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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 03-20-2008 Convocation Center, Ypsilanti, Michigan

Instead of the usual opening video, we immediately go to General Manager Eric Bischoff’s office, where the GM himself is staring directly into the camera.

Bischoff: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to GWE Dynamite! Tonight, I will do once again, what everybody expects me to do and that’s make the best matches possible. And tonight, I will create the biggest Main Event ever in the history of this program! You see, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Carlito Colon, they are not allowed to lay a hand on each other until their match at Easter Extravaganza. But I’m going to make an exception. They can lay a hand on each other tonight…but only to tag each other in! Because tonight, Carlito and Mysterio will be tag team partners and they will take on…Rob Van Dam, teaming up with…Hulk Hogan!

*Huge pop*

Bischoff: But to keep four combustible elements like that under control, you need more than a GWE referee. Therefore, I have assigned a special guest referee for the main event tonight. And that man will be…ME! Eric Bischoff! Now there’s a match you don’t wanna miss!

The screen fades to black and now the usual opening video plays!


“Welcome to the jungle” blares through the speakers as the camera goes to a sold out Convocation Center in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We see thousands of crazed GWE fans, holding up a variety of signs. The camera then switches to ringside, to Joey Styles and Mike Bucci!

Joey Styles: To all of those that have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, we’re only one week away from Easter Extravaganza, the two hour special edition of Dynamite! and what an edition it will be, THREE championships on the line that night, but of course, that’s in store for us next week, tonight, we’ve got one hell of a main event, just announced by our General Manager. Mike Bucci, what do you think?

Mike Bucci: I think this Dynamite could be the best one ever, Joey, that’s what I think! We’ve got four of the biggest stars in wrestling today, standing in that ring tonight, as opponents and as partners! It’s gonna be one hell of a ride, especially with Bischoff as special referee! Joey, I’m all ready and set to go, let’s do this!

“Bald and Nasty” suddenly hits as Doug and Danny Basham, along with Jillian Hall, come out to a rather big amount of heat. Their heel tactics over the past few weeks have resulted in the majority of the mans hating them and that’s what’s being a heel is all about. The trio step into the ring and Jillian is handed a microphone.

Joey Styles: But what is this? There isn’t any match-up scheduled right now, especially with the Basham Brothers! Why are they out here?

Mike Bucci: Look at Jillian, you moron, she’s taking a microphone. Be quiet and listen to what she has to say and maybe you’ll know what they’re doing here. Jeez.

Jillian Hall: I have just learned that Kid Kash and James Gibson, those two no-good street punks, who think they can mess with our business, are NOT in the arena tonight! Isn’t that great?

*The fans shower Jillian in heat*

Jillian Hall: But they are going to be at Easter Extravaganza next week to battle with my two stallions here for the Global Tag Team Championships. What they don’t realize is that they’re way in over their head in this! They don’t know that my studs, they are the pinnacle of manliness, the summit of brute, manly strength and they are simply the very best tag team in Sports Entertainment!

*Big amount of heat*

Jillian Hall: So as a reminder, my boys here will take on any tag team that has the guts to take them on! Any tag team that thinks they stand a chance against the best team in Wrestling today, can get off their butts in the locker room and fight my two heroes. Because it doesn’t matter who they face, the only thing that matters is that tonight, we will send a powerful message to those two ingrates! Wherever you are, you clowns, watch this match carefully, as this is exactly what you can expect next week!

Jillian throws down the mic and waits for two men, whoever they may be, to come out and challenge the Basham Brothers, who are flexing their muscles, ready to destroy whatever may come at them tonight.

“Wake Up” suddenly hits the P.A. system and it’s Matt Sydal who comes out, accompanied by Scott Taylor! Sydal is looking focused as ever, while Scott does his slightly retarded dancing upon coming down to the ring.

Joey Styles: And look who’s here! It’s arguably one of Dynamite’s fastest rising stars accepting the Basham Brothers’ challenge. And he’ll be helped out by one of GWE’s most experienced stars, Scott Taylor! What a team, Mike?!

