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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Dark Matches

Matt Sydal defeated Frankie Kazarian at 5:12

Billy Kidman and Cody Rhodes defeated Juvy Guerrea and Super Crazy at 7:09

GWE Easter Extravaganza!

03-27-2008 Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Theme song: World Falls Away by Seether

**Opening Video**

We enter a dark room, with no furniture, and no light. Some smoke starts pouring in, as a voice starts speaking

Voice: Easter. It’s the celebration…of resurrection.

More smoke fills the room.

Voice: It’s the beginning of new life… The dawning of a new era.

More smoke fills the room, as it gets a more and more “chilling” look.

Voice: But tonight, is not about celebration… It’s not about new life…. Tonight is about…redemption.

Suddenly, massive lights flick on and we see GWE’s chairman Hulk Hogan standing in front of them! The camera zooms in as Hogan is standing still, holding his Global championship firmly in his hands.

Hulk Hogan: Whatcha gonna do brothers?

And just as Hogan speaks out, EE’s theme song World Falls Away starts playing.

Voice: Tonight, it’s all about the gold! Three championships will be on the line and nine men will put their bodies to the test to win them!

We see shots of all nine men competing for the various titles, as we see Hulk Hogan, Matt Bloom, Rob Van Dam, The Basham Brothers, The Invaders, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Carlito Colon flashing the screen.

Voice: Tonight, a team will make its in-ring debut, while the other will be seeking for respect.

Shots of Kash and Gibson embarrassing The Basham Brothers, by hitting their finishing moves on them on several occasions.

Voice: One man will be looking to end one’s career, while the other wants to swing for the gold.

We see shots of Carlito attacking Rey Mysterio, followed by shots of Mysterio taking out Carlito, before we see a ladder flashing the screen.

A god will descend upon the earth and smite everyone who walks in his path.

We see “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak standing in front of the massive lights Hogan was in front of earlier. The camera goes from bottom to top slowly, as Jindrak is seen smiling profusely.

Voice: And finally, the most coveted prize in the industry will be on the line!

We see the GWE Global Championship flashing the screen

Voice: Three men! One Championship! One winner!

We see shots of Hogan, Rob Van Dam and Matt Bloom, all in front of the massive lights separately.

Voice: Only one man will walk out of the ring the champion. The others will be left with nothing but empty hands.

We see Hogan and Matt Bloom looking each other dead in the eyes. We see Rob Van Dam celebrating inside the ring and finally we see Hulk Hogan, holding his championship high in the air. The images are following each other up rapidly now, as the music is reaching some sort of climax.

Voice: Tonight, the wrestling extravaganza takes place. Tonight is about…redemption.

The music dies down, as we go back inside the room, the lights switch off, and the screen fades to black.

**Opening Video**

“World falls away” is blaring through the speakers as we go to a sold out Nationwide Arena in Columbus and we see thousands and thousands of rabid GWE fans! We see loads of signs, including “Hulkamania lives 4 ever”, “The Whole F’N Show” and “Take the next Train home!”. We then get a glimpse of the modified stage, which has been set up in an Easter coat, sort of speak. The camera then switches to ringside, where Mike Bucci and Joey Styles are ready to welcome us all!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME! Tonight is the night we have all been waiting for! Tonight, Dynamite kicks it into gear and takes it to the next level, as we are ready for the two hour spectacular, Easter Extravaganza! I am Joey Styles, your broadcast host, joined ringside by Mike Bucci and partner what a night we have in store for the GWEmaniacs tonight?

Mike Bucci: Tonight’s indeed the night, Joey! Three, THREE titles are on the line tonight, with the Tag Team championships, the All-American Championship and of course the Global Championship all hanging up for grabs here tonight! But in addition to that, we’ve got a God debuting, Joey, how about that? I’m telling ya, tonight will be huge, tonight will be special, tonight will be Dynamite! baby!

Joey Styles: And what makes this night even more special, Mike, is we’ve got another partner at the boot tonight! Joining us right now on commentary, folks, is none other, than THE AMERICAN DREAM, DUSTY RHODES!

The camera zooms out and we see Dusty Rhodes, sporting a fancy black suit, sitting next to Joey Styles!

Joey Styles: Dusty Rhodes, welcome!

Dusty Rhodes: Oww, Joey, I am ssso excccited to be here on Dy-no-mite! I ssee all those talented youngsters in the back, and I cannn’t wait see them in action tonight, letsss do it, Joey!

“Bald and nasty” hits the P.A. system and The Basham Brothers come out, along with Jillian Hall, to a big amount of heel heat. They’re easily the biggest heel faction in GWE today, if you don’t count Bischoff/Bloom as a faction. They walk slowly toward the ring, just like heels would do, before stepping inside the squared circle and awaiting their opponents. They look towards the announce table and we can see a pillar, on which both the Global Tag Team Titles are placed. The Bashams motion that they’re gonna be the first ever GWE Tag champions, which gets some decent heat from the fans.

“Bawitdaba” blares through the speakers, but there isn’t a team coming out of the entrance way, instead, it’s only Kid Kash, one half of The Invaders, who walks out. Kash is smiling profusely, walking toward the ring, but stopping about five feet away from it. He looks to his left as James Gibson, his tag team partner, comes jumping over the barricade, to join his partner for this important match. The duo high five, before sliding in to the ring and posing for the fans, yelling out “It’s Invasion time!”.

