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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread


Ana-Lucia would finish the job this time. She crept into camp at night when everyone was asleep. Located her target, and violently snapped his neck.

Ana-Lucia snuck off into the night. Meanwhile across camp Jin unknowingly killed another innocent in his sleep. When he awoke he immediately ran into the jungle where he had killed his target in his nightmare. He found her hanging from a tree.

dan_marino was dead. He was Nikki Fernandez, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Former Exposé Actress and Diamond Hunter


Claire awoke from a peaceful night of sleep and looked around. She approached Juliet.

“Hey Juliet, have you seen Charlie?” Claire asked.

“No. I think he’s still asleep.” Juliet replied.

“That’s strange… Charlie never sleeps in. He normally takes the baby in the mornings.” Claire replied, concerned.

“I’ll go check on him.” Claire said.

“Okay wake up sleepy head.” Claire said as she pulled the tarp. Charlie’s head was turned to the side and he was on his stomach.

“Charlie?” Claire asked.

“Mhmmmmmm?” he groaned.

“I’m awake. I’m awake.” He said. Suddenly screams made him jump up from his bed.

“What was that he asked?” barely awake.

Across camp Juliet stood at Jack’s tent.

“JACK’S DEAD!” Juliet screamed. She looked down to see that his neck had been snapped.

PHEN0M was dead. He was Jack Shephard, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Spinal Surgeon and Defacto Leader

It is now DAY 7, with 15 still alive it's 8 to lynch! You have 48 hours to reach a decision!

Moderator Note: NO CLUES IN THIS NIGHT POST. The Town has all the information they need to win this game and it can be easily won if you're not a bunch of fucking tards.

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