Mike Bucci: Why does this have to happen, Joey? Matt Sydal, one of the best up and comers we have, joining a loser like Taylor?! Taylor’s gonna be taking Sydal down in his fall, Joey! I don’t want that! LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN, MATT!

Tag Team Match: The Basham Brothers(w/Jillian Hall) vs. Matt Sydal and Scott Taylor

Summary: A ‘brawl’ type of tag match here, with lots of brawling of course, and the occasional wrestling move thrown in the mix. Taylor and Doug Basham started the bout and Doug quickly took the advantage, overpowering Taylor with every move. Basham took several stiff shots at Taylor, mostly stiff right hands. Taylor was dominated for several minutes due to the Basham Brothers using quick and effective tags. They even dished out some powerful looking tag team moves, including a double side slam and a beautiful looking double leg lariat! Like said before, some wrestling moves were thrown in the mix! Somewhere after four minutes, Taylor finally got some offence in, hitting a few big right hands to Doug Basham’s jaw! Taylor followed up with a huge Superkick as the crowd got behind the man that was once 2 hot! Taylor jumped towards his partner and Sydal was finally in the match! Sydal unloaded on Doug with every variety of kick you could imagine. The crowd got behind Sydal big time as he was on fire, as you can expect from a face wrestler that just got the hot tag. Suddenly, however, Danny got inside the ring and leveled Sydal with a huge clothesline. But all of a sudden, the titantron faded to black and flashed back on, showing a plain living room, with no-one in it. Suddenly, however, two men jumped into screen and those two men were none other than THE INVADERS! The crowd popped, as Doug and Danny Basham looked at the titantron in disbelieve! Jillian almost turns coocoo as she nearly pulls her hair out upon seeing Kash and Gibson on the titantron!

Kash: Hey, hey, what’s with the looks of confusion over there? We’re just here, watching the match from our home and it so happens to be there’s a GWE camera stationed in our house!

Gibson: We can’t help it we’re so popular, can we now?

*Laughter is heard in the stands*

Kash: Well…weren’t you guys going to send us a message?

Gibson: Then do it already! Oh, but ehm, you might wanna look behind ya first…

The screen quickly flashed to black as we switched back to the ring and Scott Taylor and Matt Sydal were up on their feet, stalking Doug and Danny Basham! Jillian was screaming her lungs out and The Basham Brothers finally turned around only to spot Scott Taylor and Matt Sydal storming at them! Scott Taylor nailed Danny Basham with a thunderous Superkick, while Matt Sydal flattened Doug Basham with a feint enzuigiri into a headscissors takedown! The crowd popped as Sydal held onto the leg, pinning Dough Basham for the one, two, three!

Winners(5:12) Matt Sydal and Scott Taylor!

Joey Styles: What an upset! Scott Taylor and Matt Sydal score the unexpected victory here tonight! The Bashams thought they would be sending a message to the Invaders, instead they suffer the unexpected loss here tonight! Again, what an upset!

Mike Bucci: This can’t be tolerated any longer, Joey! Did you see what those two clowns pulled out again tonight? This is an outrage! Kash and Gibson don’t deserve a championship match next week! They deserve to be FIRED!

Joey Styles: Don’t exaggerate, Mike! Doug and Danny wanted to send a message but they clearly underestimated their opponents. The fact The Invaders popped into screen during the match has nothing to do with that. Bottom line, Matt Sydal and Scott Taylor win the match and The Basham Brothers have very little momentum going into their big Title match next week at Easter Extravaganza!

Mike Bucci: And that’s a damn outrage, Joey!

We see Sydal and Taylor walk up the ramp, embracing and celebrating the shock victory. Let us not forget that this is the first time in Dynamite history Taylor hasn’t lost a match! Inside the ring, we see Jillian Hall attending her ‘studs’, looking terribly pissed and furious, as we go to a commercial.


When we return we go to a backstage area, where Steve Romero is standing by!

Steve Romero: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am your interviewer at this time, Steve Romero, and my guest is none other than Rey Mysterio Jr.!

Mysterio steps into screen to a huge pop from the fans.