Global Tag Team Championships: The Basham Brothers(w/Jillian) vs. The Invaders

Summary: A highly interesting tag team match here between the Basham Brothers and the team that makes its in-ring debut tonight, The Invaders. The Bashams had control over the match-up in the early goings by signaling out Kid Kash, preventing him from making the tag to his partner. The Bashams kept dominating Kash with some quick tags and power wrestling, something they’ve become quite known for in GWE. It was eventually Doug Basham, however, who made a mistake. Doug whipped Kash into the ropes and bent over for the back body drop, but Kash kicked him in the face, before nailing a step up enzuigiri. The crowd popped, as Kash jumped toward his corner and tagged Gibson in to an ever bigger pop! Gibson got to work on Doug Basham, raining down on him with uncountable kicks and punches to various areas of Doug Basham’s body! Gibson then nailed a big back body drop, followed by a modified bulldog. Gibson was on fire, as he surprised Doug Basham with a Dragon Sleeper! The crowd was red hot at this point, as Doug looked nowhere near capable of getting out of Gibson’s most dreaded move. Danny Basham then stormed into the ring, trying to save his partner, but Kid Kash did exactly the same and nearly decapitated Danny with a thunderous clothesline! Kash then yelled something toward Gibson, and Gibson put his thumb in the air. These two were probably going to finish it all. Gibson, still having the Dragon Sleeper applied, hoisted Doug Basham up in the air, having an “air-dragon sleeper” applied, sort of speak. Kash then placed himself in front of Gibson, who fell forwards. And as Gibson dropped, Kash hooked both of Doug’s legs and drilled him into the mat with an excruciating powerbomb, while Gibson performed a falling inverted DDT(this double team move is called The Invasion Sensation, more on that in a later Dynamite episode)! The crowd erupted as Gibson pinned Doug Basham, while Kash made sure Danny, nor Jillian were able to interfere! The referee counted and The Invaders were the first ever Global Tag Team Champions!

Winners(8:35) and NEW Global Tag Team Champions, THE INVADERS!!

Joey Styles: And it’s over! The Invaders beat the Basham Brothers here in impressive fashion to become the first ever Tag Team Champions of GWE! And what a match it was, what do you think, Dusty?

Dusty Rhodes: Ohhh my god, Joey, this was a terrrriffic contest between these four outstanding ath-e-letes! And those younggggsters Kash and Gibsonn pulled out the victory annnnd looked impressive, Joey!

Mike Bucci: Well, I gotta hand it to those youngsters, Joey, they did a great job in this match and well, they deserved the win! They’ve been acting like two no-good punks ever since they came into the GWE, but tonight, I’m calling it like I see it, Joey, and they delivered.

We see Kid Kash and James Gibson being handed the Global Tag Team Championships, as they’re emotional about winning their debut match and immediately winning the tag team titles! Both of them raise their titles high in the air to a big pop from these fired up Ohio fans!


We then switch to the back, where we see a dinner table of some sort, with in front of it, Ken Doane and Sean Waltman! They don’t get the best of receptions, in fact, they are booed quite heavily. The fans haven’t forgotten about their actions last week!

Waltman: Now, Ken, we ain’t got a match tonight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make an impact, right?

Ken Doane: How are we gonna do it, though? It’s not like we could, ehm, “invade” the show, is it?

Waltman: Nah, we gotta come up with somethin’ original here. Cause that’s what the X-factors are, original.

Ken Doane: Ooh, ooh, we could, like, dress up as Mexicans and try and pull out some amazing moves, but hurt everyone, including ourselves, in the process!

Waltman: Nah, man, that gimmick has been done before…Come to think of it, it may be used right now…

There’s an awkward silence between the two men, but there are some laughs heard amongst the fans. Could it be that this team is getting over using the lamest attempts at wit ever? Let’s hope not…

Doane: Why don’t we…shave our heads bald and act like we’re lady-magnets, eh?!

Waltman: *sigh* this ain’t going anywhere, Ken. We’re just gonna have to wait till next week and just, use our enormous amount of charisma to wow our opponents. We’re the X-factors, after all.

Doane: Yea, I guess you’re right.

The duo turns around and looks to be leaving, but they stop suddenly, as they look like they’ve seen a ghost. The camera doesn’t show what’s going on though, and just focuses on Doane and Waltman’s faces.

Ehm, is he a GWE superstar?

Waltman: I don’t think so, Ken. Let’s, ehm, just walk in the other direction and leave him be, yea?

Doane: Good plan.

The duo quickly turns on their heels, and leave quietly but rapidly, as we still don’t get to see who the mysterious man is, but in stead, we immediately switch to ringside.

Joey Styles: I don’t know what that was all about, guys, but it appears as though we have a special guest in the back tonight.

Mike Bucci: I don’t know what the hell was going on back there, but you’re right, Joey, we might have some company here tonight, whatcha think, Dream?

Dusty Rhodes: It could be anyone, Mike, caussse this business is sssso unpredictable, but that’s what makesss it so great!

Joey Styles: Whoever it may be, we’ll find that….what the hell?

