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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

D-K-L's Raw review:

Nice way to open the show with Orton. He was his usual aroogant self here, talking about all the guys that he's put on the shelf. Man, John Cena is back! That was a big shock. I'm not a fan of John Cena at all, but he can put on good matches and is good on the stick. Cena was very aggressive here which was a bit of a suprise as he normally tries to be funny, but it was good to see that he is still angry about Orton injuring him last year. I liked how Orton stuck up for himself, he didn't seem scared of Cena really and I like that, Orton has become a very strong and credible champ in your thread. Wow, a TLC match at the Rumble? That was a suprise, I don't really know why Orton would pick that match but hey, it's a change and it's a fun match. I suppose Orton wants to be in a match where he can take advantage of the injury, but I still would've expected a Last man standing match or something. I loved the "You got a problem with that Superman?" line, that made me laugh! Nice little brawl at the end with the missed RKO and the stare down. Good promo to open the show, but please don't give the title to Cena!

Nice little seg with Burke and Kennedy. I loved how Kennedy got Burke's name wrong at first and then said that he liked Burke being snappy, I thought that was funny. They are quite alike really with their arrogance and the way they talk and you kind of showed this here. kennedy and Burke will be a good team for tonight, they'll be off to the rumble. Nice little bit at the end with Kennedy doing his catchphrase to himself Lol.

Good match to start the action. It's good to see Eduardo in action on Raw but I don't really know too much about him so I don't really know how he wrestles. I liked how you got Carlito and Venus into it, that was expected with the partners on the outside. I was expecting Eduardo to capitalize on the distraction but he didn't really, but still there was lots of cool near falls and roll throughs, that made for an exciting ending. Nice DDT from Cody to win, but I was suprised that he won though as Carlito and his brother seemed to be on a bit of a push, but at least Carlito hasn't lost and he got to attack Val after. But now that I think about it, Cody Rhodes is a better option in the Rumble than Eduardo.

Michelle is an interviewer now? Or is she doing both like Maria did? Nice interview with CM Punk and I'm loving the new heel Punk. I love the straight edge gimmick when he's a heel as he thinks that he's better than everyone else, and that makes for great promos. I loved him talking about Jeff and how he uses "damaging substances" Lol. He's taking the title at the Rumble imo.

I was wondering if that peck on the cheek last week from Kelly was going anywhere, and it looks like it is. It might be fun to see them as a couple, they are round about the same age too. Nice attack from the Colon brothers, that makes them look a bit stronger again.

Exciting tag team match here. Kendrick and London got some good ofense in which was good, I was expecting a bit of a squash. I like London and Kendrick, they are like the MCMG (But nowhere near as good Lol), but they had to lose here. Loved some of the moves in this match and it was an exciting ending with Kennedy taking control with the neckbreaker and then hitting the Kenton Bomb. Nice finish but I would've loved a Elijah Experience or a Elijah Express from Burke, but I know that the Express is a good move to be countered. Nice match, Kennedy and Burke in the Rumble is expected, hopefully they'll put on a good showing.

Pretty good interview from Jericho here but I'm not sure if it was needed, but I guess we needed his thoughts from what happened last week. He still seems pretty angry so it makes me think why didn't he just cost KK the last match? Still good interview and nice ending, but he is not winning the RR.

Great promo here from the McMahons, really well written. Every one of them was in character, Vince's little bit at the beggining was the best. It was good to hear from Shane after he shocked us all last week, his explanation was good really, simply saying that he owes his Dad everything. I'm liking the three McMahon men together, JBL was good on the stick too as usual by slagging off the fans and calling them peasents. Stephanie coming out was cool, nice little announcement from here about Linda selling her share to Steph and HHH. So they both own 50% then? That's good, I was wondering how anybody would have a chance with Shane as the GM and Vince as the Chairman. Great promo, this feud is really picking up.

Jericho vs. Richards was pretty good, it seemed exciting to read but it's a squash really for Y2J. He hit him with most of his moveset here really and avoided Stevie's two finishers. Nice Codebreaker for the win. jericho in the Rumble is expected.

Ron Killings is here! Nice little segment with orlando Jordan, not quite the debut I was expecting though but it's a nice little build for the match next week. I don't really get what Orlando Jordan's role is in all of this though really, as JBL has Vince and Shane to accompany him already really.

Good to see Victoria back, this feud should be great, they are the two best wrestlers out of the Divas in my opinion followed by Mickie and Melina. Victoria scaring Beth was cool, she's never really been scared as you said so it really made Victoria look strong.

Very good tag team match here, this could have been the main event really. I liked how you had Cena and Orton go off into the crowd, that really showed the hatred between those two guys and it allowed the Punk/hardy feud to develop in the ring. Punk hitting Jeff with the belt and the GTS was a bit statement, but he went even further and hit the Swanton Bomb which was awesome. That would really gain heat. Punk seems really dominant at the moment and with this win over Jeff he looks even stronger, I hope he wins the title at the Rumble, but usually the loser in the title match dominates the weeks leading up to the title match, so i hope that that isn't the case here. I expect Jeff to make a statement before the Rumble.

Oh, so Orlando is still going to accompany the McMahons then. I was wondering how he would fit into this but Vince seems to have accepted him. Nice little McMahon family prep talk.

Ric Flair is Triple H's partner then, good choice, I was wondering who it could be. This was a good main event here with some good action, it got exciting when Triple H made the tag and came in. When Triple H got rid of JBL and set up Shane for the pedigree I was wondering how he would escape it, but that's why orlando is at ringside! Stopping the pedigree with a chiar shot to the back was cool and very realistic, good ending. The beat down afterwards was good, they made a real statement there. The Clothesline from hell on both was cool. Yes! The Coast to Coast! I love that move and it was great to hit it here, the McMahons look really dominant here.

Overall Nige it was a great show again, there wasn't much at all wrong with the show at all. But I have noticed that a lot of your main events seem to end with a DQ, but that's no big deal really and it's needed in most cases, and I suppose it happens a lot IRL but it can be a bit frustrating sometimes. Great matches and great promos, and the Rumble is looking great already. I like how you manage to fit in all these guys too with good mid card feuds and main event feuds. Good job mate, looking forward to next week!

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