Steve Romero: Rey, tonight, you’ll be teaming up with the man you’re facing next week for the All-American Championship, Carlito Colon. Going into this match, do you feel like you’ll be able to work together with Carlito tonight?

Rey Mysterio: Well, Steve, I’m sure you and all of the fans in the arena tonight know that I am a professional. I love this business and I love the fans and if I am in a tag team match with someone then I’ll work my ass off to win. Because who that partner is doesn’t matter to me, Steve, all that matters is victory and entertaining the fans! And Carlito, wherever you are, I hope you want victory as well, because like it or not, but you’ll have to work with me as well.

Voice: And that’s what I’ll do!

Suddenly, Carlito Colon cockily steps into screen to a chorus of boos from the fans in the arena. He has an apple in his hand, but is not yet eating it.

Carlito: Of course I’ll work together with you. Do you think I wanna lose my opportunity to end your career next week? Hell no! I’m gonna let you do your thing tonight and not get in your way. But rest assured, compadre, that I won’t let you do your thing next week. Coz tonight, we are partners and I’ll act that way. But next week, we’re opponents and I will take any chance that I get to destroy you and your lousy excuse for a career. And listen carefully, Rey. I don’t care for a championship hanging above our heads. All I care about is ending you and your career? Coz that…is cool!

Carlito, instead of biting the apple, pushes it firmly against Mysterio’s chest, as he exits the area, leaving both Mysterio and Steve Romero behind, confused.

We then go to yet another backstage area, this time to Sean Waltman’s locker room.
Inside we see Waltman pacing around and Ken Doane, Waltman’s newest apprentice, sitting on a chair, lacing his boots.

Sean Waltman: Now, Ken, you got your first match under my wing coming up, man. You ready?

Ken Doane: Yea, I’m ready, man.

Sean Waltman: Now you should know, that Super Crazy, well, he’s crazy!

Ken Doane: He’s super crazy!

Sean Waltman: Yea, whatever, but he’s not all there, Ken, and he could injure you without even realizing it, got me? So we got to have a plan for that insane Mexicano sandwich, aight?

Waltman and Doane get closer, as Waltman places his hand in front of his mouth somewhat, acting like he’s whispering. Doane is listening carefully to the plan, as we switch back to ringside, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are still doing their jobs!

Joey Styles: And welcome back to Dynamite, folks, up next, as you just heard, is Ken Doane versus Super Crazy! And this will be the first time Doane will come out with his newly found mentor, Sean Waltman!

Mike Bucci: The original X-factor, Joey! Waltman will no doubt have a positive influence on young Kenny Doane, starting tonight, when Doane picks up his first ever Dynamite win!

Joey Styles: That remains to be seen, Mike. The match will in fact take place…right now!

“El guerrero nomad” hits and Super Crazy wobbles out to a nice pop from the fans. He slaps hands with some fans at ringside, before sliding into the ring and awaiting his opponent.

“Yo you’re dealing with the X-factor!” The oldschool X-factor theme blares through the speakers as Ken Doane comes out along with his new mentor, Sean Waltman. Doane is wearing purple and black tights, while Waltman is wearing common jeans under a white T-shirt with a big X on it. The duo makes an X-sign in the air, before walking toward the ring to a mixed reaction from the fans. There are still Waltman-fans in the crowd. Doane gets into the ring, while Waltman remains on the outside and the match is about to get underway!