Suddenly, Styles is being cut off by the lights going out! The crowd pops in excitement, as on the titantron (Eastertron for tonight) two eyes suddenly fade into the screen. A mouth fades in as well, followed by a nose, followed by the entire head and upper body of Priest Parisi!

Priest Parisi: Ladies and gentlemen! The time is finally here! The day you have all been waiting for is finally upon us! So get of your bums, fall to your knees, put your hands together and pray, because our lord and savior, “The Divine One”, will finally be stepping through this curtain, to amaze each and every one of you with his superhuman strength, his godlike speed and his divine appearance! So, without any further ado, do what is expected from you, and give “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak the welcome he deserves!

The screen fades to black, as suddenly the Roman number ten (X) appears on screen. A countdown commences, all in Roman numbers, as the moment of truth is almost here. The countdown goes all the way to Roman number I, as the titantron turns black, and a huge round of pyro is lit off. Then “Carmina Burana” hits and after about 30 seconds, “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak steps out, along with Priest Parisi, to an overall negative reaction from the crowd. Jindrak is wearing a white and golden robe, while Priest Parisi is wearing a priest outfit that found its history all the way in Ancient Rome. The duo strut down to the ring, looking very cocky(or confident), both of them refusing to slap hands with the fans along the entrance ramp. The two men get inside the ring, as Jindrak takes off his fancy robe, and reveals his wrestling trunks, which also happen to be white and golden. His body is incredibly ripped, as he flexes all of his upper body muscles, awaiting his opponent for tonight.

“Vroooar Vrooooar” the sound of a lawnmower is heard and that’s exactly what we’re seeing, as Psicosis comes riding out of the entrance way on his green lawnmower. He looks ever so excited, but gets little to no reaction. Jobbers don’t receive big reactions, that’s for sure. Psicosis slides in the ring, immediately backing away from Jindrak, who is looking impressive, size wise.

Joey Styles: And well there you have it. Psicosis will be the first opponent of Mark Jindrak in GWE. Will Jindrak blow us all away, or will Psicosis cause the upset? We’ll find out in just a few moments.

Mike Bucci: There’s no way Psicosis will cause the upset, Joey! I mean, look at that creature standing in the ring! He’s not a man, Joey, he’s divine!

Dusty Rhodes: I havvvve to admit, gentlemen, that mannn in the ring right now, he’ssss looking impressive. I don’t knowww, gentlemen, if anyone will be ablllle to sssstop this man right here!

“The Divine One” Mark Jindrak(w/Priest Parisi) vs. Psicosis

Summary: What’s to be expected from a total squash? Not too much. Jindrak dominated from start to finish, looking mighty impressive along the way. At first, he just stood in the middle of the ring, waiting for Psicosis to do something. When Psicosis finally stormed at Jindrak, “The Divine One” quickly answered with a huge big boot! Psicosis was down for a little while, and when he came back to his feet, Jindrak flattened him with a jawbreaking left hook punch! Psicosis looked like a bag of flour, as Jindrak turned Psicosis around so that he was facing the Mexican’s back. Jindrak then hoisted Psicosis up for a back suplex, but didn’t quite nail it, as it transitioned in a side slam, meaning Jindrak nailed the Mark of Excellence! Jindrak covered the poor and by now knocked out Psicosis for the easy victory.

Winner(2:16) “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak!

Joey Styles: And there you have it! A rather easy victory for Mark Jindrak here in his debut contest, don’t you think, Mike?

Mike Bucci: It certainly was a walk in the park for Jindrak, Joey, but what did you expect? I mean, look at him, Joey, he’s awesome! I look at him and I just wanna fall down to my knees and pray, Joey, it’s amazing!

Dusty Rhodes: You know somethinnnn’, boys, this was as immmmpressive as it comes and this man right here, Mark Jindrak, he’ll showww many many more in the future!

We see Jindrak not celebrating, just standing in the middle of the ring, not moving a muscle, as Priest Parisi slides in and confronts Jindrak. He is padding Jindrak on the chest, before looking towards the announce table, having an evil look on his face. He points towards one of the announcers and is shouting some incomprehensible stuff at his “God”. Jindrak looks to his left and is staring at one of the announcers too, as we hear Parisi yell “He’s standing in your way! Smite him!”. Jindrak, then exits the ring and approaches the announce table. He is looking at all three announcers, who all look to be really scared, except for Dusty Rhodes. Jindrak then focuses on Rhodes and suddenly grabs him by the tux! Jindrak looks him dead in the eye, before pulling him over the announce table and rolling the American Dream into the ring. The crowd don’t like the looks of this and starts booing the hell out of Jindrak, as well as his “priest”, Johnny Parisi. Jindrak picks up Dusty Rhodes, who now IS looking scared. Parisi suddenly grabs a hold of Dusty Rhodes in a double arm chickenwing, as Jindrak scouts Rhodes and knocks his block off with a huge left hook punch! The fans are showering Jindrak in heat at this point, but “The Divine One” isn’t through with the American Dream just yet. He picks him up and is about to finish Dusty off in similar fashion as he did Psicosis! He turns Rhodes around(now facing Rhodes’ back) and lifts him up, drilling him down with a thunderous Mark of Excellence! The crowd totally goes bananas now, giving Jindrak a very negative reaction (exactly what he wanted). Jindrak looks around the arena and doesn’t show any sign of emotion on his face, before he steps out of the ring and up on the entrance ramp, followed by his personal priest, Johnny Parisi.

