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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

-TRô-'s SmackDown Feedback

Well, this occasion was always going to be overshadowed with controversy, from the moment Edge arrived. Shawn Michaels' character as a heel was perfect, you should consider a full-time turn for HBK in the near future. I normally get bored of Batista, but he was actually decent in this segment. I really didn't expect Edge to turn on his Canadian fans, but you reverted his character wonderfully. A truly blockbuster match made for tonight's Main Event, I'm looking forward to seeing the result of HBK-Edge. Also, a very controversial line to cap off the segment courtesy of Shawn Michaels, well done, Nige. 10/10

John Morrison's character wasn't too impressive from my perspective in this segment, but you did well with The Miz's character. The Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match later on looks incredibly promising, I can hardly wait for it. 7/10

Decent opening match between Drew McIntyre and Chris Masters, I'm not really a big fan of either of them, but I enjoyed reading this match, and they're two promising, young Superstars. Out of the two, I would prefer Chris Masters to go to the Royal Rumble match, and I'm glad he's going to Madison Square Garden. 8/10

Very nice William Regal-Kenny Dykstra segment, you've booked Kenny Dykstra's push magnificently from my perspective. The triple-threat match sounds good to me, I'm wondering who the third man in the match will be to join Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero. 8/10

A truly brilliant Fatal Four-Way Tag Team match, Nige, it lived up to my expectations. You've revitalised the Tag Team division incredibly well, you've done a great job in that aspect. Good to see John Morrison and The Miz win the match, I'm firmly behind them going into The Royal Rumble. 9/10

Solid MVP-Shelton Benjamin promo, both Benjamin and MVP's characters were outstanding. I actually think these two would make a pretty enjoyable Tag Team to watch, maybe an idea for the future? Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the Tag Team match later on, who will Matt Hardy's partner be? 10/10

Awesome triple-threat match, although Shannon Moore wasn't my ideal third competitor in this match, but the moment he was revealed as the final competitor, Kenny Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero's places were already booked in The Royal Rumble Match. I'm relieved that Guerrero and Dykstra are going to The Royal Rumble, good work. 8/10

Great Umaga segment, Umaga gets pushed as a heel a lot better with Armando Estrada by his side. Estrada, as usual, was fantastic and you fitted him into his character really well. I'm really looking forward to finding out the conclusion of Umaga's First Blood match with The Undertaker, although I would rather have seen a Last Ride Match instead. 9/10

I'm thrilled, and relieved, to see Chris Harris make his SmackDown debut, I've been waiting for this moment for a while now. You made Chris Harris look very strong for his debut Match, which is great and it will contribute greatly to putting him over as an established SmackDown Superstar. Matt Hardy's push has been awesome too, brilliant work, Nige. 10/10

Wonderful Edge Interview, fantastic idea bringing Shawn Michael's cousin, Michael Shane, into the equation. This makes me more excited to see the Edge-Shawn Michaels World Heavyweight Championship match later on tonight. 9/10

The Undertaker-Umaga feud has been sensational so far, and it's one of the main factors in myself reading all of your shows in this BTB. Solid First Blood match, Armando Estrada intervening was golden, and I'm surprised that Umaga pulled out a victory over The Deadman. I knew that The Undertaker wouldn't leave it at that, and he certainly didn't. Great match, 10/10

Tonight's Main Event certainly lived up to the hype, and it was spectacular to behold. Very controversial with Shawn Michaels locking in the Sharpshooter, reminiscent of Survivor Series 1997. The DQ Finish was great, and a fantastic match made by William Regal for The Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Edge and The Undertakern sounds brilliant to me. 10/10

OVERALL | A truly memorable show, Nige, this goes to prove that you are one of, if not the best booker on WF today. I will certainly be reading the upcoming Raw, Nige, and I'll do my best to leave another review for you. Outstanding show Nige, 10/10

PS | Apologies for the double-posting, but this is the only suitable time in which I can leave some feedback for SmackDown, as I will be off later.
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