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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alcoholics (Very Late) Dynamite Review

Well first of all I’d like to apologise for how late this is. Should have been up last night but I totally forgot I had to be up early so I went to bed a bit earlier than I had planned. Anyway here is the greatness that is my review, hope you like.

The style in which your shows are formatted makes for an easy read and that’s the way I like it. You did a very good job opening the show with the usual commentator hype. Tonight’s show does look rather sexual, and I’m extremely looking forward to the Road To The Gold finals tonight. I can’t pick a clear winner because both have been built up to look strong which if I’m being honest is tremendous booking. Well done!

So we start things off properly with the new talk show. It’s good that you changed the name. It really helps your company too adding a talk show, and like your commentators said, the show gets better and better each week, and it’s deffinetly turning into something ‘big’ Carlito was in good character from the get go. I liked the part where he refused to go through his guests acomplishments, that was top notch heel stuff. I could work out that a brawl would take place between the pair tonight and you did it perfectly. Bischoff coming out only added to the excitement. Nice announcement for the new championship, and I’m extremely stoked for the ladder match, that is going to be a match of the night contemder for sure man. Overall, a very nice opening segment kicking thins off for a great show. Easter Extravaganza (love the name) is shaping up nicely.

Van Dam seemed very to the point. I was just thinking and I thought maybe it will be Van Dam who goes into the main event of Easter Extravaganaza, because with the Train already in, it wouldn’t make sense to have another giant in, but now I’m back to having no clue, maybe Van Dam is over confident, ah hell I don;tt know and the suspense is killing me

Nice way to get the action side of things underway with a great match between Danny and Kidman. The no contest was a nice way to go as it keeps everyone looking strong going into the tag team title match. The beatdown afterwards was easy to see coming, but it was particularly good hype for the match at Easter Extravaganza.

The result for this secind match of thenight was never going to be hard to figure out. Train had to win to give jim so credebility heading into Easter Extravaganza. Good to use the Mexicools because I’m a really big fan of them, and it’s refreshing ro se them being used, allbeit of it is as jobber. At least it gets them on the card though. Doube E, that was a nice and different way of saying Easter Extravaganza The aftermath was very nicely done. I could picture it perfectly because you described it so well. I loved the bit about beer flying over the barricade, that was a nice touch, and just like you mentioned, Bischogg was again one step ahead. I’m now rooting for Hogan to win the match now. I have to say, I think the tournament (RTTG) could have happened at a different time in the BTB, the ‘Double E’ main event would have meant more with just Hogan vs. Bloom. That’s just my two cents though.

Again you put so much effort and detail into your video packages and they are always a joy to read. I’m a fan for Mark Jindrak too so I can’t wait for him to debut. I wonder how you’ll use him. Hopefully in a good way

The main event was a gem to read btw. I liked how you gace it the biggest recap of the night, that made is seem more important than all the others, which of course it was. I really couldn’t pick a clear winner in this match as you know, so that’s why it was so enjoybale to read. Good back to back actiom and OMGZ huge win for Rob Van Dam taking him into the title match at EE. I loved also how you just booked Vam Dam to celebrate instead of having another brawl, this made the victory seem more special more than anything.

Overall another bloody good episode, are you ever going to produce a bad show? The build continued to Easter Extravaganza and it really is looking to be a brilliant show. I can expect to see some more matches announced next week, and then finally it’s here. I’ve been looking forward to EE for a while now man and I know you wont dissapoint. Brilliant show again and I’m now looking forward to next week.

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