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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


So Edge is in Canada so it’s going to be quite good for him tonight as well as Shawn Michaels getting a lot of heat; because of the Screw Job. Edge’s speech was a little to real? Involving too much ‘real world’ if you know what I mean? Using stuff about Americans shooting people in collages etc. Don’t think they would mention that kind of stuff but at least he didn’t go on about the Montreal Screw Job. Hmmm Shawn Michaels is right … get over it Canada. A good start to the opening promo which is what it should have been ... Edge, the Canadian against the guy who screwed the Canadians favourite. There match at the Rumble will be good. Oh Edge had his own countrymen turn on him, should have seen that coming. And well Tista coming in spices thing up after what has happened over the last couple of weeks. Shawn Michaels line “Don’t give him what he wants” wow ultimate cheese lol. Couple of things didn’t make sense … e.g “If it was up to me Edge and I could shut you up by giving you want” … and Shawn is the World Heavyweight Champion not the WWE Champion if I’m correct? But these were minor things which I don’t really care about because well I understand what you mean mate  . Cool match for tonight but he won’t win me thinks as well as I don’t understand Shawn’s last comment but oh well.

Bloody hell Morrison … slow down! He talks in bunches and quite slow or that’s how I see it maybe he spoke to much in a bunch here. Good match for Masters and McIntyre … Masters getting the win is fine with me it was a nice match to opening Smackdown and well was okay I guess. Good office promo with Regal and Kenny … I like his character and I kinda of like Chavo as the face here as well. Regal saying Kenneth annoys me lol … but it goes with his English stereotyped character. I guess the next match is four corners match? And yes good match … lots of good moves … Miz and Morrison is a good win for me as I like them.

I think for this next promo it had the makings of a good promo but the text need to be spread out in my opinion it’s too bunch up. It was a good one … MVP being the cocky guy he is. Benji and he would make a good tag team I think … this might be what you are building towards. Next match I pretty sure that Shannon Moore will be pinned and not get in the Rumble. Nice match and my prediction was right … great psychology between the two guys near the end and well one or the other will eliminate the other in the Royal Rumble me thinks. Just clicked … Kane = Royal Rumble!

Nice interview for the First Blood match … which by the way should be great, he really built Umaga to be the monster he is. He jumped in and out of his accent but sometimes you were writing with and sometimes you were not but that doesn’t really bother me, makes me laugh when you write it. Chris Harris = Snooze … nah I don’t mind him but I hope his push stops after the Rumble, just don’t like him that much. Really good match, best match so far and was a good length …. It could be worthy of a PPV match I thought it was that good. Good for Hardy to pick up the win as US Champ … great match man.

Matt Bentley introduced hey? Coolies … Edge was basically repeating himself from the opening of the night. Now it is time for the big main event, which isn’t the main event. Undertaker vs. Umaga … should be a great one. Starts off great with Umaga hitting a Samoan Drop and Undertaker getting up really, really, really fast to get out the way of the Wreckin’ Ball. Well Umaga getting busted open was a surprise but then with the ref down I didn’t really surprise me. And then Undertaker got busted open but the ref is still down … well he gets back up and sees Undertaker bleeding … shame Undertaker should of won I think but if these two fight some time in the future Undertaker will win for sure.

Great Main event and match of the night back and fourth like a great match should be … and then seeing Tista come down and ruin it all was the sensible thing to do and well setting up the three way for Royal Rumble is good. But my prediction … Michaels retains …

Overall it was a solid show not as good as last RAW but still good. The opening promo should have been better to be honest but the Main Event made up for that as did Taker and Umaga … so really good matches as well as the solid ones at the start. All good and the Rumble is shaping up nice.

Or is it?
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