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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

First off I would like to apologise for not being able to review Smackdown! this week. I just don't have the time, unfortunately but here is a review on your latest edition of RAW.

cena&torrierock's Review on RAW

Opening Promo: Very well-written. The one thing I look forward to about your shows are the fact that your opening promos never fail to disappoint; they always have both the quality and the quantity. Vince's speech was excellent and it would've been great to see delivered on television. Shane coming out and interrupting the little sermon JBL was giving Alabama was a great idea but I kind of saw it coming when Shane said he had a huge announcement to make. But anyway, it was very well-written and I look forward to the Main Event. Great way to start the show!
Grade: 10/10

Lashley & Mysterio vs. Cade & Murdoch: It was nicely written for what are usually squash matches. But the fact that you made Cade & Murdoch look like they actually did have a chance at winning was a plus, IMO. I liked the match and I'm glad that the right team of superstars are going to be at the Royal Rumble. I'm going to assume you're going to fill the Rumble up with all the stars before filling in the spots with "jobbers", which is a very good idea, IMO. I didn't like the fact that Lashley just used one move and was able to win the match, a bit unrealistic in terms of reality but realistic in terms of the WWE.
Grade: 9.5/10

Carlito & Eduardo Backstage: I liked the little conversation between Carlito and Eduardo, hyping up Carlito's obvious win over Val Venis that night. I found it quite amusing when Eduardo started hitting on Kelly and I found it even more hilarious when Cody Rhodes came to the rescue. This segment served its purpose and the inclusion of Kelly Kelly was a good idea, actually.
Grade: 9/10

Triple H Interview: John Bastard Layfield! I chuckled to myself when Triple H said that. Anyway, another well-written promo that used both quality and quantity to express how Hunter really felt about all this. I'm glad that you're building up Hunter's determination and drive to win the title but unfortunately, I can see something happened that prevents Hunter from getting the gold tonight.
Grade: 9.5/10

Kofi Kingston vs. Hardcore Holly: I really liked this match and the fact that you gave both men an equal amount of offense made it even better. I'm not exactly a fan of Hardcore Holly so I'm glad you capitalised on Kofi Kingston and had him win the match. Kofi's a great talent and I hope you use him well.
Grade: 9.5/10

Jeff Hardy & Vince McMahon Backstage: I liked the announcement of Hardy vs. Punk at the Rumble, a match like that intrigues me. And I also liked the fact that despite the fact that Shane had lots of power on RAW and Vince knew that, he was still trying to remind all the superstars that he still had the power to fire them if he wanted to or make their lives a living hell. A great write-up.
Grade: 9.5/10

Randy Orton & JBL Backstage: Great word choice by JBL there, makes him sound very intellectual. I like it when the wrestlers are potrayed as mature human beings than immature 5-year olds in a 30-year old man's body. *coughCenacough* Anyway, I knew that JBL & Vince would try and interefere in the Main Event but Orton turning their offer down is making me speculate as to what could happen and what could possibly lead to either a Triple H or Randy Orton win.
Grade: 9/10

Val Venis vs. Carlito: I kind of knew that Carlito was going to win since Val Venis is almost always used as a jobber in all BTBs but I was glad you gave Val a lot of offense and still portrayed him as an in-ring competitor who still hasn't lost his touch. I'd seriously kill to see Val get at least one decent push in any BTB, lol. Anyway, Eduardo trying to interfere in the match reminds me of Jesus on Smackdown! in 2005 I believe, when he was Carlito's "bodyguard" of some sort. Anyway, great match.
Grade: 9.5/10

Jeff Hardy & CM Punk Backstage: It's good to hear Punk try to put their differences aside for the timebeing so they could be able to win their match that night. Jeff fuming was something that made me laugh when I envisioned it in my head. It was a great promo that showed that Punk was willing to work with Hardy but was still going to whoop his ass at the Rumble, lol. I might be the only one but I find the pairing of Hardy and Sunny to be very odd.
Grade: 9.5/10

Ron Killins Hype: Nicely-written and I look forward to his big debut. Hopefully you don't go with the "Killings def. Jobber" for a the first few weeks before you decide to put him into a one-month feud. This could possibly be the chance for you to push Venis, perhaps.
Grade: 10/10

JBL vs. Duggan: It was exactly what I expected, a clean win for JBL. The aftermath was really good, I was surprised to see Orlando Jordan return. Maybe you could bring back The Cabinet? It is a stable that I miss seeing on television every week. Anyway, the match served its purpose and was well-written.
Grade: 10/10

Jericho & Kennedy vs. Punk & Hardy: A very well-written match that kept me on my feet. It was filled with so much intensity, especially between the two teams themselves since they all hated each other but hated their partners even more. The ending was perfect and I really like the directions you've taken both these fueds. A great match and you deserve so much credit for this. Excellent job!
Grade: 10/10

Beth Phoenix Interview: Very well-written and I've got no complaints here. I would love for you to push Victoria into a feud with Beth but the inner mark in me wishes that you or anyone for the matter would push Torrie Wilson into a proper title feud.
Grade: 10/10

Elijah Burke Promo: Nice words by Elijah Burke there. Simple yet very effective, good job.
Grade: 10/10

Main Event: An excellent match that was great all throughout and the aftermath made it even better. Shane's heel turn was, honestly, completely unexpected. This was an excellent way to end the show. Not only was there great wrestling but there was a also a great twist and everything. This match basically puts the W (Wrestling) and the E (Entertainment) into the WWE. Excellent Job!
Grade: 10/10

Overall Grades:
Promos: 9.6/10
Matches: 9.8/10
Show: 9.7/10

An excellent show! Good job Nige, you did an amazing job. It was a show filled with great matches and great promos and I enjoyed every bit of it! Keep up the spectacular work!

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