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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

ďLive Together, Die AloneĒ

Jin awoke in a puddle of his own sweat. Once again he had dreamt of murdering one of the remaining camp members. He violently looked around and found no proof of murder. No murder weapon, no blood. He went back to sleep.

He awoke early that morning to screams. A corpse had been found on the outskirts of town. And Jin knew he had done it.

DH6 was dead. He was Sayid Jarrah, Former Intelligence Officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard

It is now DAY 9, with 11 alive itís 6 to lynch! You have 24 hours to reach a decision!

Moderator Note: If you can reach a decision in the next six hours then Iíll get Day up. If not itíll be posted at this time tomorrow. I would like to put out a friendly reminder that once youíre dead youíre dead. This is the end of the game; it would be a terrible shame if someone cheated now.

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