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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's RAW Review

Sorry that I haven't been on the ball with reviews (GCSE's...) but here is your RAW one, after Legend's SNME Review I will be able to settle down and finally write my show!

Orton's opening was supreme, magical and whatever word you want to glorify it with. I did like the subtle hint about John Cena as it sets the tone and you are building this up superbly and I feel Orton can't be beaten anymore (not until 'Mania anyway) oh... what's this? Without the John Cena comment I wouldn't have seen this one coming so this was a real shocker. I thought Cena was turning in to The Rock when he said shut your mouth as that was very uncharacteristic. I loved the way Cena was trying to get in to Orton's head but the superman line was borderline smarkish from Orton, not what we really need and it takes away from the content and is a non essential in this promo. I like you playing on Cena's injury as it adds a new element to proceedings and the ending put the icing on the cake, you have certainly improved on your promos and this was magnificent. Great, simply great.

You really played up Kennedy's ignorance here and a little mention of McMahon gave me an idea of how he is tonight which is a good thing. The match tonight should be good and I loved the line from Kennedy "Brook" ha ha! I see Kennedy and Burke POSSIBLY facing off at 'Mania.

In what looks like a good match, Rhodes gets the win. No qualms with that and all in all it was the right decision because Eduardo serves no purpose in the Rumble but the feud will continue further until I make another prediction which is that we will see Colon vs. Colon at 'Mania! I would have liked to have seen Carlito get involved just a little bit more but whatever. I just hopes Rhodes gets a better finisher, TKO anyone? It looks the feud is definitely not done just yet, maybe a big match at the next SNME which sees the breakup of the Colons.

Biggest main event in RAW history? Could well be Nige!

I don't really dig McCool as a backstage interviewer but if you haven't got a place for her the best place is to stick here there. I love the way Punk is constantly playing on Jeff's drug abuse, I don't see Punk losing and I see Jeff costing Punk a spot in the Rumble for the BIG match at 'Mania. (3 predictions that I honestly hope will happen, next in line Shane vs. HHH) but Punk WAS intellectual here and that is good to see as he is definitely more sophisticated and has that extra dimension rather than Punk-lite in ECW.

The Colons, great name and I would like to see The Pancreas' give them a run for their money next week on RAW. In all seriousness this was a good segment the Kelly Kelly stuff was a little needless but I hope Cody snaps because this whole situation is being built up rather well.

This was a superb match, I say this a lot but I am going to retract it because it was a PPV sized match and it was amazing. A lot of close finishes which I really liked and you really bridged the gulf between the two teams as one team are obviously bigger names and there was a lot of high flying moves. A rather generic counter for sliced bread but it was all good because the ending was simply amazing showing Kennedy's brute power and ruthlessness, I just hope there is a tag match for Londrick coming up soon.

Jericho showing this new intense character gives the rivalry an extra edge. I don't see Jericho winning the Rumble and the promo should have gone on for longer.

A very good promo next, McMahon (times 3) were very much in character and JBL was particularly awesome constantly bad mouthing the fans and being his normal cocky self. Stephanie was very feisty here. Shane and JBL in the Rumble will be awesome. 50% each= big HHH/McMahon match at 'Mania for complete control, you may find out in later months why I am pissed off that you went that route because I had a great idea about... never mind. The Game should have said a little more though.

Meh, I am not a big fan of Stevie jobbing, maybe use someone credible but not so, Jim Duggan or whatever because Richards had a good push with Dreamer (where did he go?) and Jericho basically hit move after move.

Killings gets instant exposure, beautiful with his (debut?) match and a lot of good putdowns for Jordan and this mini-feud should go somewhere to push both men because they can be built very well.

This promo was a little weird and corny, it just didn't feel right and I am not liking the fact that Victoria is now the ONLY credible contender. Where is Mickie James? I see Victoria obviously winning to open up the women's division.

I was totally enthralled by this match, a big match for Cena to return to but I just felt it was overshadowed by Jeff/Punk. No, really this is more of a compliment because you have built up the feud so well everything (bar HHH/McMahon's) pales in comparison at the moment. Cena losing was a big shock but I guess he had other things in mind but it was a cliche ending and I would have liked to have seen what happened to Cena and Orton afterwards. A very good ending with Punk showing his ruthless streak but I really don't see Punk hitting the Swanton, he could hit it but it probably wouldn't look as fluid as Jeff's variation so maybe you could have added that in. A slight error where you wrote punk instead of Punk as well.

A bit of filler next, wrong placement for the promo really.

Flair returns without a peep of a classic promo? Shocking. Still good to see him back and the match was very good, I don't see JBL being 'too strong' for the Figure Four because that makes the hold useless because he has used it on various big guys in the past but you could have said 'he hasn't weakened the legs enough' A big BOOO for the DQ ending and I hope Jordan gets his ass whooped soon. Very interesting to see the heels come out on top for once and it topped off a very solid show.

The show was very good and solid like I said but it wasn't as good as the last show I reviewed which was nearly perfect but the show was still a good offering which I enjoyed, especially the opening promo but we saw too much of the McMahon's tonight.

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