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Re: Anime Discussion Thread

Bleach was terrific up to the first 3 arcs (Soul Society arcs)

From there on it got kinda 'meh' with the occasional good fight and funny bits.
Especially towards the middle of the HM arc it got SO SLOW with 15 mins of episode (half of which would probably be repetition) after 10 mins of recaps.
I'm actually happy they're doing a filler now because it gives a chance for more Bleach RANDOM~! humour.
Seriously, last ep was the most fun i've had watching Bleach in a long time (not counting Ichigo/Grimmjow from near the end of HM)
Just random laughs all over the place, with Ichigo going Bankai on a bunch of lowly hollows just because he can, Kon and Ichigo's dad being Kon and Ichigo's dad, bad drawings by Orihima and Rukia and all the other running gags.
Best bit was Ichigo getting pretty much blown off by a guy just for not being important enough and Ichigo going:
"Who does he think he is, Byakuya?"

A friend of mine had me watch "The girl who leapt through time" a couple of days ago.
She loves it, and i found it quite a bit funny and entertaining, if a bit too sweet and romantic for something to watch on your own.
Perfect if you wanna watch an anime with a girl though!

I'm around ep. 44 of Monster. It's really getting good now, but i just don't have time to watch things these day...
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