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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“The Man Behind The Curtain”

With no kills in the night the survivors thought they had got the right guy in lynching Locke the past day. But they knew there were more among them. Certainly an old man like Locke wouldn’t be capable of 3 kills in one night and the kidnapping of a woman.

Ana-Lucia approached Jack as the survivors prepared to lynch again.

“I think I know who one of them is.” Ana-Lucia said.

And she filled Jack in on all of the details he needed to know. He informed the rest of the survivors and then the voting began. It was a unanimous decision.

mikeie was dead. He was Benjamin Linus, The Others, Master Swindler and Acting Others Leader

Jack carried a back-pack full of empty bottles to the cave. Nobody was there except Ana-Lucia who was washing her hair.

“How’d you know about him? Ben I mean. He seemed so innocent.” Jack said as he filled a bottle with water.

“That’s how I knew. Nobody can be that innocent and not be hiding something.” She said confidently. Jack smiled and turned his back to her filling up a bottle of water.


Jack fell to the ground. Ana-Lucia had pulled out her gun shot him right in the back.

“Not even me.” Ana-Lucia said as she hurried off into the jungle leaving Jack there bleeding.


Karl was out in the jungle up in a tree when he heard the nearby gunshot. He immediately dropped down and climbed into one of the many hiding holes planted around the island. After a moment or two he could hear footsteps. He poked his head out of the grass covered whole seeing a few pairs of footsteps. He heard a woman’s voice. It was Ana-Lucia.

“I shot him.” She said.

“Now when are you going to get me off this island?” she asked.

“You scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours. The thing is, we’ve got a TERRIBLE itch.” Ethan replied.

“We can get you off this island as they’re all dead.” Ethan said.

“They trust you, Ana. It’ll be a lot easier now than it was with Ben in charge.” Ethan insisted.

As the conversation continued and the footsteps got closer Karl had a sudden urge to sneeze. The footsteps immediately stopped and so did the talking. Karl hopped out of the hole and the chase was on. Eventually he would trip and The Others in hot pursuit would catch him. They stood above him and Ana-Lucia had he gun drawn.

“If you’re with us Ana. Then you’ll shoot him.” Ethan said. He looked at him for a moment, and then looked down at the helpless Karl. And she pulled the trigger.

Rising was dead. He was Karl, Defected Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Love Stricken Teenager

They headed back to camp.


Jack, meanwhile crawled his way back to the beach. He had lost a lot of blood by the time he reached camp.

“OH MY GOD! JACK!” screamed Claire. The entire camp rushed to him, and he collapsed. Just as he drifted off losing consciousness, he saw Ana-Lucia through the legs of some of the innocent survivors looking on stunned that he had survived the attack.

It is now NIGHT 5. You have about 20 hours to send in your night roles.

Moderator Note: No punishment for PHEN0M, except for the fact that Rising is dead because of him. Good going, bud.

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