Ken Doane(w/Sean Waltman) vs. Super Crazy

Summary: A slow-paced match-up here, right up Doane’s ally. Super Crazy tried to pick up the pace numerous times, but Doane kept controlling the pace due to some heel tactics every time Super Crazy went into the offence. Doane controlled the opening goings of the match-up without the need to revert to heel tactics, however, keeping Crazy down with a variety of headlocks and the occasional kneedrop to the back of the neck. Doane constantly kept looking at Waltman, almost asking for approval, and Waltman seemed to be cheering Doane on throughout the match. After a while, Crazy finally escaped one of the many headlocks, nailing Doane with a spinning DDT. The crowd got all excited, with some actually believing Crazy stood a chance against Doane. Crazy followed up on the DDT with an attempted standing moonsault, but Doane moved out of the way, quickly rolling Crazy up, but only getting the two count. As Crazy got up, Doane quickly leveled Crazy with a lariat, before locking in a one leg Boston crab. Crazy showed resilience, however, when he wriggled out after about half a minute, grabbing the bottom rope. Doane got cocky and started slapping Crazy flat on the hat, mocking the Mexican Luchadore. Crazy had enough though and stunned Doane with a huge heel kick. Crazy picked Doane up for the follow-up, but Doane hit a thumb to the eye, temporarily blinding Crazy. Doane immediately went to the referee, arguing over something. God knows what though, as Crazy has done absolutely nothing wrong so far in this match. With the referee’s back turned, Waltman suddenly jumped into the ring, behind the back of Super Crazy. Waltman smiled, before turning Crazy around and poking him in the eye! The crowd showered Waltman in heat, as he slid back out of the ring, letting Doane finish the job. Doane suddenly had nothing to add to the Ref anymore and ran at Super Crazy, quick as lightning flattening him with the RK-Doane, the jumping cutter! The crowd roared in disapproval with Doane and Waltman’s actions, as Doane covered Super Crazy for the somewhat stolen victory.

Winner (4:49) Ken Doane (w/Sean Waltman)!

Joey Styles: No! Not this way! Ken Doane wins his first ever match in GWE, but in what way? This is not right, Mike!

Mike Bucci:
Super Crazy is a moron for letting Waltman surprise him like that, Joey! He got it coming to him and he won’t make the same mistake again next time! Or so I hope! Fact of the matter is though, that Doane won this match fair and square, dominating his opponent, and taking advantage of his opponent’s weakness at the end! Good job, Kenny!

Inside the ring we see Ken Doane and Waltman join up and celebrate the victory. Waltman holds Doane’s hand high in the air, to a significant amount of heat from the fans. Waltman is padding Doane’s back as we go to a commercial.


We return to the interview area backstage, where Steve Romero is once again, standing by. He hasn’t been used in the past couple of weeks, but tonight, he’s all over the show!

Steve Romero: And once again, good evening! My guest at this time, he’s our Chairman and our Champion, Hulk Hogan!

Hogan steps into screen to an enormous pop from the crowd! He’s already in his wrestling gear, cause he’s wrestling in the main event in just a few minutes!

Steve Romero: Mister Hogan, in a few moments, you’ll be teaming up with one of your opponents at Easter Extravaganza, Rob Van Dam, in a tag team main event match. But perhaps even more important than teaming up with Van Dam, is your colleague Eric Bischoff being the Special Referee. How will you handle this rather special development?

Hulk Hogan: Well you know somethin’, Steve? I’m not worried one bit about teaming up with Rob Van Dam, brother. Cause Rob, he’s a class athlete. He knows that our match is next week, and tonight’s tonight, brother. And I know that as well, dude, cause I’m a class athlete too, brother. But you know who isn’t? I’ll tell you, dude. Eric Bischoff is not class! Eric Bischoff is a common piece of trash, jack, and a big piece too! But you know something? If he tries any funny stuff tonight, dude, I will personally kicks his ass all over Michigan tonight, brother! *Huge pop* Cause Eric Bischoff, ever since you came to my company, all you tried to do, was embarrass me and take over. But I’m telling you now, jack, you will never take over my company! And you can bring all the goons in the world along with you, dude, but as long as I have the power of all the millions of Hulkamaniacs in me, brother, I will defeat those goons and you! AND WHATCHA GONNA DO BROTHER, WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?!

Hulk Hogan seems to be leaving the area, but suddenly stops and as the camera zooms out, we see that Rob Van Dam has entered the scene. The crowd pops as Van Dam looks more focused than ever.

RVD: Hey, dude, listen. You said you were a class athlete and I believe you, man. And I wanna reassure you that I am as well and I will do whatever it takes to win tonight. Tonight, we’re not opponents, dude, we’re partners!

RVD reaches out his hand to Hogan and Hogan shakes it! The crowd pops as both of them walk out of screen and we cut to a video package.