Joey Styles: No! No! I can’t believe what just happened here! Jindrak, after an impressive victory, just laid out our special guest for tonight, Dusty Rhodes! This is outrageous!

Mike Bucci: You know somethin’, Joey. As far as I’m concerned, Jindrak can throw Mexicans and other minorities around the ring as much as he wants to, but when you destroy a legend of our business like that, well, then I have to disagree with his actions. This was indeed an outrage, Joey…

We see Jindrak and Parisi turning around one final time at the top of the entrance ramp, as Parisi raises Jindrak’s arm to a huge amount of heat from the fans! At this time, EMTs have hit the ring and are taking care of Dusty, putting on a neck brace and pulling him on a stretcher. Dusty looks to be totally knocked out and is being carried to the back, as we go to a commercial.


We come back to ringside as the camera zooms in on the brand new All-American Championship that is hanging high above the ring. We see some stagehands placing several ladders around the ring, as we switch to the back, where we see Carlito walking down a corridor. He’s stretching and preparing for the match, as he’s booed briefly, before we go back to ringside, to our announcing team, that has been reduced from three to two members.

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Dynamite, folks, and as you see, we’re only a two-man announce team at this moment, cause of the heinous actions by one Mark Jindrak.

Mike Bucci : That was indeed uncalled for, Joey, and even I don’t agree with that. Jindrak better pull out something spectacular next week if he wants to regain my appreciation.

Joey Styles: And of course, ladies and gentlemen, we will have an update on the American Dream later on tonight, but right now, it’s time for a match that is for a championship on paper, but goes so, so much deeper in reality.

Mike Bucci : Carlito versus Mysterio, Joey, a great ladder match is ahead of us, but you’re right, this goes way beyond any championship! In fact, it has gone so far, that Carlito, well, he wants to end Mysterio’s career tonight!

Joey Styles: Let us take you back, folks, to how this ladder match for the All-American Championship came about.

**Video Package**

-Mysterio eliminates Carlito as well as himself from the Battle Royal back in February
-Carlito challenges Mysterio to a match, but loses after a roll-up
-Carlito has some hard words for Mysterio, claiming he wants to end his career
-Carlito tries to cost Mysterio the quarter final match in RTTG, but fails
-Mysterio costs Carlito the quarter final match in RTTG
-Carlito hosts “cooling down with Carlito” in which he brawls with Mysterio
-The ladder match for All-American Title is made by Bischoff
-Mysterio refuses to help Carlito in a tag team match after Carlito has been laid out by RVD

**Video Package**
“Apple spittin’, jaw hittin’” hits as Carlito Colon struts out to a big amount of heat from the fans. Carlito is juggling his apple in one hand and pointing at the title hanging above the ring with the other. He gets into the ring and looks straight up, gazing upon the All-American championship that’s dangling high above the squared circle.

“Back to the 619” hits the P.A. system as the ever so colorful Rey Mysterio Jr. comes shooting through the stage to a large pop from the crowd! Mysterio is wearing a red, white and green outfit, as he walks down the ramp, receiving a thrilling ovation. Mysterio slaps hands with some fans along the ramp, before sliding into the ring and getting ready for this highly important match-up.

All-American Championship Ladder Match: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Carlito Colon

Summary: An exiting, thrilling, fast and furious contest here. It started off rather traditional, with fists and kicks flying about. Carlito got the upper hand eventually and whipped Mysterio in the ropes, before nailing Mysterio with a big back body drop. Carlito immediately went to the outside to grab a ladder and this is where business picked up. Carlito slid inside the ring and tried to nail Mysterio with the ladder, but the man of mysterio quickly hit the ladder with a wheelkick, thus catapulting the object of steel straight into Carlito’s face! The crowd popped, as Mysterio went to the outside for another ladder, got it inside the ring and placed it in the corner. Mysterio approached Carlito, who surprised Mysterio by throwing the ladder straight in the face! Carlito took control from hereon out and dominated a few minutes by locking Mysterio in a sitting abdominal stretch. He followed up with a DDT, before taking the ladder and setting it up to start climbing. Carlito changed his mind mid-way though, as he wanted to finish off Rey once and for all. He picked Rey up and tried to whip him into the ladder that was set up in the corner, but Rey reversed it and whipped Carlito back first into the ladder, before nailing him with a huge splash onto Carlito and the ladder! Rey got into the match-up, as we went to a commercial break.


