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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread

Originally Posted by sneapy View Post
The roles were given out randomly, so just because someone is active, doesn't mean they have more chance of getting a good power.

And again you seem to be contradicting yourself. In that post you say that it might be better to lynch no one, then a few sentances later claim that it might be better to lynch someone who you don't think will play.

Although after saying that, right now i'm prefering the idea of not lyncing tonight, since the odds aren't in our favour. Even though someone who isn't active, isn't very useful, if they're innocent then we can still use them to keep the ratio of innocents to mafia in our favour. Look what happened in the last game, the innocents started lynching random inactive players and it lead to their downfall.
That's what I'm trying to avoid now and you don't seem to understand that.

No I meant that we should not lynch now. but we should think about lynching browniedude down the road on another time. But for now we should hold on until we get clues and are more sure of who's mafia.

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