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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“Do No Harm”

The bald man opened the emptied suitcase and placed his vote inside.

“Attention everyone. All of the votes are in and I think it’s about time we commence this lynching. The Rain is coming.”

Everyone looked up to see a clear sky sunny sky then looked to the bald man in confusion. Stragglers crowded around him as he opened the first piece of paper.

“What is this?” He said.

“This paper is blank?”

He opened a few more only to see that nobody wrote down a name. Jack approached him.

“We decided as a group that it would be in our best interests not to kill someone on our first full day here.” Jack said.

“So what? We’re just going to let these monsters among us pick us off one by one? That’s not a good idea Jack.” Said the bald man.

“But you think possibly lynching an innocent is?” Jack replied.

After a brief pause the bald man looked out over the crowd. They all looked back at him quietly.

“Lets just get through tonight, we’ll set up a few lookouts, and tomorrow we’ll make this decision.” Jack said calmly.

The bald man shook his head throwing down a blank piece of paper he had in his hand then walking off. Jack took a sigh of relief and closed his eyes.

And then the rain poured down. The crowd that had gathered to listen to the days proceedings ran into the jungle to keep dry. Jack remained. He opened his eyes, and looked out over the beach only to see the bald man sitting cross-legged on it. Embracing the rain.

It is now Night 1. You have 24 hours to PM me your Night Roles.

NaS: 1 (mikeie)
RKO920: 1 (BrownieDude)
No Lynch: 17 (Ownage™, Alex Naumovski, Doddsy, NaS, Daredevil Jeff, MetalX, sneapy, PsychoticViper2000, dan_marino, Chelseafan, TR1, Fail, craigdanbeaton, TheHitmanHart, Rising, T_Man, -ShowStopper-, Stipps)

Moderator Note: I realize there are 18 names there and only 17 votes.

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