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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the review PatMan, it's greatly appreciated as always. I'm sure there will be more to come, *hopefully*, but for now, I'll just answer a couple of queries, and let anyone interested know the schedule in this thread for the next little while...

First off, I'm useless with using multi quotes, so I'll just answer the queries instead .

- For now, I'm just going to keep the Little Bastard as the Little Bastard. At some point though, I might start to refer to him as Hornswoggle. Personally though, I always kinda preferred the Little Bastard.

- Bare with me on the Angle situation. It probably looks like he's just getting jobbed out of the company, but the angle (no pun) is heading somewhere, eventually.

- TBH, I'm going out on a limb here, and possibly giving something away, but the push of Garrison Cade is probably over, at least in terms of feuding with main eventers for now. I just didnt get what I wanted out of his push, so it's over for now.

- I'm sure you'll not be the only one to question Mark Henry lasting longer than Benjamin against The Game. Reason for that though is down to Shelton wearing The Game out, which led to Henry being able to dominate for a long period. And also, yes, my Triple H - McMahon angle will be very different to real life. It might'nt seem that way immediately, but again, bear with me .

- Yeah, that was my mistake, should've been Foleys name and not Lawler. I'll get to editing that in a little minute .

- Hopefully, I will make the whole Foley angle clear, but I must warn you, it's a bit of a weird angle, probably the most 'out there' I've done, but I think it should end up with a thumbs up. Expect a couple of twists along the way, and again, bear with me :P

- Yep, as embarrassing as it is for me to admit, Chris Jericho WAS World Champion in this thread in 2004. I really feel silly about forgetting that, so, looks like I've got more editing to do, lol. At a stretch I could always just say he's referencing to holding the actual WWE Championship, if I'm trying to look less stupid . Thanks for pointing that out though - impressive memory.

- From here, yes, the period between SummerSlam and Armageddon will be recapped, much like NatureBoy and FD recapped their threads. However, this wont be happening until mid-April, and the recaps should run through to mid-May, and then in June, I'll do the full (well, SD will be recapped I'm afraid) build up to Royal Rumble, and the Rumble PPV itself, before starting the Road to WM later in the year.

I'll probably go missing for a week or two shortly to try and get things written up, but I will be back .

As for posting the roster, I'd rather wait until the recaps are done and dusted, because there are still a couple of changes etc to come, and I've got the roster set out a little differently with a little backstory into each superstar from 04-06. But yes, the roster will eventually be posted.

I'll answer any more questions in a few days / a week, according to how many reviews there are, if any

Thanks Patman, hope I've answered anything you needed for now
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