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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

sirdilznik's Raw review

Opening with Orton, standard stuff. Orton creaming all over himself, I love it. Yeah baby, Cena's back! Cena owning Orton on the mic was sweet. A TLC match huh? That tells me that it won't end up being just Randy and Cena. Those guys just don't seem like a fit for TLC by themselves not to mention that a TLC match is way better with more people. Whatever it winds up being, it should be a great match. Orton vs. Cena vs. Trips vs. JBL is my prediction for the final match.

Brown sugar Kennedy doing some great mic work. Setting up another one of those tag matches as qualifiers.

Create A Wrestler vs. Eduardo - (On a side note, I'm torn between "Link from Zelda" or "Create A Wrestler' as the nickname to use for Cody... I'm going with CAW for now) Nice Cross Body, cover, reversal, cover, roll up, reversal sequence. Create A Wrestler wins with DDT3 as expected! +750 exp +1 popularity for lack of horrid promo (not my joke, I stole it )

Superman & Jeff vs. Mr. Straight Edge & The Ortonizer - Nice!!! Should be a great match.

Great Punk interview. I wish so much the E would turn him heel like you did.

Oh shit here comes the Cody interview , +25 exp -2 popularity. Yes Carlito and Eduardo save the day preventing further Cody promo!!! Now das cool!!!

Hooligans vs. Kennedy & Burke - It's pretty obvious who will win this match (as with most qualifiers). Woohoo, Sitout Spinebuster! Standing Moonsault! Mushroom Stomp! (I just love the name!) Kenton Bomb!!! Great back and forth match. the finish was never in doubt but you did manage to make it seem like Hooligans could win. Hmm... Should Kennedy... Kennedy & Burk get a tag title shot? They just beat the champs.

Vince trying to get a cheap pop = awesome! Damn Vinny publicly disowning Stephanie. LOL at no one suspecting Shane, yeah OK. Nice McMahons promo. Should be interesting to see the power struggle unfold.

Y2J vs. Stevie Richards - As much as I like Stevie (and I do) we all know how this will end. Y2J wins with the codebreaker after a decent match. I don't like that move as a finisher, but oh well, it could be worse.

Yes! Orlando Jordan! BTW I heard he was going to be jobbing to Warrior if it hasn't happened already. Truly a jobber legend having jobbed all over the world. I love Orlando Jordan! Yes The Truth! Jes! you can have Jordan job to Killings. Perfect!

Ooh, a smiling Beth! I love smiling Beth! I wish the E would let her smile more. She really is quite pretty when she's less heel. Yeah baby, my girl Victoria!!! Woohoo, my favorite current Diva! If there is anyone on the roster that can intimidate Beth it's Victoria though I worry about Beth looking weak again (as she did when she backed off from Trish).

Cena/Hardy vs. Punk/Orton - Yeah baby, Spinning Sitout Suplex! Woohoo! Generic Finisher (overdrive) by Orton! I love that you use it as a signature move and not a finisher. Haha! Punk beats Jeff with his own move. I have no trouble believeing Punk can do a Senton Bomb (though probably not as gracefully as Jeff). Great rub it in his face moment! Great match, though I wish you had gotten a Throwback from Cena in there, love that move.

Trips & Flair vs. McMahons - Flair was a good choice of partner. Should have seen it coming. Flair playing sacrificial lamb early on, good move. Here comes the failed Pedigree attempt. Awesome beatdown at the end with Vinny making Stephanie watch while they pick apart Trips and Flair. Quality

Great show. The usual couple predictable Rumble Qualifiers, though the tag qualifier against the Hooligans was really sweet. Great promos as usual. I don't much like Beth getting intimidated even if it is by my favorite Diva, but it works I guess. That's really my only complaint though. The Hooligans vs. Kennedy & Burk was my favorite match. The beating after the main event was really good too.

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