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LOST Mafia - Game Thread

“Deus Ex Machina”

Everyone slept. In a few hours the sun would rise and the rescue would arrive. Unfortunately for Scott Jackson he wouldn’t live to be rescued. A group of darkly dressed men and women, led by Danny Pickett entered the camp silently locating their targets then creeping up next to them. They simultaneously grabbed them. One was grabbed by her ankles and dragged towards the jungle screaming all the way. Scott Jackson, who was sleeping near this woman, sprung to his feet, and tried to save her but a man wearing an eyepatch snuck up behind him and snapped his neck.

The other target, Mr. Eko was choked and pulled by two men towards the jungle. He fought back so a sharpshooter fired a tranquilizer dart into his leg. Knowing full well that in a moment he would be out, he was able to bend over and pick up a rock. He used it to kill both of his attackers. He fell to the ground out cold. The camp tried frantically to figure out what the hell was going on.

“What happened?” a Korean Woman asked her Husband in Korean and he looked back at her not having an answer.

“She’s gone! They got her.” Said Jack.

“Who?” asked a woman with wavy long brown hair.

“The flight attendant. Cindy. She’s gone.” said Jack.

“Steve’s dead!” exclaimed an overweight man.

“What? I’m right here? That’s Scott.” Said a man.

“Oh.” Said the overweight man.

“What’s this?” asked an Iraqi man as he picked up a piece of paper from the ground.

“Cindy Chandler, White Woman, Wearing Flight Attendants Outfit.” He paused and looked around.

“Eko, Muscular Black Man. Shirtless.” He looked directly towards Eko who was being tended to by the blond woman he pulled out of the water earlier that day.

"These men that Mr. Eko killed... I've never seen them before?" Said a black man with bushy hair. A child stood next to him.

"And look at their clothes. Were they even on the plane?" said a man wearing a black hoody.

“ENOUGH!” screamed Jack. The crowd became silent.

“Now it’s obvious that we’re not alone on this Island. There are Others among us. And these Others want us dead.” He points to Scott’s corpse.

“Someone had to make this list. Someone is watching us. Someone doesn't want us here. Look around you. The person standing next to you could very well be one of them. And we have to do something about that.” He is interrupted.

“So what are you suggesting?” The Latina woman asked.

“We have a vote.” he is once again interrupted.

“A vote?” asked the pregnant woman.

“That’s right. Once a day, we have a lynch vote.” He is once again stopped.

“Why? We’re going to be rescued any minute now.” Exclaimed the blond girl.

“And what if we aren’t? Do we just let them kill us one by one? Because that’s exactly what they’re going to do. This list here has two names on it. Cindy Chandler and Eko. Two names. And whose to say that the next time they decide to attack us it won't have your name, or mine even. Some of you have to come to the realization that rescue may never come.” He said.

“How can you say that?” asked someone in the crowd.

“I was talking to Cindy earlier today, she said that the plane was having some problems with it’s radio so the pilot turned the plane around and set towards Fiji. We flew in that direction for two hours before the crash. They’re looking for us. But they’re looking for us one thousand miles away from here.” said Jack.

“So what do we do?” Asked someone else.

“Exactly what the man said. We prepare for a lynching.” Said the bald man with a smile. The crowd started to chatter.


Elsewhere out in the jungle we find Cindy hanging from a tree with Ben and the man with gray hair standing underneath. A few others stand look out.

“We’re ruined. Now they know.” Said the gray haired man. Ben stood there thinking for a moment.

“…This is just a set back. I will gain their trust. We will be fine. But for now, I've got to talk to Jacob.” Said Ben.

“If anyone asks. I’m out looking for fresh water. I’ll be back by mid-day.” Said Ben.

Ben walked off into the jungle and the rest of The Others returned to the Survivor camp. The camp was already setting up the noose. Soon the first person would be hanged.

Danny Pickett was Dead he was one of The Others. (Flavor Kill)
Ryan Pryce was Dead he was one of The Others. (Flavor Kill)
Cindy Chandler was Dead she was a Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor. (Flavor Kill)
Scott Jackson was Dead he was a Oceanic Flight 815 Survivor. (Flavor Kill)

It is now DAY 1. With 33 still alive, it’s 17 to Lynch. You have 48 hours to reach a lynch.

Moderator Note: There were no clues or red herrings present in that write-up. You'll either have to bandwagon someone or No Lynch. That is for you to decide. Also I want to let it be known that Jacob is not in this game as we don't know what the fuck he is on the actual show yet. >_>

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