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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by The Imperfect View Post
EXODUS Alliance of Wrestling
Just When You Thought It Was Safe
6 people in attendance
April 2007
  • Shawn Stylez comes to the ring and informs the audience what the EXODUS Alliance of Wrestling is all about. Stylez says it is a newly formed wrestling alliance that was created for wrestling superstars such as the ones the fans are too see later in the night to strut their stuff, for other promotions will not give them the opportunity to do so.
  • After Stylez leaves the ring to a lame applause, out comes Cigam the Magnificent, pushing a giant box on wheels along the way. Dressed as a magician, he tells everyone that if they came to see a show, they were going to get one, and announced he was going to create a new tag team partner out of nothing with the box and a magic wand. After a few waves and twirls, and the good ole' "KAZAAM!", the box opened, and out came a green monster much like The Amazon from the NES game Pro Wrestling! He stared at Cigam, but then attacked and a match began.
  • After a hard fought hardcore match by both men, The Amazon, being much more stronger and larger than Cigam the Magnificent, defeated his creator with a chair followed by a quick brainbuster to finish it off.
  • Up next, Christian Starr comes down to the ring, and announces that everyone should check out his new movie, The Verge, apparently opening soon in theatres near them. He says he has come to EXODUS to promote his upcoming acting career and to make his name known to everyone throughout the world; and the first thing on his list would be to win the EXODUS Super Galactic Championship.
  • Another match would follow the promo by Starr, and first it would be Vincent Van Burger, a fat artist, who came to the ring carrying a paint pallet and empty canvas. He set all of it up, and waited for his opponent. It would end up being Super Fire Pro Wrestler Premium X, and he wasn't in the mood to pose for Van Burger, who requested he would. SFPWPX caught the artist off guard with a clothesline, and dominated the match from then on, winning it with a Burning Hammer. But after the match, Van Burger got his revenge, hitting the Japanese wrestler with his own finisher, the Masterpiece.
  • A tag team came out next, as Chris Ewing was accompanied to the ring by his brother, James Ewing. They both announced that they were taking a break from Georgetown basketball, and were going to avenge their father Patrick Ewing, by winning the tag team belts as opposed to winning the NBA Championship. They were going to find a tag team soon enough, but for now they were going to showcase their talent with Chris taking on someone in an open challenge singles match.
  • That someone turned out to be El Luchadore, a generic Mexican luchadore who came to the ring with no emotion. They both put on a show, as Chris would end up defeating his Mexican opponent, with his finisher, That's Wet. After the match, Chris offered a handshake, but El Luchadore wasn't too happy he lost to a basketball star that had hardly any wrestling experience, and refused his offer.
  • Finally, the main event came around, as Shawn Stylez would face Christian Starr in a singles match for the EXODUS Super Galactic Championship. It was a well and tough fought battle between the two seemingly in the making rivals. But Christian's movie making star power was not enough to overcome the supreme wrestling ability of Shawn Stylez. Stylez won it with a devastating Stylizer, and Christian Starr wasn't too happy that he did not walk about champion, as he was going nuts after the match.
Overall Rating: 37%

Chris Ewing: 0% > 4%
Christian Starr: 22% > 24%
Cigam the Magnificent: 2% > 7%
El Luchador: 6% > 10%
James Ewing: 1% > 2%
Super Fire Pro Wrestler Premium X: 1% > 3%
Shawn Stylez: 3% > 7%
The Amazon: 5% > 8%
Vincent Van Burger: 7% > 9%

Tag Teams
Ewing Brothers (Chris & James Ewing)

EXODUS Super Galactic Champion: Shawn Stylez
EXODUS Tag Team Champions of Doom: Vacant

Company Information
EXODUS Alliance of Wrestling
Public Image: 0% > 2%
Money: $0 > $26,920
Sponsors: Local Nightclub, Hawaiian Tropic, Local Hotel, Local Bar
I saw this at EWB, and it is good. BTW, I'm Alex, I PMed you a few days ago, asking if you were The Imperfect.
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