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Re: LOST Mafia - Game Thread


Winners - Paik Heavy Industries
.Skittles. was Mr. Paik, Paik Heavy Industries, Manufacturing Industry Magnate and Mob Leader
Killswitch was Jin-Soo-Kwon, Paik Heavy Industries, Silent Killer with Haunting Nightmares

Deceased Players
Alex Naumovski was dead. He was Libby, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Clinical Psychiatrist
MetalX was dead. He was Tom, The Others, Loyal Friend of Ben and Wearer of the Fake Beard
BrownieDude was dead. He was Danielle Rousseau, Defected Oceanic 815 Survivor, Mother on a Mission
bruteshot74 was dead. He was Sun-Hwa Kwon, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Secretive Wife Madly In Love
PHEN0M was dead. He was Boone Carlyle, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Gullible Rich Kid and Martyr
NaS was dead. He was Steve Jenkins, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Former… Wait? Who the Hell is Steve?
HBK91 was dead. He was Edward Mars, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, U.S. Marshal with a Fatal Injury
T_Man was dead. He was Desmond Hume, Defected Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, The Man with Flashes Before His Eyes
Chelseafan was dead. He was Shannon Rutherford, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Snobby and Persuasive Whore
dan_marino was dead. He was Kate Austen, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Fugitive on the Run
Fail was dead. He was John Locke, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, The Island Miracle
mikeie was dead. He was Benjamin Linus, The Others, Master Swindler and Acting Others Leader
Rising was dead. He was Karl, Defected Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Love Stricken Teenager
Ownage™ was dead. He was Mr. Eko, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Priest and Owner of the Jesus Stick
Doddsy was dead. He was Leslie Artz, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, 9th Grade Science Teacher and Collector of Insects
Heat was dead. He was James “Sawyer” Ford, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, The Most Hated Man on the Island

dan_marino was dead. He was Nikki Fernandez, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Former Exposé Actress and Diamond Hunter
PHEN0M was dead. He was Jack Shephard, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Spinal Surgeon and Defacto Leader
sneapy was dead. He was Ana-Lucia Cortez, Defected Other, The New Bitch in Charge
Daredevil Jeff was dead. He was Claire Littleton, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, New Mother with a Crush
Postage was dead. He was Alex Linus, The Others, Disobedient Daughter
DH6 was dead. He was Sayid Jarrah, Former Intelligence Officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard
TheHitmanHart was dead. He was Ethan Rom, The Others, Lead Surgeon and "Other Man"
HBK91 was dead. He was Juliet Burke, Defected Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Former Other and Unwanted Addition
-ShowStopper- was dead. He was Mikhail Bakunin, The Others, Former Soviet Soldier
Ownage™ was dead. He was Paulo, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Master Chef and Diamond Hunter
Alex Naumovski was dead. He was Anthony Cooper, Individually Aligned, The Ultimate Confidence Man
Don.Corleone was dead. He was Charlie Pace, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Former Heroin Addict with New Found Responsibility
BrownieDude was dead. He was Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor, Carrier of the Curse and Owner of Secret Stash
TR1 was dead. He was Michael Dawson, Others Hunter, Revenge Seeking Other Slayer
bruteshot74 was dead. He was Walt Lloyd, Others Hunter, "Special" and Obedient Son

Day/Night Post Archive
Day 0
Night 0
Day 1 - No Lynch
Night 1 - Death of BrownieDude, MetalX and Alex Naumovski
Day 2 - Modkill of bruteshot74
Night 2 - Death of PHEN0M
Day 3 - Death of NaS and HBK91
Night 3 - Death of T_Man, Chelseafan and dan_marino
Day 4 - Death of Fail
Night 4 - No Deaths
Day 5 - Death of mikeie and Rising
Night 5 - Death of Ownage™
Day 6 - Death of Doddsy and Heat
Night 6 - Death of PHEN0M and dan_marino
Day 7 - Death of sneapy
Night 7 - Modkill of Daredevil Jeff
Day 8 - Death of Postage
Night 8 - Death of DH6
Day 9 - Death of TheHitmanHart
Night 9 - Death of HBK91
Day 10 - Death of -ShowStopper-
Night 10 - Death of Ownage™
Day 11 - Death of Alex Naumovski
Night 11 - Death of Don.Corleone
Day 12/Final Days - Death of BrownieDude, TR1 and bruteshot74

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