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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SNME Review

Matt Hardy vs. MVP: Cage match
An entertaining match to start off the show and for the most part it seemed pretty realistic, (the real WWE probably wouldn’t do the superplex off the cage spot, but who cares, I’d imagine both men would be able to take the bump). I did feel there where a few awkward points in the flow, example being Matt whipping MVP into the ropes, only to kick him as he returns and give him a Russian leg sweep… why whip him into the ropes for that? Or Matt dodging MVP’s punch, then kicking him and delivering the side effect, when he could have just hooked him up for it after ducking the punch. But these are just nit pickings really. Overall I thought it was a good, believable match to kick things off, with a surprise result as well, since I was sure MVP was going to win it.

Batista promo
Decent short promo, that got all the points across that it needed to. You missed a few words out and there was a bit of annoying repetition but that’s really all I could find to complain about. I did find the subject matter interesting though. Normally in a situation like this, the wrestler who was accidentally attacked would probably attack back and not think twice about it. So it was interesting to see that Batista acknowledged his mistake.

Triple H, Vince, Steph promo
Hmm interesting to see that you’re portraying Triple H and Steph’s relationship on screen (instead of just the smark jokes in real life). Everyone seemed to be in character during the promo, and I have a feeling the whole pregnancy situation could lead to something big.

Beth Phoenix vs. Trish Stratus
This was an interesting combination, and a pretty decent match as well (better then most WWE women’s matches anyway). All the momentum shifts and near falls made it exciting, however there where times when some counters seemed a bit messy (cradle suplex into a bulldog) and some moves weren’t sold well (Trish’s bulldog… Trish getting right back up to his the chick kick after being thrown to the mat). Still though there where some tense near falls (such as Trish putting her foot on the rope after the BVD) and overall it was another enjoyable match. Huge win for Beth though, especially since it was a clean victory. Good booking in my view, since she’ll probably be the future of the division.

Edge promo
Wasn’t too keen on this, as it sounded a bit too generic for Edge at times. I’m guessing this means Edge is going to have some impact on the World Heavyweight title match.

2nd Triple H, Steph promo
I hate to say it, but Triple H’s opening comments made me cringe, just can’t see him talking about “dream worlds" and such. Plus why is he so happy about Vince helping them with the new child when only a few minutes ago he didn’t want him being left alone with Aurora? Though Vince leaving with Aurora was interesting enough, looking forward to seeing where this goes. But I can imagine Vince’s reasoning being totally innocent, and this just being a way to build more friction between him and HHH.

Chris Jericho vs. Mr Kennedy
Another good match, which in my view made both men look strong. Glad to see you got all of their signature moves in. I was a bit surprised at first to see Jericho not go for the lionsault after the bulldog, but I like that you’re not being restricted to the standard combos. Though after Jericho got his knees up for the Kenton bomb, you said Kennedy landed chest first onto them. I think you meant to say back . Also Kennedy kicked Y2J in the gut to set him up for the mic check, when he could have easily hit it after ducking the punch. But besides from those minor, minor things, it was a soild match.

Triple H, Steph, Shane promo
Another decent promo, although a few things seemed a bit off… “ I said all along your dad was a sick son of a bitch, I just can’t believe you fell for it”. I think you just mis-worded that, but HHH just said that they fell for his claims about Vince being a sick SOB. Also I don’t really see Shane and Steph being concerned about Orton like they where in the end (unless there’s something I’m not aware of… haven’t read a lot of this thread).

Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
This was a really exciting and unpredictable match. The result was shocking, as I was 100% sure that Edge was going to cost HBK the title. Great twist to it. Still had a few problems with the match though. I thought the crowd’s reactions where a bit weird, at some points you said it was 50-50, then Batista was getting the most heat of the night, which was confusing. What made it more confusing was that HBK was cheating with eye rakes and low blows. Ok so just because someone’s a face doesn’t mean they have to play by the rules all the time, but I didn’t think there was any need for you to have HBK to do so in this particular match. But anyway besides from that, this was the most exciting match so far.

Triple H vs. Randy Orton
I liked the promo before the match got underway. It could have been a little bit longer, but it got the job done . I thought the start of the match was a bit dull (well, the start of the ending I guess). But it was all very realistic… and you get extra marks for having Orton use the overdrive . There where some great near falls, especially after the first RKO. I really thought Randy had won it, and was about to rant about the poor finish, how there weren’t any pedigree attempts etc. Once I realised what had happened, I was hooked until the end… in fact I was so hooked, that I pretty much forgot about Vince and Aurora. I thought the finish was done well, and JBL’s appearance was a surprise… I’m looking forward to finding out if he really is Vince’s son.

I really enjoyed this show. The match write ups where very entertaining, as were the bits of storylines that I grasped from this show (the Aurora one was the most unique and interesting though). There weren’t any significant or stand-out promos, but they all got the job done. In the end it was a pretty unpredictable and exciting show. I’ll defiantly try to read more of your work .
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