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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

JD SPUR’s RAW Review

The opening promo from Orton was really life like I could imagine him saying it, and well he even gave an answer to why he should drop the title because he has beaten every damn face on the roster so I have a real feeling he is going to lose the next match for the WWE Title … just as it seems it coming to an end we have the big time comeback of ‘the man’ John Cena! Really good time to bring him back, with Trips now more into his Vince feud than the one with Randy to be honest. I like Cena coming back mainly because he really has to take the title from RKO. I really think John should have has the first word when he came back, maybe having Randy having a shocked look on his face and John saying “Guess whose back?!?” But I like your way too, and well it basically the same thing. Fine, yep Cena blabbering on about what happened has to be done. Okay I see what you’re trying to do with the TLC match but I really don’t like it sorry, it just doesn’t feel right. I know that these two are athletic guys and John has been in a TLC match and Orton in Ladder Matches but I really don’t know why but I never liked a TLC match for a Main Event title, I don’t like it in real life, while their entertaining they just don’t seem right. I feel it belongs as a Tag Team match, I guess that how I like it but I know you will make this one hell of an entertaining match for sure!

Nice promo to set up the match tonight, would have liked the match to been before it. It was solid funny Kennedy getting his name wrong, Ken seemed in character for most part, Burke well never talks in RL if I can remember so guess yeah he was in character? Really good solid match, enjoyable, a lot of pinfalls, a nice way to get the crowd going for an exciting evening ahead. Cody isn’t going to go far in the Rumble but he is really a good guy for the future and well it was a well executed victory for him. Huge main event as King suggested Haha. Hmmm Punk as heel, well as you know I can’t get used to it but well it was a good heel promo but I know he didn’t really say it but he depth into Jeff drug use, not sure if you should use that and don’t really know if it realistic to do so but well it makes CM Punk even more hated and well it works cause I don’t like him for saying it .

Next promo was a bit meh, thank god there was an attack in it because well it would have been horrible to watch in RL, maybe a relationship blossoming there but really I wouldn’t mind really because she would just be a target for Carlito and Eddie. Next match was very detailed and well very good, it had Burke and Kennedy dominate for a moment then Londrick dominated a really good read and very entertaining, there was only really one outcome, and well Kennedy could win the Rumble in my eyes.

Massive segment which was amazing, I love Vince character and really like Shane, always have. JBL is good man on the mic and these guys love to talk and it really griped me this promo and then Steph come out and make the huge announcement that she and HHH own 50% . WOW! These two going at it for full control is quality stuff. Vince and Trips really have gotta have a match for full control which maybe could happen at WrestleMania. Well next match was really a squash for Jericho which is cool with me, and well he is now a guy who could also contend for the RR.

Really the Killings-Jordan promo just seemed very awkward to me, I know you were trying to set up a match for them so I can forgive it really, could have been done better but not really a problem. Hopefully they don’t have a feud about race about Jordan not being … well you know what I mean I don’t really have to say it. But still a match between these two should be really good. Introducing Victoria back, nice there is a hell of a lot of promos tonight isn’t there?

Disappointed that this match is not the main event and taking a back seat to the McMahon-HHH feud. Well all hell breaks loose in this match at the end which is cool; Cena and Orton well are out of the match by the end fighting near the crowd. Really great match all the way through, only thing I didn’t like was Punk using the Swanton Bomb, maybe would have worked better if he has done the Twist of Fate instead, that seems more realistic than performing the Swanton to me.

Well the little filler promo of Vince talking to his sons was cool just for the filler. Once again hell of a lot of promos tonight man. Then the match itself, well first Ric Flair as his partner was something I didn’t see coming, a pleasant surprise you might say. Well it was never going to be the bets of match’s entertainment wise but well the feud just made the match anyway so it was always going to be good. The finish at the end was clever, Jordan is now seems to be sucking up a lot to Vince trying to become one of his sons it seems, I think that itself is a great idea that works. Aftermath was excellent, coast to coast just to finish it off, stylish.

Overall another great show with two great promos in it and some solid matches, as well as the final two being top notch. Other promos were good, but couldn’t live up to the standard of the other two it seems. And well some promos were a bit … awkward in a sense. Another amazing show Nige, the Royal Rumble looks to be shaping up into a great PPV

Or is it?
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