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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“Born to Run”

Once again the survivors huddled around their campfires in a semi-peaceful sleep. Tonight Jack had promised everything would be okay. Everyone in camp would be safe. He stood guard on the beach, back far enough to see the entire camp, but with the ocean behind him to protect him from being ambushed.

Tonight if anything happened. He’d be there to stop it.

Out in the jungle Ana-Lucia crept with a pistol hanging out of the back of her pants. She had followed her target into the jungle. She would kill tonight; nobody that wasn’t an Other would venture out into the jungle after what happened to Sun earlier that day, right?

She spotted her target in the distance carrying a torch. Quietly she tip-toed through the grass. The light eventually stopped moving and she crept closer and closer. She stormed through a bush with her gun drawn and pulled the trigger missing. Her target spun nearly hitting her with a roundhouse kick, and she pulled the trigger killing him instantly.

Then she rolled him over revealing his identity.

PHEN0M was dead. He was Boone Carlyle, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Gullible Rich Kid and Martyr

Another crackle could be heard in a nearby bush. Then the snapping of sticks as the onlooker ran off away from the scene of the crime.

“Who’s there?” Ana-Lucia demanded. But the sound of someone running through the jungle died just as fast as it had came.


Dawn quickly approached and the sun began to rise. Jack had stayed awake all night. People rose from their beds absolutely thrilled that they were not disturbed in the night. Shannon slept, peacefully. Unknowing that her step-brother wasn’t by her side. Just when everything seemed to be going well… Claire went into labor.

It is now Day 3. With 28 alive it is 15 to lynch! You have 48 hours to reach a decision.

Moderator Note: Short, I know. Didn’t have much to do though. In other news this should be the last replacement of the game! Everyone else is pretty active apart from this guy. PHEN0M is replacing jax_the_ax.

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