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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“The Hunting Party”

The rain stopped several hours later. The bald man, known as John Locke didn’t move an inch until he was approached by Ben.

“Hey we could use a hand over here… we’re putting up tarps for shelter tonight.”

John Locke looked up at him making eye contact. He didn’t say anything. After a moment he got up to his feet and walked with Ben back towards the camps being set up near the jungle edge.

“Hey listen, I’m sorry your lynch idea didn’t work out today, I’m as eager to kill the people that did this as you are.” Ben said.

Locke grabbed an end of the tarp and Ben grabbed the other. They propped it up on top of the sticks and tied it down.

“I don’t want to kill anyone.” Locke said.

“It’s just something that has to be done. And we’re going to get them. We’re going to get all of them.” Locke said confidently, and then walked off towards the jungle. Ben stood there smirking.

“Not if we get you first.” He thought to himself.

The fires blazed and the moon was full. People slept the best they could. The Latina woman, Ana-Lucia was awake, however. She crept into the jungle then back into the camp. She had a target in mind. Slowly she crept. Slowly… Slowly…

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” yelled a voice from a distance. It was Danielle Rousseau. She approached with her pointed directly at Ana-Lucia. Jack ran in-between Ana-Lucia and Danielle.

“What’s going on?” Jack asked nearly out of breath.

“I saw her creeping out of the jungle and into the camp.” Danielle announced.

“I was going to the bathroom. I was on my way back to my tent now.” Ana-Lucia protested.

“Your camp is all the way over there, Ana.” Jack pointed across the camp.

“I know… I just… got lost. I’m not familiar with the camp yet.” Ana said.

“Fine… I guess we’re all just a little bit jumpy. In a few hours the sun will be up and we’ll all be fine. Lets just get back to bed.” Jack suggested.

Danielle went back to her post and the rest of the camp settled down.


Unlike Ana-Lucia, Sawyer was a bit sneakier about his attack. There was a Donald Duck-esque quacking going on in the distance giving him a perfect noise cover. He crept into the camp grabbed his target and dragged her out into the jungle. When they were far enough out he removed his hand from her mouth.

“Where are you taking me?!” she demanded.

“I saw you last night. You were with them. The Others.”

“No! No you’ve got it all wrong! I was a tail-section survivor!” she screamed as he tied her up and knocked her off her feet. She kneeled in front of him. Sawyer stood behind her with the gun pointed at her head.

“Tell it to the judge.” Sawyer said.

And she was dead.

Alex Naumovski was dead. He was Libby, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Clinical Psychiatrist


Meanwhile back at the camp the Korean man known as Jin crept out into the jungle only to run into another man.

“Oh, Hi. Just relieving myself.” The man smiled at him. Jin bent over and picked up a sharp stick then approached.

“Hey what’s that for? HEY! HEY!” The man yelled for help as Jin jammed the stick into his throat then pulled it out swiftly. Jin walked off with stick in hand as the man with the white hair slowly, but quietly died.

MetalX was dead. He was Tom, The Others, Loyal Friend of Ben and Wearer of the Fake Beard

Jin immediately woke up from this nightmare. He found the same bloody stick he saw in his dream laying next to him.


Danielle Rousseau stayed guard all night, but not even her Jaguar like skills could keep her alive through the first night. She should have stayed at home where she would be safe. The others claimed another victim. They took the Survivor’s best lookout.

BrownieDude was dead. He was Danielle Rousseau, Defected Oceanic 815 Survivor, Mother on a Mission

It is now Day 2. With 30 Alive it's 16 to Lynch! You have 48 hours to reach a decision.

Moderator Note: It’s a shame Danielle was killed off. BD had a chance at making his role incredibly fun. Ah well, we'll get him back in the game soon enough. Unfortunately for MetalX he's out for the rest of the game. I'll be replacing a few members if they do not post in this thread/get more active before Day 2 is posted. HBK91 will be replacing CM_Jobber now, however.

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