When we came back, we saw Carlito lying knocked out on top of a ladder in the center of the ring, as Mysterio was climbing to the top turnbuckle! Mysterio leaped into the air, looking for a Frog Splash(still paying homage to Eddie), but Carlito rolled off the ladder, leaving Mysterio to eat nothing but ladder! We then get a replay of what happened during the break and we saw Carlito going for some sort of power bomb on the ladder, but Myserio drilling Carlito onto the steel structure with a back body drop! We went back to live action, where the two competitors were down and out at the same time. Carlito got up slightly earlier and went back to dominate his opponent. Carlito used both his own fists and feet as weapons, as well as the ladder, to incapacitate Mysterio Jr. One rather spectacular move used by Carlito saw Colon drop toe holding Mysterio on the ladder, before nailing him with a springboard back elbow to the back of Mysterio’s neck, while Mysterio was still lying face down on the ladder! Carlito made one, rather big mistake, however. When Mysterio was lying in the ropes, resting from a severe beat down, Carlito approached him, ladder in hand. He was too confident though, and when he tried to drill Mysterio with the ladder, the man of mystery drop toe holded him into the ropes, with the ladder in front of Carlito! Mysterio fired up and nailed Carlito with a Six One Nine, blasting the ladder straight into Carlito’s face! The crowd went bananas, as Mysterio went for the springboard frog splash and connected! Mysterio had this match practically won, and went for a ladder outside, brought it in, and set it up in the middle of the ring. Mysterio got so close to the ladder, he could use the belt as a mirror, but Carlito, using the last ounce of strength he had left, kicked(while lying on the mat) the ladder, making Mysterio lose his balance, and fall off the ladder, guillotining himself on the top rope!

The match turned somewhat spotty from hereon out and it was Carlito, going for the title once again. Mysterio crawled up and moved up on the ladder as well, and now both men were fighting on top of the ladder! Carlito got the upperhand and blasted Mysterio’s face off the ladder. Then the biggest spot of the night followed, as Carlito grabbed Mysterio’s head and jumped off the ladder to the side, blasting Mysterio’s head off the ladder with a huge facebuster! Carlito fell down, Mysterio fell all the way down and both men were knocked out, as the crowd erupted for this amazing spot. Both men were down and out for quite a while, and it was finally Carlito who got up first. Carlito got an evil smirk on his face and went to the outside to grab a steel chair. He approached Mysterio with the intention to swing away, but the man of mystery quickly dropkicked the chair, straight into Carlito’s face! The Bad apple fell down, dozed and in pain, as Mysterio saw his chance to climb towards the gold! The crowd was red hot at this point, as Mysterio looked like he was going to grab the title at this moment. But suddenly, Carlito jumped up, looking pissed as ever, looking at Rey. Carlito stormed up the ladder, the same side as Mysterio was on and started clubbing Mysterio’s back. Carlito then went for the unthinkable, the backcracker off the top of the ladder! He grabbed Mysterio’s shoulders and went for it, but the man from the 619 held onto the ladder, sending Carlito all the way down, crashing and burning into the mat! The crowd erupted, as Mysterio went for the championship belt, unhooked it, and won this amazing contest!


Joey Styles: For this match, there are only three words good enough to describe it…OH MY GOD! What an amazing contest, Mike, truly awe-inspiring!

Mike Bucci: Even I am on the edge of my seat as we speak, Joey! This was unbelievable! Rey and Carlito took out everything they had and more, and they gave the fans one of the best ladder matches in recent memory! And in the end, well, Mysterio got the strap and he deserved it, Joey, plain and simple.

Joey Styles: Well, I’m glad we can finally agree on something for a change. Good job, Rey!

We see Mysterio walking up the ramp, raising his newly won championship high above his head, as we switch back to the ring, where Carlito is on his knees, looking at the new champion and holding his head in pain, disappointment and anger.

We then switch to RVD’s locker room, where we see RVD preparing himself for his big title match in the main event. This is welcomed to a good pop. We then switch to an image of Matt “The Train” Bloom, not preparing, just staring blankly into space, to a chorus of boos from the fans. And finally, we switch to Hulk Hogan’s locker room, to an enormous pop! We see the Hulkster looking at his championship, stroking it, padding it, before placing it on his shoulder, having a focused look in his eyes. The main event: Hulk Hogan© vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Matt “The Train” Bloom, tonight!


When we return “BIG” hits the P.A. system as Paul “The Great” Wight comes out to a big pop from the crowd! He is wearing his black wrestling outfit, but he doesn’t have a scheduled match for tonight. He’s smiling profusely, as he climbs over the top rope and grabs a microphone. I guess we’ll know why he’s out here soon enough.

Paul Wight: Y’all having a great time so far?

*Big pop, as the crowd clearly has had a great time so far*

Paul Wight: You know, we’ve had a great show so far, but it’s only gonna get better…and bigger. Now, I’m not gonna lie to you, I would’ve loved to come out here a little later on, as a contender for the GWE Championship! But, two weeks ago, I have to be fair, Rob Van Dam beat me and he deserves to be in the main event tonight.

*Huge pop, not only for mentioning RVD, but also for the honesty and fairness of Wight*

Paul Wight: But what would a two hour Dynamite spectacular be without the largest athlete in the world, huh?

*Big pop*

Paul Wight: That’s right. So without any further ado, folks, lemme introduce to you the first ever “GREAT CHALLENGE”!

*The crowd pops in anticipation*

Paul Wight: The rules are simple. Anyone from the back, and I mean anyone, can come out here and have a match with me, “The Great Wight”. If you can beat me in under five minutes, then you’ve won the challenge. If not, then I’ve proven not only I’m the largest athlete in the world, but I’m also better than you!

*Big pop yet again for Wight*

Paul Wight: So whoever wants to accept the Great Challenge, come down to the ring and show me whatcha got! Come on!

Wight drops the mic as he awaits his mystery opponent.

