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Re: Being The Booker

SummerSlam Review

Sunday Night Heat looked decent as it did its job by hyping the event and the Hell in a Cell should be awesome. Thought the Heat main event would have been better than the tag match but what else could you have done? Awesome opening video package and it was great because it only focused on Cena vs. Orton. I loved the clips from old HIAC matches spliced in and I seriously can’t wait for this match, best build feud in BTB history.

Great way to kick off the PPV with probably the four best mid-card wrestlers on Raw fighting it out for the IC title. My pick in this is Kennedy because he has been on a roll since winning KOTR and I don’t know how long Finlay’s reign will last. I loved the fast-paced action to start the match and it was good seeing Dinsmore dominate during the middle of the match, you have really made him into a true superstar since WM22. Finlay comes back and then Kennedy and Carlito have a nice exchange, as I can see these two feuding in the future. Kennedy almost has the match won on a few occasions but he misses the Kenton Bomb and then the little bastard (is he ever going to be named Hornswoggle?) pulls him out of the ring. Classic Finlay win in the end as he uses the shillalegh and I was glad to see Dinsmore take the fall as he will probably move away from the IC title and either Kennedy or Carlito will start a feud with the Irishman. Great match overall and I wonder where Finlay will fit in at the next PPV, Cyber Sunday. ***1/2

Different type of Shawn Michaels interview here as he first talks about the HIAC match and says how much carnage it will cause. Surprised we didn’t see a heated HBK promo about Garrison Cade but I understand why he is so focused on the match, because the feud comes to an end here tonight.

Surprised to see this match so early on the card but I can’t complain. WOW Kurt almost walks out of the match but Batista is able to bait him back into the ring.l I loved the way that Angle was portrayed in this match as he was able to dominate The Animal for a short period of time, showing why he is still one of the best on Smackdown. Angle uses the ringside area to his advantage as he is able to continue his dominance and I am starting to think Angle may actually beat Batista tonight. Batista barley got much offense in and then he nails the spinebuster so quickly after escaping the Ankle Lock? I thought Angle would counter out of the Batista Bomb for sure but he didn’t and Batista was able to beat one of the best in under nine minutes. The post-match attack by Angle means the feud isn’t over but I am still wondering where this leaves Angle. He could be on the way out with the way he is losing so much but I really hope he stays; he has been awesome in this thread. Good match, but nothing spectacular. **1/2

This was another beautifully built feud and it is classic teacher vs. student, with the student coming out on top in the past. Shawn Michaels could take a loss but I don’t think he will because Cade just isn’t at that level yet, to beat Shawn Michaels on his own. Awesome to see ‘No Holds Barred’ come into play early and HBK has the advantage after the back body drop of Cade onto the steel ramp. Cade is able to withstand the early offense as he comes back with a burst of offense and even moves out of the way of HBK’s diving elbow. Cade really turns up the pace in the match and he nails the first big move, the fall away slam for a two count. Cade using the ring bell was awesome because he got himself over as a huge heel because he took the easy way out. Michaels had a short burst of offense but Cade was able to block Sweet Chin Music and I loved seeing him use the Razor’s Edge … but Michaels kicks out!! Classic way for HBK to win the match, getting Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere to pick up the victory. Michaels wins the war against Cade and I am really intriguied to see where both these men go after this match. I can see Michaels maybe getting back into the World Title picture or I could see him having a small feud with Orton. Cade could be injured for a while but I would love to see him face Carlito or Kennedy. Awesome match that ended another amazing feud. ***3/4

Weird state of mind Foley is in and I really hope his announcement is not a letdown but I have no idea what he could have in mind.

WOW! I didn’t expect London and Kendrick to come in with such a quick burst of offense and they were able to beat the Spirit Squad in less than a minute!! Awesome to see the belts finally off the cheerleaders and I really hope London & Kendrick get the reign that they deserve and I think they could have some great matches as tag champs on Smackdown. Quick match but awesome nonetheless. **

Nice little promo from Estrada as he hypes up the greatest thing on Raw, Umaga. I want to see Umaga get some good feuds and I hope his winning streak goes for over one year because he should not be losing anytime soon.

