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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Hey man, it’s been a while since I’ve left any comments in here so I figured now that I aint as busy I should come back to this thread on a regular basis. It was and still is one of the best threads on WF and certainly one of the most creative. I also like how different it is to the usual current day ones. Anyway that’s enough ass kissing for one day Here’s something I wrote for ya. Enjoy.

Have to say I really liked the opening video. Not only was it very informative, but it was set out in bullet points, which I have to say really works well in this instance. Because I haven’t been following for some time, it really painted a lovely picture for me to get into this show. Have to say also that the storylines that are going on at the moment seem really awesome.

You know when you mentioned Edge getting a good reaction I actually thought you had turned him face (which I’d love by the way) but then I ralized it’s because he is in Ontario. Good thinking there, I like the little touches like that. Wow, I didn’t really like the college lines. Well to be honest it doesn’t effect me that much, but I could imagine the reaction if the WWE did this in real life. Jesus they would probably get sued. I think this was a bit over the top, none the less Edge could probably say something like this so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I do however like how the main theme of this promo is about the screwjob in 97, it gives the promo a much more solid feel rather than the three of them rambling on about nothing. So coming to a conclusion this promo was a nice read and I enjoyed it throughout, the ending was a masterpiece too and I absolutely loved Michaels getting over on top as the promo comes to an end.

I have to say, I didn’t really like the backstage promo with the tag teams. Miz and Morrison just didn’t sound right in my opinion. I think you gave Morrison too much to say all at once, I could never imagine him getting all that out in a respectable manner. However it got the point across about how important that tag team tournament is, and it also looks like you’ll be bigging up the tag team division which is a great idea.

I like the fact that you put Masters through to the Rumble. It was a nice little match with Drew aswell and I actually found myself getting a bit too excited. Nice finish with the Master Lock. This match with the youngsters certainly gives the youngsters a time to shine, something that I wish the WWE would do once in a while.

Nice backstage segment with Regal and Kenny. I love Kenny as cruiserweight champion, and it looks like you’re going to push him to the moon one day (future hall of famer) hopefully. They both seemed in good character, and I like Regal as the general manager as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, because he is such a good power figure, such a good authority figure. Anyway nice match announced for tonight, I can see Kenny losing, I don’t know why just do.

Hmmm, it seems like a nice concept this tag team tournament. I know who I’d love to win the whole thing, but I won’t say just yet. I’ll wait and see how this match goes first. A lot of action which is certainly a good thing, I found myself rather excited again, which is why I like your writing so much. I kinda knew Super Crazy and his tag team partner would be the first to be eliminated, it just seemed fitting considering the other teams in the tournament. Nice win also for Morrison and Miz, which was a bit obvious by the way after reading their backstage segment earlier in the night. However nice match and a nice concept on the whole, I’m liking this.

A really brilliant little segment between MVP and Shelton benjamin. Having Benjamin kind of join forces so to speak gives him some well deserved exposure. They were both gold in this promo and showed why you are one of the best writers on WF. I’m not kissing ass here don’t worry, I just really loved this promo. I don’t have much to say on it because it was kinda perfect to be honest.

I just have to mention aswell that I love the use of images in this thread. The video commercials and everything really add to the show and make it entertaining.

Another good match in the triple threat. I liked that both Chavo and Kenny are in the Rumble (I think) I thought Kenny would lose somehow like I said earlier but I was wrong. Nevermind though. The Royal Rumble is shaping up very nicely and it has some nice good young stars in it, good going man.

However many people don’t like Umaga, I really love him. Especially when he has the funny Estrada by his side. Great interview with the pair intimidating Josh. You’ve really built Umaga up lately and it’s starting to show now. I hope you don’t just forget about him after this feud with The Undertaker, because he could be a big thing (ni pun intended)

So I missed Harris’s debut. That makes me a sad puppy but I won’t moan. My fault. I guess Harris is a face. I didn’t think it would work at first but it certainly did in this instance. I think this could be match of the night, well at least one of them. It was a great tag team match that saw just about everything these four men could pull off. Hardy winning was a surprise if I’m being honest, but a nice surprise at that. Being the United States Champion can only be a good thing for Matt, and I hope he doesn’t lose it anytime soon.

A nice addition with that Shane dude in the interview with Edge. I can see him getting involved somehow tonight. You’ve had the whole screwjob theme all night so I can see some sort of screjob happening. I hope so because that will be really exciting and will make me read next week for sure.

A very nice match, I love gimmick matches and first blood’s are no exception. You had just about everything happen which was great. I mean the match was so brutal that I found myself actually marking out in my own head whilst reading it. Umaga getting the victory was huge, I mean very huge. Especially in this type of match. However when I read the ending, I could tell Undertaker would get some kind of revenge on Umaga after the match, and that he certainly did do. This feud seems to have finally gone up a notch, and I’m looking forward to what happens next in this vicious rivalry.

The no contest finish I think was a good call. It doesn’t make either man look stronger than the other, and it makes all three men look good heading into the Royal Rumble. Oh hang on Edge wins, fair enough then, that’s still doesn’t make him stronger than Michaels or even Batista which I like. The triple threat match sounds like one hell of an announcement, I could see it all night to be honest but I didn’t know whether you would have went down that road. But seeing as you did I’m really excited now.

Overall man, I’m glad I got back into this thread, and count on me as a permanent fixture from now on. You really worked hard on Smackdown as I can tell, and your talent sone through. Everything worked well and the storylines progressed nicely. I’m looking forward to The Royal Rumble and to Raw. Nice job man

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