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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“The 23rd Psalm”

Night came quickly. Jack was taken to the medical tent where Sayid and Juliet did their best to remove the bullet from his shoulder and patch him up.

“If you need any motivation to get this done, just know that I trust the both of you. I know neither of you had anything to do with this.” Jack said.

“I don't need to be motivated by anybody. Never have.” Sayid said with a smile.

“I never saw it coming. I feel like Dave Schultz, she’s a real John E. du Pont. I thought we were friends.” He said chuckling.

“Get some rest Jack.” Juliet said as they finished the job.

All focus was kept on that tent throughout the night, nobody bothered to stand guard for Ana Lucia and the rest of The Others.


Mr. Eko was working on his church just outside camp when he was approached by Jin.

“Hello Jin.” Eko said with a smile.

“Would you like to help?” Eko asked.

Jin stormed at him pulling one of Locke’s old knifes out of his back pocket and lunging at Mr. Eko stabbing him multiple times. Jin bent over on top of Eko stabbing him a few more times then got up and looked straight into his struggling eyes.

Jin awoke from his nightmare and sprinted to the church. He arrived to find Mr. Eko dead at his feet.

Ownage™ was dead. He was Mr. Eko, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Priest and Owner of the Jesus Stick

Jin bent over observing the stab wounds. They were exactly like the ones he saw in his dream. He stood up and something fell out of his back pocket. It was the murder weapon. Jin heard a crackle in the bushes and immediately rushed off.

It is now DAY 6, with 19 still alive it's 10 to lynch! You have 24 hours from now to reach a decision.

Moderator Note: The clues/red herrings are back.

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