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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

DAY 12
“Exodus, Part 2”

At last the end was near. The strength of 2 grown men couldn’t get the victim into the noose. So they just relied on shooting him.

BrownieDude was dead. He was Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Carrier of the Curse and Owner of Secret Stash

That night Jin would strike again murdering another.

TR1 was dead. He was Michael Dawson, Others Hunter, Revenge Seeking Other Slayer

The next day Walt approached Jin, accusing him of killing his father. Jin said he was “Sorry” in English and then snapped the boy’s neck. He now truly lived up to his title as a murderer. After nearly two weeks in denial.

bruteshot74 was dead. He was Walt Lloyd, Others Hunter, "Special" and Obedient Son

He had LOST his wife, his whole world, everything he had cared about.

The next day a boat passed by. Jin’s campfire alerted the boat and they rescued him. He went back home with one purpose in mind. To speak to the man that had forced him to kill so many times in his sleep, Mr. Paik.

Mr. Paik’s secretary let him into Mr. Paik’s office. He approached Mr. Paik cautiously. Mr. Paik stood up, smiled, and greeted him with a hug.

“Good work…” Mr. Paik whispered in his ear. Jin’s expression changed. It looked like he had just seen a ghost.

A ping noise brought him back to reality.

“Ladies and gentleman, the pilot has switched on the "fasten seatbelt" sign. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.” Cindy said over the intercom on the Oceanic Flight 815 flight that was on it’s way to Los Angeles.

…And then the plane crash happened.


.Skittles. was Mr. Paik, Paik Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Industry Magnate and Mob Leader
Killswitch was Jin-Soo-Kwon, Paik Heavy Industries, Silent Killer with Haunting Nightmares

My game analysis, MVP announcement, and Mafia clue revelation, along with the extensive list of roles and what they do is coming up later tonight. Congratulations to .Skittles. and Killswitch. You two played an outstanding game!

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