Good way to start this match with Matt going right after Edge and that is understandable because of the history (real life and storyline) between these two. Edge pretending to get injured was awesome but it will never work when he tells the referee or Hardy. Surprised that officials came down to the ring but then Edge shows his true colors and gets caught. Hardy really takes the fight to Edge but The Rated R Superstar is great at withstanding punishment and he kicked out of some huge moves like the backbreaker and later the Side Effect. When Edge nailed the spear I thought he had the match won but Hardy needed to keep the belt and that is why he got the foot on the rope. Edge is able to avoid the Twist of Fate and I always thought he would get DQ’ed because he just wants to hurt Matt, he doesn’t care about the US Title. The attack with the briefcase after the match was brilliant and I really hope this feud continues at least through Cyber Sunday. Maybe we will see a vote for the fans choosing the stipulation at the next PPV so these two can really go at it. Great match and this feud is really starting to get heated. ***3/4

This whole Triple H vs. Vince McMahon happened in the real WWE but I’m sure you can make it better than the WWE did. No chance for Jordan as he starts the match against Triple H but then he is done after one minute. Surprised to see Shelton go in second as I thought he would be saved for last but Shelton shows off his amazing athleticism as he is able to keep The Game off balance and he gets a few near falls. I never thought Shelton would really win but it was good to see him put up a good fight until getting hit with the Pedigree as Triple H continues the gauntlet. Mark Henry did an even better job than Benji and he was able to get Triple H with numerous power moves and then he locked in a submission that almost made The Game tap out. Triple H was able to battle back and I loved that he used the sledgehammer to get the victory against Da’ Silvaback. Rodney Mack goes even quicker than Jordan and Triple H runs the gauntlet!! I knew Vince wouldn’t let Trips go but The Game Pedigreeing Jazz was awesome and now Vince is pissed so he adds the No DQ stipulation for Teddy Long. The sledgehammer shot ended the match in great fashion for Triple H and this is hardly the last time he will face a challenge for Vince. I see this thing with Vince continuing for a few months before Triple H finally gets the World Title shot and wins the belt at WM23. Great way to start the Vince vs. Triple H feud and this should be good to see on Raw very week. ***1/2

Good interview from Edge and I think Edge thinks the whole thing with Hardy is over but I doubt that it truly is. I knew that when you had Edge give an interview it meant that he wouldn’t be cashing in tonight. The speech about him being the WWE Champion in waiting was awesome and I can see him waiting until around Survivor Series to cash in the briefcase. I just hope that he wins the belt in epic fashion.

This is the first World Heavyweight Championship match in the past year and a half that doesn’t include either Cena or Orton and I couldn’t be happier. Brock vs. Christian pits a relentless heel challenger against an underdog champion and that is what SummerSlam is all about. Christian uses his intelligence to get Brock riled at the start of the match instead of being intimidated and that made the Next Big Thing very angry I’m sure. No surprise that Lesnar was able to dominate the opening part of the match and he really showed the world how dangerous he could be when he used everything in his arsenal to beat down the champion. Surprised to see Lesnar kick out so soon after getting rolled up but it just shows how dominant Lesnar was in the stretch until that near fall. Great end to the match with the near falls from Lesnar after the devastating spine buster and from Christian after the DDT, backbreaker, inside cradle, and then the crazy kick out after the huge frog splash. Lesnar nails the huge knee to the face and then looks set to win with the F-5 but CHRISTIAN CRADLES LESNAR FOR THE WIN!!! Great way for Christian to win because it keeps both men looking strong and it sets up a rematch for sure, which needs to happen. Match of the night so far, but it will be topped but HIAC. ****1/4

This Foley announcement better be huge but given the state of mind Mick is in, I wonder just how good it will be. I loved how you brought up internet rumors in the commentary, good stuff. Is that second paragraph supposed to be Foley? It says Lawler by the way. Foleys saying this guy will be the next Hulk Hogan but THE BOOGEYMAN?? I didn’t think you’d bring in this guy but now I’m very intrigued to see what happens with him. His in-ring debut will be good and I hope Foley stays around for a long time. Very strange segment but I’m sure you will make everything clear in the future.

