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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

This show looks really good. I will drop you a review very soon, most likely edit in.

Edit: Half way done, have it tomorrow

Edit: Done

Sweet video package to kick off the show, written very nicely. Good opening bit running down the card, Dusty Rhodes on commentary = ratings.

I like the attention given to the Bashams throughout the duration of this thread and although they lose here tonight I hope that continues. Kash & Gibson are a good tag team and they showed off their great teamwork in this match. I liked that finishing maneuver, The Invasion Sensation, very catchy. I thought you did a good job in making sure the Bashams seemed tough in the on goings of the match, having them isolate Kash. I definitely see these two teams squaring off again. Only problem I see is that the Invaders are being referred to as “youngsters.” Kash is nearly 40, but since Gibson is only about 30 I guess it alright.

Not much to this segment with the X-Factors except that I feel their gimmick is not having one …? I am not sure. However a “mystery man”, it has to be Triple H.

This whole fed is very creative but I have to give it to you for the priest and the divine one, good stuff. I am very interested in this angle. I have always like Mark Jindrak so please give him the Global Championship within weeks. The description of his arrival was awesome and really set an image in my head, kudos to you. What better way to generate massive heat and make an impact right away than to own a legend? There isn’t one. Loved the fact Jindrak destroyed Rhodes, this sets the platform for his heat and this image can be used when hyping him in the future.

Good name for a middle card championship in the All-American Championship; I don’t think I’ve seen that before. I have loved this feud and you did a great job running down the past between these two in the video package. This was a great read, no lie. The excitement never really dwindled throughout the duration of this match and it was full force all the way. I loved how Carlito played his heel part to a tee when he could’ve won early on but his hate for Mysterio wouldn’t let him. The finish was good also, but I would’ve loved to actually see the back cracker off of the ladder. Mysterio winning is a good first step for this new belt as Mysterio is the more established star. Carlito will be champ in no time most likely.

Brock Lesnar! Man I never expected that. Too bad for Wight that Lesnar’s return was at the cost of him. I feel Wight is being made into somewhat of a joke and sooner or later all of his dominance will be gone. I wonder if this is the “mystery man” from early and since it wasn’t addressed that it was I am guessing it’s not, so I am still expecting another debut. I did like the idea of the Great Wight Challenge and it was a good way to introduce Lesnar but again I feel that Wight being squashed isn’t a good idea. I wonder if this will ignite a feud between the two or if Lesnar has better things to do.

Good hype for the main event with the short segments of RVD and Bloom. I am excited to see if Hogan drops the title or not.

You did a good job of making Bloom look tough in the early proceedings of the match, but I just can’t imagine him with the championship just yet. Bloom hit a powerbomb on Hogan!? And it wasn’t shown on live TV. I can’t remember the last time Hogan might have taken a spot like that, I think that deserved more attention than it got. Again you are really building Bloom up. In typical big man heel fashion he will not go down until finally who else but Hogan to slam him into the canvas. This is a good breaking point in the match as all three men are on the canvas, not many people remember to add in a “rest period” during their big matches but you did. It adds a heck of more realism to the match. Bischoff and Bloom are a good mix and I liked how Bischoff came out, distracting the referee. However this made Bloom look weak. He has been on top all night with nothing being able to knock him down and now in one move he is out cold. Granted a plate of gold hit him in the face, it just seemed too easy. Hogan just kicked out of Blooms finisher, there is no way Bloom can win now. Man oh man what a finish! I thought Hogan was about to win that one. The only thing I really didn’t like is that RVD didn’t get THAT much offense in and him winning comes sort of a shock. Hogan taking the pin is something different since this was a three way I thought either RVD or Bloom would be pinned. All in all this was an excellent match up, the momentum shifted between all three men beautifully. Bloom looked strong but he ended weak whereas Hogan started weak and ended strong. RVD was the middle man who didn’t gain or lose momentum too much during the match. I think that was key to his victory and I must say I like RVD on top.

Overall this was a very good show. You are underrated, imo. This BTB is flowing with creativity and it showed throughout this show. I assume that the man the X-Factors saw was Lesnar unless it is stated he wasn’t and if that is the case I wonder where that will lead. Not only was the dialogue and match writing great, you’re booking was fantastic. One thing I did not like was that Lesnar returning was not hyped at all. He came out, won and that was that. After the break it was not mentioned or anything of the sort. Lesnar is a big deal especially since he has been away from a USA ring for quite some time. Nonetheless this was a very good show, keep up the hard work, it is paying off.

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