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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Sorry this is late mate. I have been a very busy man over the last week(s) however, it’s here finally for your viewing pleasure

Alcoholic's Dynamite Review By KF4E

The first thing I wan’t to say is that I’m really looking forward to Easter Extravaganza, it has that big ass feel to it, like it should really. Starting with a bacstage segment is good, and it gives that extra feel to the show, which is needed considering it’s the last show before Easter Extravaganza. Bischoff seemed good talking to the crowd, and tonight’s match is set to be huge. I wonder whether Mysterio and Carlito will be able to co-excist, that will make the match all the more exciting for sure. Nice of you to hype it up right at the beginning of the show too.

Jillian’s promo just seemed like a repeat of most of her other promos if I’m being honest. I understand that it was used as hype for the Tag Team Championship match at EE, but it could have been a little bit more exciting. However the opening match was very enjoyable. Good action from everyone and you really described the match perfectly. It was a nice touch to have The Invaders distract The Bashams and cause them to lose the match, good stiff. However after EE I hope to see a lot more tag teams, because at the moment it only really looks like you have two tag teams going on.

The backstage segment between Rey Mysterio and Carlito was a nice touch before their tag team match tonight, and the very important match next week. However it left me with a sour taste in my mouth, only because I was expecting Carlito to maybe spit the apple in Mysterio’s face. Anyway more hype for the bog show next week, and I really can’t wait.

So we go further backstage. I’m really loving this whole angle that you’re aproaching between Doane and Waltman, it’s something new, and something that could turn Doane into a massive star in GWE. I really ope you go down that route. Anyway I’m looking forward to the match, however, the little conversation didn’t do it for me, I didn’t like the fact that they were just talking about getting injured. Should have gave them a little bit more personality In my opinion.

Doane vs. Crazy was again another nice match. I really like the detail you put into your match recaps, it’s something I hope to do in the future. Anyway I expected Doane to get the win obviously for this conversation to take place. Hmmm, they didn’t seem like heels backstage earlier, but I think it’s clear that they are indeed heels. This is a good way to go to be honest, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how you play this out in later weeks.

I liked Hulk Hogan’s interview. He sounded very intense and that’s a great thing going into the Championship match. I also liked Van Dam shaking hands with his oponnent. Because we all know that they will be working together to take out Matt Bloom.

Again more hype for Mark Jindrak, it looks like you’ll be doing something big with him considering all the hype he has got over the last few weeks. I wonder whether he will get involved in a storyline or not next week, or whether he will just come out and talk up himself. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Van Dam and Hogan really had to win the main event tonight only because their match is more prestigue seeing as it is the main Championship of the company. However I would have prefered a no contest to be honest, especially with the interference from Bloom. I hope Bloom wins the Title at Easter Extravaganza because that would be something fresh that I’d like to see.

Overall it was a very entertaining show, and it was used for EE hype which was the best way to go. However I would have liked to see a bit more in ring promo, because the only one I could see was Jillian Hall’s little promo and that was only talking before the opnening match so it was not exactly a cutting edge promo.

Also the news and notes sounded good Alcho. I would prefer a lengthy preview though before the actual show, but that’s just my preferences, it is up to you though. I’ll keep an eye out for it. This thread is looking really good man, and it’s shaping up greatly now.
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