**Video Package**

We see nothing but black, with thunderbolts flashing through it several times.

Parts of Mark Jindrak’s body then flash the screen. His 8-pack, his massive chest, his flexed biceps, thick quad,…

In the back, we can hear a sinister voice, clearly the voice of Priest Parisi!

Parisi: THE TIME IS NOW! In one week, He will finally be amongst the common folk. In just seven short days, our Lord and Savior will walk onto the battleground and smite anyone that even suggests of walking in His way! Those who have prayed will finally be able to feast their eyes on His god-like strength, his superhuman speed and above all, his divine appearance! But those who have laughed at The Divine One, will only now learn what grueling punishment He can lay down on them. Fear not if you have prayed, pray if you have not feared!

We see Priest Parisi appear through a thick cloud of smoke, with a significantly larger Mark Jindrak standing right behind him. Parisi and Jindrak are both smiling profusely, before Parisi turns all serious again, addressing us one final time.

Parisi: In seven days, the day of judgment is finally upon us. Prepare for the coming of… “The Divine One” Mark Jindrak!

Smoke fills the screen as it fades to black and the following text flashes the screen:

“The Divine One” Mark Jindrak is coming to Dynamite! Next week!

**Video Package**
We switch back to the arena, where Joey Styles and Mike Bucci are still standing by.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, you are still watching Dynamite and right now it is time for our Main Event. A Main Event which will be highly intense, highly explosive and highly interesting!

Mike Bucci:
Interesting’s the word, Joey! You’ve got two teams that are nothing but combustible elements and above that, controlling those elements you’ve got the General Manager of Dynamite as special referee! This will be one hell of a match, Joey, mark my words!

“I spit in the face of people who don’t want to be cool” Carlito struts down the ramp, looking cocky as ever, being showered in heat. He doesn’t care though and slowly continues his quest for the ring. He gets into the ring and awaits his unlikely partner for tonight.

“Back to the 619” hits the P.A. system as Rey Mysterio Jr. comes shooting through the stage to a large pop from the crowd! He walks down to the ring, not forgetting the fans at ringside, as he slaps hands with a few of them, before getting into the ring.

“Walk” hits as Rob Van Dam comes out to an enormous pop from the fans! He does his patented R V D taunt, before walking toward the ring, eating the fans’ reaction up. He doesn’t get in the ring, however, but instead awaits his tag team partner for tonight.

“American Made(WCW theme)” blares through the speakers as the champion, the chairman, THE HULKSTER, Hulk Hogan, steps out to a THUNDEROUS ovation from the crowd! He walks out in his traditional red and yellow attire, posing for the fans and taunting his opponents. He joins up with RVD and both of them shake hands, before getting into the ring. And now, there’s only one piece missing from the puzzle…

“I’m back” hits the P.A. system and it’s General Manager/Co-owner Eric Bischoff, dressed in a traditional black and white referee outfit, strutting out the entrance way to a large amount of heat. He has a smile all over his face and no signs indicate at this moment he’s gonna call a fair match. He keeps pointing at his referee’s badge though, almost trying to say, “I’m gonna call it down the middle here.” He gets into the ring and shows each team to its corner, before calling for the bell, just like a real referee!

Main Event: Carlito Colon and Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Rob Van Dam and Hulk Hogan (Eric Bischoff special referee)

