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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Thanks guys for those reviews, they are very much appreciated and i will get round to returning them for your next shows as i have two days worth of full on college work, starting tonight and then again next week when i will be flat out until Thursday

I just want to comment on the Vince taking Aurora storyline from SNME, i could see it was too much that night and kind of took over the show, i just wanted it to end the show and the year with the bang it deserved. And to clarify, there will be no Raw and Smackdown for roughly two weeks (BTB time) as SNME was the last show of the year (22nd) and i have decided to be generous and give them all a nice christmas break - How lovely of me! The next show will be 4th January Smackdown episode where the Royal Rumble build up starts

However, i wrote this sit down interview while i was bored at college last week. Until the next Smackdown preview, this is the last piece for over a week or so

It appears from Saturday Night’s Main Event that JBL has been revealed as Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, is that the case?
Without saying too much, it seems to be that way from went down at the weekend. But then again, there have been so many twists and turns along the way that there maybe another couple coming around the corner. That is something you can put money on. As for JBL though, he has been itching to get back in the ring since he was cleared to compete a few months ago, and we found an opportunity to bring him back in. JBL is great asset to the company and will be given the chance to shine on his return in the New Year whether he is Vince’s son or not.

CM Punk’s heel turn has gone down very well, however the current storyline with Jeff Hardy has been pushing boundaries lately. Do you think you have gone too far at times?
We talk a lot, and he is very happy with being allowed to push boundaries, but we obviously have limits. Of course the two individuals in the crowd who were involved in the promo on Raw last time out were plants. We wouldn’t allow any of our superstars to insult or intimidate any member of the audience, children in particular. We discussed that angle beforehand and agreed to go ahead with it, some will say rightly and some will disagree. In this day and age, people see worse on TV and just because this is wrestling, it is highlighted more. Punk didn’t go too far and we think it was at a reasonable level.

Is there an update on the condition of John Cena?
Yes there is. He has been doing very well in his rehabilitation, but no return date has been given by the medical team yet. There is an indication that he will be back earlier than was originally expected.

What about other injured stars like Kane, Gregory Helms and Victoria?
I think you will have seen from the last episode of Smackdown that Kane will be making his return soon and you will find out more about that very soon. Of course Kane wasn’t actually injured, he was just removed from television in preparation for being repackaged.

Victoria wasn’t injured either, it was sold well on TV and she will be returning in the New Year. Gregory Helms is doing some work in the gym, but nothing too strenuous as we all know it was a serious injury that he suffered and no chances can be taken. When they come back, they will all be valuable assets to the roster.

Have the Royal Rumble plans been finalised?
Yes, so has Wrestlemania. Some of the match outcomes for Wrestlemania have not been decided, but 9 matches are set. Those plans can change and often do with injuries, but also with rapid development that we can’t ignore them. But the Royal Rumble is all set, number of entry, eliminations and match outcomes too.

Kenny Dykstra has been receiving quite a push as of late and has been showing signs of becoming a very strong heel superstar. What plans do you have for him?
He has great in ring ability and is being given the chance now to show that in the cruiserweight division. It is a big chance for him to develop and for us to see how far he can go. So far, he is progressing very well and we are extremely pleased with him.

Is there a draft going to be taking place this year?
I think it’s safe to say that there will be, we just don’t know when. The open house rules where any superstar can switch brand has worked well over the last couple of months and also gives the shock element. That will continue as well, but it would be unusual for a draft not to take place.

Chris Harris and Ron Killings have officially signed with the WWE, we’ve seen promotional videos for Harris. When will they debut?
Very soon is the answer. They both have worked dark matches and house shows, and are good to go.

It was rumoured to be the case that The Big Show was not returning after discussions a while back. Was there any truth to that?
There were talks and there was a lot of incorrect speculation. We have planned up to Wrestlemania and there is no room for The Big Show, so it would be inappropriate to bring him in now. We have a strong card for Wrestlemania and are happy with it as it stands right now. Paul has said he will be looking to come back after that, and we will always be interested in bringing him back in if the deal is right.

Plenty of new stars have been coming in from developmental territories recently. Will any more new faces be coming in from there or other organisations soon?
We always look at free agents when they become available. We have looked at the option of bringing in Raven, but no more than that. There will be a familiar face returning very soon as part of a storyline that is unfolding at the moment. As for developmental stars, I think we have brought up a lot recently, so there might just be the odd one or two who will be called up to the main roster.

There are rumours going around the tag team division possibly breaking up or being split. Can you confirm these rumours?
We have seen a drop in the number of very good strong tag teams coming along over the last five years in comparison to the years before. There have been some good teams obviously, but it has been on a decline in recent years. You won’t see tag team wrestling disappear from the WWE as we take the division seriously and will continue to promote the division on TV, whether it is on just one brand instead of two. At the moment, we still plan on having two sets of champions across both brands.

Are there any superstars that are seriously impressing you and are in line for a push in 2008?
CM Punk has really impressed everyone backstage, since turning heel. He seems to be enjoying his work more and has more creative input, taking his character to a new level.

Kenny Dykstra is another who has really impressed, as has Matt Hardy. Other names stick out, guys like MVP and Shelton Benjamin, but it would be unfair to say that they are going to be pushed to the moon, when that is simply not the case.

Over and out. That was just an online piece to explain a few things and get inside my mind a little bit

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