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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

SNME Review

Great way to start the show by starting off with the cage match, as it starts the show off on a bang. Was pretty sure Hardy would get the win because in the ending of the match it was pretty much all MVP offence. Very well written match and the suplex off the cage spot was done very well. Very enjoyable ending with the reversal of finishers leading to Hardy getting the win. Expect Hardy to stay with the title for a couple of months now, and hopefully you give a big push to MVP.

Pretty lame Batista promo, much better when is a big nasty badass. But still was in character and resembled Batistaís promos in current day WWE. Expect his title reign to come to an end.

Very enjoyable promo, despite maybe lasting a bit too long. Steph pregnant angle? As long as you donít turn it out to be a wacky current day WWE angle like Vince being the father lol. Am expecting Vince to turn into his normal self any time soon, as I canít see him staying as a face for long.

Beth/Trish would make a very good womenís match IRL, and in this thread it looked to be a very enjoyable contest. You made Trish look very resilient with all the times she was kicking out, but there was no chance she was going to beat Beth so finish was not surprising. It will interesting to see if you keep Trish around in this thread, or If you just used her for that match.

Short but solid Edge promo, and I expect him to help HBK to win the title.

LMAO Vince is a baby robber! Very interesting turn of events and looks like the face turn for Vince is over quicker than I thought.

I enjoyed this match, again likes the previous matches was very well written. Was very back and forth on who I thought would win, but glad that Jericho got the victory and hopefully this builds onto a push for him from here. Aftermath keeps Kennedy looking reasonably strong by getting his revenge for the loss.

Another McMahon segment which isnít so good, as I get tired from too many McMahon promos in a show. Look forward to the Orton/HHH match as I expect Vince to get involved in that match.

HBK takes the title as expected. Great booking for this match as you kept both men looking strong, with Edge costing Batista the match. Finish reminded me a lot of the finish from the WWF Title match at Summerslam 1997 where HBK accidentally hit Taker with the steel chair leading to Bret Hart getting the title. Finish makes it look like Edge and Batista will be feuding into 2008, and it will be interesting to see what challengers you have for HBK. Book HBK v MVP please

Here is the main event. Good bit before the match with some good heelish stuff by Orton trying to dodge the match only to get attacked. This was definitely match of the night and the ending surprised me a lot with JBL coming down and attacking Triple H which means that he must be the son. JBL is a good choice for Vinceís son as they are both very similar. Looks like JBL v HHH is going to be booked for Wrestlemania which should lead to a very entertaining feud.

Overall was a very solid show, only thing I wasnít so keen on was the show seemed very much based around the McMahon saga seeing as most of the promos were dedicated to it. However the matches were very well written and again was a very strong show.
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