Summary: A match for the ages? That would be exaggerated, but it sucked the fans in nonetheless. It was Hogan and Carlito who started things out, with Hogan in control in the early goings. Hogan started his usual slugfest on Carlito, hitting with a dozen of right hands to the jaw. He connects with some clotheslines and even a trifecta of elbow drops, before tagging in RVD to a big pop! RVD kept having control over Carlito, who was struggling. Carlito got back in the match eventually though, using some dirty tactics and finally tagged Mysterio in. RVD tagged Hogan in at the same time though and the two commenced in an all-out brawl. Hogan got the upperhand quickly, nailing Mysterio with a back suplex. But when he went for the cover, BISCHOFF WAS’T COUNTING! Instead, Bischoff was laughing his ass off! Hogan was fuming, as was every fan in the building, and Hogan nearly assaulted Bischoff, but he managed to keep control, when suddenly, Mysterio rolled him up and now Bischoff DID count! Hogan powered out though and the match was once again underway. Mysterio got the upperhand, connecting with some of his well known high flying moves, and to everyone’s surprise, Hogan sold them well! When Mysterio went for a hurricanrana after a minute or five, Hogan overpowered him and nailed him with a huge powerbomb. When Hogan pinned, Mysterio, however, ERIC BISCHOFF AGAIN DIDN’T COUNT! He was just standing there, smiling, before waving towards the entrance way, almost signaling for someone to come down to the ring. And just as Hogan went to confront Bischoff, MATT “THE TRAIN” BLOOM CAME WALKING DOWN THE ENTRANCE RAMP! The fans were mad with rage as Bloom climbed into the ring and stepped in front of Bischoff, almost forming a barrier! Hogan looked away briefly, before unleashing at Bloom! The crowd erupted as Hogan lunged away at Bloom with massive right hands! Bloom quickly evened the odds though, slugging away at Hogan with rights of his own! The other three wrestlers involved in the match were just watching on in awe, as this brawl went way beyond title matches at next week’s Easter Extravaganza. Bloom looked to be getting the upperhand, as Bischoff was smiling, but suddenly, Hogan leveled Bloom with a clothesline, before nailing the atomic legdrop! Their was an enormous pop, as Hogan, picked Bloom back up and tossed him over the top rope and to the outside, now looking at Bischoff, who’s facial expression had changed from happy to terrified! He was holding up his hands, saying “please, Hulk, don’t hurt me, let us talk things out!”. Hogan wanted nothing of it, however, and grabbed Bischoff by the referee’s shirt! The crowd erupted as Hogan whipped him into the ropes and nailed him with a big boot, before picking him back up and tossing him out the ring as well!

The roof was blown off after this sequence, but once Hogan turned his attention back to the match, there was Mysterio, who flattened Hogan with a lightning quick wheel kick. Just then, a fresh referee came running to the ring! Yes we still had a match! Mysterio pinned Hogan, but immediately, Hogan threw Mysterio three feet in the air and jumped up, like only Hogan can! Mysterio quickly tagged in Carlito, even though Carlito didn’t want this! Carlito started arguing with Mysterio, while Hogan was HULKING UP, pacing around the ring! But while he was doing this, RVD tagged himself in, without Hogan knowing it! Carlito finally ran at Hogan, but Hogan immediately flattened him with a big boot! As he was going for the Atomic Legdrop, however, RVD ran into the ring, turned Hogan around AND NAILED HIM WITH A SWIFT BUT FIRM KICK TO THE HEAD! Hogan was down and out, as RVD jumped up onto the turnbuckle and flew through the air, before connecting with THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! The crowd didn’t know what to think, as RVD flattened Hogan first, which wasn’t the nicest of acts! RVD pinned Carlito, while Mysterio seemed to hesitate to come to Carlito’s aid. When he did come to his aid, however, it was far too late, as the ref counted the three and RVD had won the match for his team!

Winners(9:02) Rob Van Dam and Hulk Hogan!

Joey Styles: What the hell just went down here? Total chaos as this match comes to an end, Mike, and it is RVD who is the man standing tall!

Mike Bucci: Eric Bischoff, KO, Matt Bloom, KO, Hulk Hogan, KO! This was insane, Joey, just as we all predicted! RVD took out Hogan and is looking strong going into his big title match next week! He might pull it off, Joey, he might do it! Look at him, he’s got all the momentum of the world now, after defeating not only his adversaries tonight, but also his partner!

Joey Styles: And with that, ladies and gentlemen, this episode of Dynamite comes to a close. And don’t forget, next week, the two hour spectacular, Easter Extravaganza, on the ESPN network! For Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles, good night!

We see Rob Van Dam raising his hands above a fallen Hulk Hogan, while all the rest are gone from ringside at this point. RVD motions that he’ll be the champion as the screen fades out and the show comes to a close.
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