Suddenly “Here comes the pain v2.0” hits, which is received by a lot of confusion by the crowd. An impressing looking man walks out, wearing a sweater with a hood over his head. The man is looking down to the floor, before taking small jumps up and down, while punching downwards. Suddenly, the man removes his hood AND IT’S BROCK LESNAR WHO’S STANDING ON THE EASTER EXTRAVAGANZA STAGE!! The roof is just blown off as Brock Lesnar flexes his muscles, while an enormous set of pyros go off behind him.


Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!~

Mike Bucci: Are my eyes deceiving me, Joey, or is that really Brock Lesnar standing on top of that entrance ramp? I can’t believe what I’m seeing!

Joey Styles: You’re eyes are definitely not deceiving you, Mike, this is indeed Brock Lesnar standing right there and he has accepted The Great Challenge!

We then get a look at Paul Wight, who is shocked to see Brock Lesnar walking down to the ring. A smile of disbelief appears on Wight’s face, as he mouths “I can’t believe it”. Lesnar has reached the ring, having a huge smile on his face. He seems to be ecstatic about being back into wrestling. He jumps up and down briefly, before hopping up on the apron, as a huge set of pyros shoot from all four ring posts! Lesnar gets in the ring and immediately takes off his sweater, revealing the massive tattoo that’s still on his back(where else would it be?). Lesnar goes for the mic, that was on the mat, and brings it to his mouth.

Brock Lesnar: Paul Wight, you’re Great Challenge…I ACCEPT!

Lesnar powerfully throws down the mic as the crowd is still on their feet, cheering. Meanwhile, a referee has joined the duo in the ring and calls for the bell. The Great Challenge, is underway!

The Great Challenge: Paul “The Great” Wight vs. Brock Lesnar

Summary: Before the match got underway, Brock Lesnar extended his hand out to Paul Wight, offering a friendly handshake. Wight looked around, saw the fans, who were hardly able to remain on their seats, and accepted the handshake! The crowd cheered, but the cheers got much louder as Lesnar suddenly pulled Wight toward him and hoisted the 450 pounder up on his shoulders, in a fireman’s carry! Lesnar roared like an animal, before drilling Paul Wight WITH THE F5! The crowd erupted into massive cheers, as Lesnar pinned Wight and immediately scored the victory!

Winner(0:22) Brock Lesnar!

Joey Styles: Lesnar just beat the Great Challenge in a matter of seconds, Mike! What an upset!

Mike Bucci: Upset is the word, Joey. Lesnar surprised the world with coming back to wrestling and GWE in particular and now, well, he just beat Paul Wight with one move, Joey, one move! Simply amazing!

We see Lesnar celebrating inside the ring, flexing his muscles profusely, showing off his athletic, buff body. We then switch to the interview area, where Steve Romero is standing by!

Steve Romero: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. In a few moments, The Main Event of Easter Extravaganza will take place. And A triple threat match for the GWE Global Championship is what’s still left on the card! And my guest at this time, one of the men involved in the match, Rob Van Dam!

Rob Van Dam walks into screen to a huge pop from the crowd. He looks ultra focused and not his usual happy self. This match obviously means everything to him.

Steve Romero: Rob, in a few mere moments, you will be engaging in one of the most important matches of your career, a triple threat match for the GWE championship. The obvious question is, are you prepared?

Rob Van Dam: Steve Romero, this is not one of the most important matches of my career. This is THE most important match of my entire career, dude. And if I wouldn’t be prepared for this one, I wouldn’t deserve to be in the match and I wouldn’t deserve to be a GWE superstar all together, man. So tonight, I’m mister Thursday Night once again. Tonight, once more I am the Whole Dam Show! But most importantly, tonight, I step in the ring, just Rob Van Dam. But I’m walking out, GWE Champion (doing the R V D signature taunt)…Rob…Van…Dam!

RVD walks away, as we go to another commercial


When we return we immediately go to Matt Bloom’s locker room, where Bloom is standing there, just looking in front of him, at nothing. Eric Bischoff suddenly enters the scene to a chorus of boos. He looks at Bloom and starts talking to him, but Bloom just keeps staring in front of him, like he isn’t on this planet.

Bischoff: Now, Matt, the big moment is finally here. This is where you got to bring everything you got and more, to get that GWE Championship. It’s soon to be the biggest prize in the entire industry and if you’re holding it, it’s gonna make you the biggest star in our industry, you understand me?

Bloom just breaths heavily, not quite answering Bischoff’s question.

But it’s not only that, Matt, this match goes beyond that. Tonight, we got to show that egotistical, washed-up, old excuse for a wrestler what we’re capable off! And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Because as always, Eric Bischoff has a plan. And as always, that plan…is flawless. Come here.

Bischoff puts his arm around Bloom and starts whispering in his ear, while Bloom is still just staring blankly into space. Let’s just assume Matt Bloom is focused as can be before his big championship opportunity.

We then switch back to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci.

Joey Styles:
Bloom is definitely looking ready for the main event, but I don’t like the sound of that plan, Mike!

Mike Bucci: There’s no plan, Joey! The only plan is winning the GWE Championship, just like the other two men involved in this match. Speaking of which, folks, let’s take a look at how this highly anticipated Triple Threat came to existence!

