thaught everything was built up nicely, from seeing a such heart felt moment to such a heelish act and then the ''save'' in some ways from Kofi, I'm guessing we're heading towards a tag bout next week between these four, and that... dat's cool.

S12 (Jordan v. Killings) = Good match, I like how you sold the finish, it was well done and pretty much out of nowhere. Rating it as far as being in the crowd, I really would have marked out for that switch in the maneuver, plus, if Jordan over sold it just a bit, it would have looked awesome. A bit perplexed about Killings using all those suplex type maneuvers, still, good bout. I'm not sure these guys have the best of chemistry, but, you pulled a good match nonetheless considering.

S13 (Backstage, JBL/Shane O Mac + Orton + Vinnie Mac) = Okay promo, everybody was pretty much in character but I felt the dialogue was a bit too long for the kind of setting they were in. I mean, JBL's got a pretty big mouth, I couldn't see him just letting Randy speak on for this long. Still, the ending made it worth while and very interesting past the actual matches heading in to the Rumble.

S14 (Rumble Hype) = Nice, really nice. I actually felt that for once, JR & King were not only depicted correctly, but took the right roles in a) having JR set up things and go over the details of the matches and then b) have King input his knowlegde and personal opinion in there. Not a lot of people are doing that right now in BTBs whether it be JR & King or any other duo. But you did a great job there. Kudos.

S15 (JBLOrtonShaneOMac v. CenaLashleyHHH) = Best match of the night for sure. I don't have much to say about it really, not because it was flawless but because it told a good enough story to Main Event a RAW show. Only little thing I have to pick on is the whole ending really with Shane perched up there but waiting and waiting and then, the whole flying through the air but getting kicked in the gut thing is a bit risky and I'm not sure it would have come off looking quite good. Still, the effect of the Pedigree for the crowd maybe erases that and brings the crowd back up to its feet. Yeah.

OVERALL = I'd say I'm digging this BTB (well, for the one show i've read thus far). It's the superstars of today with a different direction then we see on tv. Some new angles and twists have been implemented here and there and I like how everything flows from one segment to the other. The added bonus of having banners is a sweet touch and your colour coding is quite easy to follow. I'd probably skipped the neon green though, just saying. You have pretty much the superstars' way of speaking done quite well with a few itches here and there. The only thing I didn't really like is how the endings something came about in the matches. Like, keeping some people in the dark almost, like, Lashley in the ME. Still, the way the matches were written was quite good. Maybe sometime there's too much detail so we lose touch of the excitement you're trying to depict, still, it's pretty good.

Realism = 8/10
Length = 8/10
Quality/Entertainment = 8/10
Spelling/Grammar = 6.5/10
Matches/Booking = 7.5/10

Overall = 76/100 (B)

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