Awesome build up about Chris Jericho from Y2J himself. Jericho was in prime form but I’m not entirely convinced that he will walk out the winner. I predicted him as the winner but anything can happen.

Awesome hype for this match between the guy who you said hasn’t held the belt in four years (but wasn’t he your World Champion on Raw during late 2004?) and the guy who has come so close but has never held the top belt. Great start to the match with a ton of quick moves and then the numerous near falls. Jericho and Van Dam traded the advantage numerous times in the middle of the match, with RVD doing everything he could to stay in this match. Jericho is able to get RVD outside the ring but there was no chance Van Dam would lose by countout and he comes in and goes for it all, missing the moonsault. Jericho gets a few close near falls after some great moves but Van Dam just won’t stay down. Jericho has the Walls of Jericho locked in!! Van Dam does everything he could and he finally gets the bottom rope!! Some great high-risk moves to end the match and Jericho kicks out of the moonsault and RVD gets out after the lionsault. Jericho almost had the match after the roll up with the feet on the ropes but RVD comes back and nails the FIVE STAR!! VAN DAM IS THE WWE CHAMPION!! Van Dam is a world champion for the first time ever and I love it. I hope Van Dam gets a decent run and I could see him maybe losing when Edge cashes in MITB but I really don’t know. I hope Undertaker vs. Jericho continues after this match and RVD gets some good feuds over the belt. JBL vs. RVD would own, to be honest. Awesome match to end a great tournament. ****1/2

Heyman to screw RVD out of the title in the future? We shall see.

Now it is time for the final match in the epic rivalry between Cena and Orton, a feud that has been going on for the past year and a half. I personally want to see Orton get the win because he has lost to Cena at the biggest PPV of the year twice and another win would make Cena look untouchable and he would have no place to go but down after a win. No surprise that the match starts with a quick fist fight as this will be the most hellacious match in a long time. Cena tries the roll up and I love how the match has told the story of your feud for the past year and a half. Cena gets busted open and now Orton is like a shark that smells blood in the water, not holding anything back against his enemy. I love how the cell is being used and these two don’t need to go outside the structure because then the match just gets messy. The leg drop onto the ladder sounded sick but Orton is not going down yet. The superplex by Orton onto the table was even better and I thought Cena was done for sure after that move. Orton nailing the RKO on the referee was so Orton-like and now some crazy stuff should happen with the ref down on the mat. FU onto the ladder would awesome and this is probably the most brutal match I’ve ever read. RKO but Chioda is still down so Orton has to keep the match going. Cena locks in the STFU but the referee is still out so Cena has to break the hold after the match should have ended with Orton tapping. FU onto the tacks and Orton kicks out!! Randy is winning the match for sure after that kick out. RKO off the top onto the steel chair!! That’s what I knew would happen to give Orton the win!! Thank the Lord that Orton won the match and he gets the final laugh over Cena. Amazing feud, amazing wrestler, amazing match, that’s all I got to say. ****3/4

You have not lost anything after nearly a year and a half since your last full PPV, Wolf Beast. This was a solid show from top to bottom and the things I marked the most for was London & Kendrick winning the tag titles, Christian retaining, RVD winning the WWE Title, and finally ORTON BEATING CENA. This was an epic PPV, much better than anything WWE could ever put together. I can’t wait to see what happens after this turning point in your thread. Great PPV, best I’ve read in a long time, right up there with TAFKA Szumi’s Starrcade. 96/100

So where do we go from here? I remember you said that you probably wouldn't have full shows until the build to the Royal Rumble. Will you be doing something like NatureBoy does in his thread or will we get brief recaps going into recapped PPVs? Also could you post a roster because you have had a few changes.


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