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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

sirdilznik's Smackdown review

Edge getting love from the Canadian crowd HBK is so going to get it from the crowd. They will NEVER [Y2J]Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever[/Y2J] let him forget the Montreal Screw Job. The school shootings reference is in really bad taste, even for Edge. That's too much right there :thumbsdown: Here somes HBK and here comes the heat. I love HBK getting boos in Canada. Yes!!! Edge turns on the fans! I smell a triple threat. Or not. Edge sneaks his way into a title match. I smell a stipulation coming.

Miz was great on the mic but Morrison wasn't full of himself enough IMHO. Still good though. Not much to say about Noble or Kash.

McIntire vs. Masters - Yes! Bear Hug! Classic. MAsters wins with the Full Nelson, LOL. Good opening match. I'm not a fan of either man but the match was well written.

Kenneth will be wrestling Chavo eh? I wonder who the third person in the match will be

4 way tag - This should be really chaotic. LOL at Super Crazy being the "Mexican Sensation". Moonsault Plancha from Sydal! (or as I like to call him Elix Skipper version 2.0) Morrison hits the Moonlight Drive!!! Woohoo my boys Miz and Morrison win (I'm really digging them lately).

MVP is gold on the mic. So so in the ring, but absolute GOLD on the mic. Great promo.

Chavo/Moore/Kenneth - OK I see Shannon Moore as the jobber here though that will mean 2 matches for both Chavo and Kenneth at the Rumble. Loved Kenneth slapping Shannon. Good disrespectful stuff. 3 Amigos! Even though he doesn't do it nearly as well as Eddie did (or even Homicide) I still like it. Woohoo! Northern Lights Suplex! One of my favorite moves! I marked. [Japanese Announcer]Bwainbusta!!!![/Japanese Announcer] (though in Japan any Vertical Suplex is called a Brainbuster). Chavo wins with the Frog Splash (I like the Gory Special better but Frog Splash is good too). Moore loses as expected.

Woohoo! Armando Promo! [tangent]Armando is f'n ripped!!![/tangent] Armando is gold on the mic as usual.

Oh no, Matt on the mic. Woohoo! It's Cowboy err...Wildcat!

Matt Version 1.0 & Wildcat vs. MVP & Gold Standard - Yes! Delayed Vertical Suplex! Woohoo! Catatonic! Yes! Side Effect (I actually like that move way more than the Twist of Fate). Matt wins with the Twist of Fate which is good for his push. You made Wildcat look good early on too.

Lena "Why is she on TV?" Yada interviewing The Rated R Superstar. Edge is awesome as usual. Whoa!? Michael Shane!

U-Manga vs. Taker - This is basically no DQ so I'm expecting craziness. Missed Wrecking Ball as expected. Wow an Overhead Belly to Belly on Taker. Damn that's a Massive Suplex! Yeah baby grab the monitor! Armando smashed Taker with the chair, bad move man. Woohoo my boy U-Manga wins dirty baby!!! Taker got his revenge after the match though. Still a win for my boy over Taker!!!

HBK vs. Edge - I don't see HBK losing the title. Maybe a DQ or no contest. Yeah baby, Edgecution! HBK goes Stone Cold style with the Thesz Press! Haha! Yes! HBK with the Sharpshooter! Totally rubbing it in the Canadian fans' faces!!! LOL at Edge still getting love from the crowd even after the crap he talked earlier. Canadians will always hate HBK, ALWAYS! Yes, Inverted Atomic Drop! HBK classic. Batista causes Edge to win by DQ. Now both he and HBK will be pissed at him (probably) Triple Threat coming? Yep

Very good show. Some awesome promos from Miz, Edge, Armando Alejandro Estrada, and MVP. The ending in the main event was the way to go. U-Manga vs. Taker was MOTN for me because well my boy U-Manga won! I'm not too excited about Chavo and Kenneth pulling double duty at the Rumble but it's OK. They will probably eliminate each other.

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