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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Bradley's Saturday Night's Main Event Review

No video package was slightly lame but who needs a video package when you have such awesome storylines but I really would have loved to have seen Punk/Jeff.

JBL didn't sound overly heelish and I would push for an in ring return so Tazz can return as that is a lot more favourable for me, personally, anyway. Was it me or did Matt get owned in the beginning? Never mind, the match progressed very well as Hardy was getting dominated he let rip with a massive momentum shifting move which really helped the match in my opinion. It's PLAYA's boot not Player (I think) The side effect from the cage was a fantastic move and it really showed MVP's desperation to get the hell out of there and I liked that. After that massive superplex the match really picked up and when you said "After 10 seconds" I would have let the section drag on to highlight that but it makes Hardy look strong anyway. Another desperation move from MVP with the low blow but it all ended too quickly from there so it took away from the content but the ending was so cool I'll let it slide but it was a REAL shock to see Matt win but it will be interesting to see MVP chase the title or move up to the World title picture with the winner of the match tonight.

A very emotional promo from Batista here and a lot of strong words used and it looks as if you are going the way of the WWE (although you must have thought of this first)

Fucking hell Vince has gone ever so slightly mental and obviously something seems fishy but please don't go for the abduction storyline as it will be laying it on a little thick.

Trish, in Nigel's thread? More chance of Khali winning a world title or Benoit killing his kid (wait...) I have mixed feelings about this match, don't get me wrong, it was a good match but Trish's reputation has been tarnished by coming back and it seemed liked she was slightly jobbed out but she showed good fighting spirit kicking out of various tough moves. I really can't believe the ending as it was so cool with Beth looking exceedingly strong but it's such a shame Trish didn't win but where can the women's division go from here? It can only go so far but it looks like Beth's reign will end at 'Mania.

Oooh Edge is angry? I knew he would be here but not this intense and he HAS to interfere tonight.

Fuck Abduction! This is all getting rather personal but I still want to see Shane in the ring damnit!

It all started rather suddenly but your writing characteristic is really shining through because the match flowed extremely well with no stop start sentences but it all seemed to build up to spot after spot but I loved seeing their signature moves and it was a very entertaining match to say the least but i can't help thinking Punk/Jeff would have been better. I loved the struggling segment from the Walls of Jericho, very well written but I am not liking (in general) the lionsault not being used as a proper finisher and you made it look weak but the codebreaker is like my 3rd fave move of all time anyway (TKO and Sweet Chin Music after it) Momentum is even after Kennedy attacks him, it all seems very similar to the ending of my Punk/Kennedy match

God the plot is getting thicker is this EastEnders??? I didn't get the "You two and Randy better hope you do" maybe I'm just dumb, explanation needed.

How can this match not be awesome? It definitely was MOTN so far; iffy decision with the sharpshooter as he looked like a heel which I wasn't liking a lot. I loved how Batista was manhandling HBK through some of it but the Sweet Chin Music should only be used once and when HBK went for it it just didn't seem right. LOL at the boos for Batista but the ending was insanely awesome (my 2nd favourite ending in both of your threads) and sorry I forgot to MARK OUT FOR AN HBK TITLE WIN!

I need to get on with my Set Scenes for Much Ado About Nothing (essay tbh) so this will be brief. Fantastic match, the intensity of HHH was extremely evident just a few points: a lot of good uses of moves but I saw something VERY unrealistic with HHH pulling his head back from the punt but the ending was so amazing and the whole storyline in general and JBL attacking was such a shock but Orton seemed to be pushed to the side a bit and the WWE Champion not being the focal point of the match put me off and HHH nearly winning but getting distracted and losing was made for TV in my opinion but it was still a good match.

Overall a very good show and I can't wait for the Rumble judging by this and you have produced one of THE great storylines in the BTB section currently and I will give you a nice big 9.5/10

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