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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

sirdilznik's Raw review

Vince starts the show off. Pretty standard, the guy has tho rub it in and ruin everyone's New Year, I would expect no less from Vinny. JBL now a full-time Raw wrestler... Hooray for man-boobs!
JBL: Now dad, you know how much I condone bad language and the art of disrespect,
I think you meant "he doesn't condone". No big deal just thought I'd point that out. I like Vince trashing Huntsville, I wish he would have expanded on that a bit. Nice a rematch from Sat Night's Main Event. As much as I dislike seeing the same match twice in a row, it works here.

Lashley & Mysterio/Cade & Murdoch - A tag team match for a Rumble qualifier? Seems a bit odd. I'm glad Rey didn't hit the 619. That move looks so freaking weak these days. Wait... Rey countered Yoshi Tonic (Sunset Flip Powerbomb) with a Sunset Flip? I'm having a really hard time picturing that. Also Trevor Murdoch can do the Yoshi Tonic? The ironic thing is I was debating having one of my guys do the move at Lockdown but decided against because it resembles the Canadian Destroyer too much. This match has me really scratching my head. Trevor Murdoch attempting a Yoshi Tonic just seems crazy. Generally only really agile cruiserweights attempt a move like that. Also who is the qualifier? Lashley for getting the pin or both Lashley and Mysterio?

Are you starting a romance angle between Kelly Kelly and Cody? Interesting. Could just be a one off thing though. My opinion of Cody Rhodes is the same as my opinion of DH Smith. I think both those guys may have bright futures but neither is truly ready to be in the WWE right now. The only reason they are up in the E right now is because of their last names. There are more ready wrestlers down in developmental, but oh well.

Why would Trips tell Randy to look real close at the match tonight? He's going to be in it. Other than that I thought the promo was really good.

Kofi/Hardcore - Pretty much what I expected. Kofi winning was written in stone. I like the Alabama Slam counter into the Victory Roll.

I liked Vinny Mac on the warpath with Jeff. i love that he keeps calling him kid even though Jeff is 30. I'm confused though. Is Jeff & Punk/Y2j & Kennedy... ... ...Kennedy a Rumble qualifying match? You kind of made it sound like that. How would Jeff be both in the Rumble match and defend his belt at the Rumble? Tells me that Jeff and Punk are going to lose tonight.

Nice JBL/Randy promo. The fact that JBL offered to help Randy and he turned him down pretty much guarantees that JBL or Vinny or the both of them will get involved in the match. I kind of don't like how you began the promo though. JBL is not the kind of guy to walk into somewhere and apologize for it. He should walk in like he owns the place.

Venis/Carlito - [tangent]You know ever since they had that Cena & Orton vs. Everybody and their grandmother match with Venis and Snitski standing like 2 people apart on the outside and I realised that Val Venis looks exactly like a mini Snitski, I just can't get over that. It's the most hilarious thing. I now officially dub Val Venis "Snitski Mini-Me".[/tangent] I think you meant he springboarded off the ropes not into them. Love the failed Backstabber. I don't think Carlito really needs a distraction to beat Snitski Mini-Me but it works well for the feud this way. Good match.

I'm glad you had the Jeff/Punk promo because thay clears up all my questions from before. So both Rey and Lashley are qualified and this tag match will indeed be to get in the Rumble match. That pretty much seals the deal that Jeff & Punk will lose tonight. No way you have them in the Rumble match & fighting for the belt at the Rumble. I'm not a fan of using tag matches for Rumble qualifiers though I guess it speeds up the process (2 for the price of one, LOL).

Oh shit, The truth next week. The guy has some really nice moves. he also botches a lot of stuff. He's good on the mic but he needs a new routine. "What's up!?" just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm so freakin' glad you didn't bring him back as K-Kwik, LOL. I'm very interested to see where you will go with him.

Hoooooooooooo! USA! USA! vs. JBL - It's pretty obvious who's going to win this match. Wow!!! A Fallaway Slam on Hacksaw i guess JBL is strong enough. Would be spectacular! Nice squash match. I'm glad you didn't go with the Powerbomb. Feigning it like that was kind of cool and different. OMG!!!! Orlando Jordan returns!!! You have yourself a Hall of Famer there. In a different section of this forum we inducted Orlando into the Jobber Hall of Fame This is great! Are you reforming The Cabinet?

Y2j & Kennedy... ... ...Kennedy/Jeff & Punk - Whisper in the Wind! Nice. Simultaneous partner backstabs, Woohoo! Damn Kennedy must have been talking shit to Y2J for a really long time in order for Jeff to have time to recover and get up with kennedy still on the mat. Wow! Punk and Jeff win. I didn't see that coming. You're going to have these guys in the Rumble match and having a match for the belt at the Rumble? I'm not a big fan of that (though you could still work a way out of it before the Rumble). It could work though. I see Jeff and Punk eliminating each other fairly early on in the Rumble, that would be the way to go IMHO.

Nice Beth promo. I disagree with Trish being the greatest ever Diva (Lita, baby. Lita!) but that's a matter of opinion. I can't wait for my girl Victoria to come back. Please don't drag her credibility through the mud like the E is doing right now when she comes back.

I like your short Burke promo.
Elijah Burke: Give me that a minute Todd, I’ve got something I need to say to Snow White’s missing eighth dwarf. . . Rey Mysterio

Line of the night!

Trips/Orton - Liked the Running Neckbreaker. Oh shit, the Overdrive, LOL. or as I like to call it "Generic Finisher". Orton hasn't used that in years (I think) but I actually really liked that you just pulled that one out. Brass Knucks, huh? Works for me. i would have preferred using the title belt, but that's cool too. Punt him Randy. Punt him!!!! Dang. Delayed cover on the RKO. Nice. I saw the dirty run in from a mile... no 10 miles away, but I still liked it. Yes Shane O Mac screws Trips!!!! Wooohooo!!! I knew this was going to happen, it was inevitable, but I wasn't expecting it tonight. Still I like it.

Man, this was a weird show, still I enjoyed it thoroughly (definitely more than Smackdown). I'm not a big fan of tag matches as qualifiers for the Rumble match or the fact that Punk & Jeff will be in the Rumble match and have another match that night, but it's OK. I still can't get over Trevor Murdoch trying Yoshi Tonic In the immortal words of Don West - Are you freakin' kidding me!? If trevor really can do the Yoshi Tonic and you can find a youtube clip, please hook me up because I have got to see that. Anyway I liked the show. You had some great promos. Weird but entertaining matches. Orland Jordan coming back has me in stitches. A true Hall of Famer returns Good shit. I don't know if the show was meant to be funny, but I sure got tons of laughs throughout. Good work!

...Orlando Jordan


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