**Video Package**

-Hulk Hogan wins GWE Title match against Rob Van Dam
-Hulk Hogan announces the Road-to-the-Gold Tournament
-Highlights of the tournament
-Eric Bischoff bursts into scene along with Matt “The Train” Bloom
-Bloom attacks Hogan and Bischoff puts Bloom in the title match at Easter Extravaganza
-Rob Van Dam wins the Road-to-the-Gold Tournament
-Bloom attacks Hogan yet again and stands tall
-Hogan finally gets his hands on Bischoff and Bloom
-RVD knocks out Hogan and wins their tag team match

**Video Package**
“Walk” hits the P.A. system as Rob Van Dam walks out to a thunderous pop from the crowd! Van Dam does his signature ‘R V D’ taunt, before walking toward the ring. He slaps hands with quite a few fans along the entrance way, before rolling into the ring and posing for the fans.

“Bending tracks” hits as Matt “The Train” Bloom steps out of the entrance way to a huge amount of heat from the fans. He’s coming out here without Eric Bischoff, which might be odd. Bischoff is the General Manager of Dynamite though and he may have some issues he has to handle backstage. After all, Bischoff is not Bloom’s official manager. Anyway, as a true heel, Bloom walks to the ring very slowly, but finally reaches it, enters it and awaits the final piece of the puzzle.

“American Made” blares through the speakers and out comes Hulk Hogan, the chairman, the champion! The roof is blown off the joint, cause every single one of these fans is a hulkamaniac! Hogan walks down to the ring, eating the fans’ ovation up, before sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Hogan does his signature “cupping the ear” taunt on all four sides of the ring, before handing his belt to the referee.

GWE Global Championship: Hulk Hogan© vs. Matt “The Train” Bloom vs. Rob Van Dam

Summary: A match worthy of being in the main event. The match started with Bloom being the target of both Hogan and Rob Van Dam at the very beginning. Both men lunged away at Bloom, but “The Train” overpowered both men, scoring multiple right hands to both men’s jaws. Bloom then leveled Van Dam with a clothesline, before doing the same to Hogan, both in brutal, nearly decapitating fashion. Bloom was looking impressive in the early goings, and the fans didn’t really like that development. Bloom looked awfully strong in this match, until he made his first mistake. Bloom focused entirely on Hogan for a while, eventually tossing him over the top rope with a big boot. He forgot entirely about RVD though, who dazzled Bloom with a quick enzuigiri. Bloom didn’t go down, however, not even after three flying forearms by RVD. When RVD went for a fourth one, Bloom had enough of it and blasted RVD with a clothesline of his own. Bloom looked ever so strong in the opening minutes of the match, remaining on his feet all the while. With Hogan still out of commission on the outside, Bloom went to work on RVD, blasting him with a monstrous tilt-a-whirl sideslam. Bloom went for the cover, but Hogan finally got back in the ring and broke things up, as we went to a commercial break.


When we came back, Bloom was in the corner, being assaulted by Rob Van Dam. Bloom kept shoving him off though, but Van Dam kept coming back. Bloom finally reverses the roles and RVD is a sitting duck, as Bloom unloads with lefts, rights, shoulder to the gut and more! Then we get a replay from what happened during the break, and we saw Bloom taking Hogan out of commission with a thunderous powerbomb. He didn’t get the three count, however, as RVD broke things up. Back to live action, we saw Bloom charging up to storm at Van Dam, but when he went for the avalanche splash, RVD moved out of the way, sending Bloom chest first into the turnbuckle! Bloom backed up, as RVD jumped up on the top turnbuckle and nailed a missile dropkick, which didn’t send Bloom down to the mat, however! Van Dam was stunned. Not even a missile dropkick could send Bloom down! Bloom shook things off, completely no-selling the high-risk maneuver, before storming at Van Dam and hitting a massive shoulder block. But as he turned around, Hogan was back up, unleashing at Bloom with a plethora of right hands! The crowd went wild, as Hogan, made Bloom stagger on his feet. Hogan drove Bloom into the ropes and Irish whipped him into the opposite ropes, before nailing him with a signature big boot! But Bloom STILL didn’t want to go down! Hogan noticed he was staggering more and more though, so he approached Bloom, went under Bloom’s legs, hoisted him up in the air AND NAILED “THE TRAIN” WITH A MASSIVE POWERSLAM! The crowd went bananas, as Hulk Hogan brought Bloom down for the very first time in this match, and in what fashion?! Hogan saw that both Matt Bloom and RVD were down, so he cupped his ear, before bouncing off the ropes and going for THE ATOMIC LEG DROP…on Rob Van Dam! But he missed! RVD rolled out of the way and now all three behemoths were down and out in the middle of the ring, as the fans applauded all three competitors!

