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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Bradley's Dynamite Review

A good introduction from the commentators for what looks like being a 'cool' show.

Carlito is the right man to start things off as it looks like he has a hot feud going on with Mysterio. The name is a bit of a mouthful but it will suffice because it fits in well with the character. Carlito's dialect was well written here and with good cause but I am not a big fan of using And to start a sentence. Great line about 'we'll be skipping that part.' Either that was very tongue in cheek and a swipe at the WWE or you were ridiculing Mysterio, I'll take the latter for now. Mysterio is not so great on the mic and it sounded rather forced the dialogue but at least he didn't speak for long and this is the first time I have seen Mysterio been called a has-been but it will lead to a great feud as Carlito looks to become the next legend killer and you can build him up just like Orton. I thought it was 'action' rather than 'deeds' but I guess that's OK but my major gripe would have to be that Carlito's debut show, hyped up to the brim was rather short, sure it's a one hour show and you can't help that but a few more lines would have been great. The new championship was a great swerve and a perfect opportunity for you to start building that division but neither of these guys are actually fully American and the name suggests to me that Kurt Angle may return soon.

You were right on the money here with RVD and he sounded like a perfect drugged up superstar with the constant use of 'dude' . A very emotional promo from RVD, I think he repeated the whole Dam Show (it's Dam instead of Damn btw, a play on the word damn) a little too much as he should only say it once to get a reaction but it was a good enough promo to get us pumped for the main event.

A very good contest next, as you stated but it was very interesting to see Kash here. Also you NEED to push Kidman to the moon. I would have thought Doug would have been keeping an eye on Danny rather than Kash but Kash had to come in to the equation sooner rather than later. The Bashams are having a great push but nice to see Noble (Gibson) help his tag partner but I feel the Bashams are going to get the rub because they have had more air time and have more depth to their character.

Bischoff seems very personal about Hogan and it seems you are building up for Bloom/Hogan as a predeccesor to Hogan/Andre and it could get very interesting. Bischoff saying midgets doesn't sound right to me but that's OK. I wonder who the midgets are? I also don't think Hogan will come out. Oh shit, you just squashed the Mexicools! Bad move as they have real talent and could become a permanent fixture in either your tag title division or battling over the (non) ALL-AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP. At least Hogan did come out but he seemed scared, something Hogan shouldn't be. Maybe his age is catching up to him? Loved the comment about Bloom's back hair, that is making me retch right now! I don't think Bischoff would have the strength to push Hogan fully as he is a well built man still and Bischoff has always been built up as a scrawny guy. Bloom looks perfectly strong now so good move.

Question: Who is Parisi? Anyways, nice to see Jindrak get at least some hype as he always was an underrated talent in my eyes and could have been used better while in the WWF in his short stint. (In fact I think I am thinking of the wrong guy, I think)

A very good match here which showcased your match writing skills and how well you can tell a story. I didn't like the fact that RVD got too cocky but I loved the fact that Big Show seemed to be dominating, he is still built up very well despite that loss and it looks like he will feud with Jindrak.

A very good show, you have built some fantastic foundations to build upon and this can only get better for you but I really hope you add one more match to the Easter card, hopefully Jindrak vs. Show or something.

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