After a while, all three men reached a vertical base and we were back where we started, with all three competitors facing each other, eye to eye. It was the ever so quick Rob Van Dam to attack first, going after Hulk Hogan. Bloom observed the brawl at first, but quickly meddled with business, as he nailed Rob Van Dam with a headbutt to the back of his head. Bloom nailed Hogan with a headbutt as well, before going after Van Dam, who was sitting on his hands and knees, and kicking him viciously in the gut, sending Van Dam all the way out of the ring! Bloom focused on Hogan, once again, unloading on The Champion with a series of right jabs. Hogan backed away and Bloom Irish whipped him into the opposite ropes, before nailing a thunderous back body drop! The crowd let out a collective “oooh”, as their hero was down and out and Bloom was once again in absolute control. Bloom, looking dominant as hell, took the time to pose for the fans, raising his arms, to a large amount of heat. What he didn’t realize, however, was RVD being back in the ring, right behind Bloom’s back! When Bloom turned around, RVD unloaded on him with a variety of rights, lefts, kicks, knees, etc…Bloom just didn’t go down though, not even after one of RVD’s signature windmill kicks. Bloom was seemingly in trouble though and at this time, ERIC BISCHOFF CAME OUT OF THE ENTRANCE WAY! The crowd went crazy(negatively) as Bischoff was looking mightily pissed, as he’s shouting all sorts of stuff towards god knows who inside the ring. The referee had scouted Bischoff, however, AND JUMPED OUT OF THE RING, PREVENTING BISCHOFF FROM ENTERING! The crowd erupted into massive cheers as the referee just formed a roadblock it seemed for Bischoff, who was forced to back up! Matt Bloom, however, suddenly shoved RVD off of him, and went to the outside, to the announcer’s table. Bloom forced Justin Roberts(ring announcer) to scatter off, but he didn’t grab a chair, instead he grabbed the GWE Global title belt! Bloom got back in the ring and went after RVD, swinging the belt at RVD’s head, but Van Dam ducked AND KICKED THE BELT STRAIGHT INTO BLOOM’S FACE! The fans went bananas, as Bloom was knocked out and fell to the mat! RVD quickly ran into the ropes and nailed a picture perfect Rolling Thunder, with the crowd firmly behind Mister Thursday Night! RVD climbed to the top rope, but Hogan was back in the ring and shoved RVD off, face-first into the announce table(which didn’t break)!

The crowd popped even louder as Hogan was back into this match, going after Matt Bloom. Hogan picked him up and started talking trash to Bloom, which wasn’t the smartest of moves. Apparently, Hogan’s frustrations finally erupted as he was on the verge of exploding! The Train suddenly snapped back to life, however, as he suddenly clenched Hogan’s neck with both of his hands! Bloom quickly hoisted Hogan up in the air AND NAILED HIM WITH THE BALDO BOMB! The crowd went rather silent, as they knew what the outcome of this was going to be. Bloom went for the cover, as the ref had escorted Bischoff to the back and was already back in the ring…ONE…TWO…TH..
NO! NO! HOGAN KICKED OUT AND JUMPED UP, LOOKING BLOOM DIRECTLY IN THE EYE! Bloom was looking at Hogan, totally flabbergasted and in absolute shock, as Hogan, was sitting on his knees, touting his lips! Hogan got back to his feet and pointed at Bloom, as the fans followed chanting “YOU”. Bloom wanted nothing off it, however, and started taking shots at Hogan, BUT HOGAN NO-SOLD THEM AND STARTED HULKING UP! The roof was blown off as Hogan was hulking up, completely no-selling all of Bloom’s attacks! Hogan then reversed roles, as he started taking shots at Bloom, making The Train stagger on his feet. Hogan keeps lunging away at Bloom, before whipping him into the ropes and nailing him with a BIG BOOT! Bloom went down and was lying in perfect position for the Atomic Leg Drop! Hogan cupped his ear one last time, but didn’t notice that RVD had regained consciousness and was back in the ring! Hogan turned around and RVD smiled briefly, before swiftly kicking him straight in the jaw, sending Hogan down! Hogan fell directly next to Bloom, as RVD jumped up on the top turnbuckle, doing the R V D taunt one final time. RVD leaped off in the air AND HIT THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH…ON BOTH BLOOM AND HOGAN! The crowd had no other choice but to pop, as RVD hooked Hogan’s leg and the referee counted…ONE…TWO…THREE!!


Joey Styles: That’s it! That’s it! RVD has done it! What an amazing contest and what an amazing winner, Mike!

Mike Bucci: Joey, I will not hesitate to call this the best match in GWE history so far. Oh my god, what a blockbuster of a match we just witnessed, with a well deserved winner and a new champion, Joey! We’ve got a new champion and it’s Rob Van Dam!

We see Rob Van Dam in the middle of the ring, absolutely in shock. He can’t believe he has just won GWE’s most coveted prize, the Global Championship. The referee grabs the belt and hands it over to Van Dam, who bites it, just to check it’s real. He gets up to his feet and lifts the title into the air as every single fan is on his feet, applauding the new champion. If anyone had to beat Hogan, they’re glad RVD did it. RVD goes on all four turnbuckles, posing with his newly acquired belt, as a massive round of fireworks is shooting from the steel structure above the ring. This was RVD’s night and he’s enjoying every bit of it, as we can see tears rolling over his cheeks. This is pure emotion people. This is why we are wrestling fans. Cherish these moments.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, there aren’t any words in our dictionary that can describe this moment. This is the moment RVD has been waiting for ever since he signed for GWE and tonight, his dream has come true. We’ve got a new GWE champion and one we can be proud of! And with this emotional and heartfelt moment, this two hour spectacular of Dynamite comes to a close. It truly was an epic event, that was called Easter Extravaganza. Ladies and gentlemen, for Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles, good night from Columbus, Ohio!

We see RVD emotionally celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring, as the image fades to black and the show comes to a close.
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