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Re: Being The Booker

Didn't think I'd make it? Well your lucky I love you, cuz I been busy as hell. Haven't even found the time for my own shyte. Anyway, its been quite the while since I’ve been here, yep yep. I cannot even recall tbh. Anyway, thanks for showing the <3, as you always did, and here’s some feedback for you.

Buildup to JD was pretty nice. The Edge-Kennedy stuff was good, Jillian as women’s champ is cool.

Cade-HBK had to go down eventually what with the whole DX angle and all. Sadly, the real DX came back in real life following your year plus effort with them here. HBK-HHH is certainly the stronger DX, but you never ever disappointed in terms of quality, entertainment or originality. Awesome stuff I can recall, from awesome DX Duo tag matches, Michaels as an awesome heel champion and main event player, and more. You made HBK-Cena awesome before it was a thought in the E, and were the originator of HBK-Rock. (although mine was far better, tbh.) Anyway, I’ll never forget the line “Don’t think kid, it’s not your thing.” HBK speaking to Cade. Classic stuff. Anyway, rambling along, the HBK-Cade match needed to happen, and I have always thought Cade was the blue chipper, and reminds me of a Barry Windham esque cowboy.

Cena-Orton continued its build on Raw, and the program would be more exciting had it not been, and if it weren’t still, the main thing on Raw. Granted, you started this long before, so I’ll give you that. It’s building to an awesome climax, but it is unfortunate that Christian – WORLD CHAMP- appears lost in the middle. Cena as ref is unique, but again, Christian is lost???

Love Punk’s move being called the Punk Card btw. LOVE Punk getting Hurry in order too. Helms owns ass. MNM is better late than never in establishing themselves. Rey going over Brock is huge for the tag match, wow.

Smackdown notes were decent. JBL to take the title from baby killer plz? London has had one of the better long term builds in BTB history. Hardy-Haas has been unique, and I expect Matt to take the strap down the road. Interesting that WGTT split, and each took singles belts. Highlanders are meh, and I notice with them, spirit squad, and MNM you seem to be reverting to using new WWE teams instead of your own. STOP! You’ve always had such great team concepts (paling in comparison to me of course), but really. Juvi as CW champ is coolness, RVD and Sabu suspended is intriguing. Spirit Squad are the ass. Rock to take the belt then?

Boo at Alexis Laree. Mickie James plz? Fire the Dudleys already. You’ve jobbed them out it seems, and they suck now. Better yet, fire Bubba, and give Dvon a singles run.

Next Raw was good too. Won’t comment on much. Brotherhood is awesome, and them losing sucks. The Edge-Kennedy stuff was well done. Hate when WWE steals the idea. Shelton vs. Finlay for the IC strap is mouth watering. Don’t forget about Carlito though, plz? Cena-Orton rages on with a great promo. Punk beats Hurricane, and furthers that deal which ruled. Mark out for Mickie taking the women’s title. Awesome. For god sakes get Flair away from Cade, and work him as the face he should be. Nice six man to end the show. Mysterio picking up a win on Brock twice sees that he will surely die now. Why am I lost about Rey not having MITB? Why does Edge have it?

Meh, gotta just jump ahead to the PPV at this point.

Dinsmore over Rhyno is okay. More on that later. MNM take the World Titles just like that. Tis okay, as they rule. But poor AFA imo. Finlay as IC Champion = the sex. Crumby shock win for Kennedy.

Can’t say I like the new Horsemen concept. I am obviously all for creativity and stables, etc. But this one I really don’t like. Prostitution of the Horsemen legacy tbh, and a Flair who shouldn’t been in this role at this stage. He should be the Naitch, a beloved folk hero, and the Horsemen should be dead. Dinsmore, while I repect what you did with his character, just isn’t working for me. Sorry. Nonetheless, Cade over HBK is okay for now, as Shawn will obviously win later.

Mickie is still champ = ownage. Mysterio beating Brock 3-0 is a major shocker, and perhaps a mistake. I was sure Brock would finally win that one. 22:56 is an awesome time to be given. Cena cost Orton the match, again furthering their shit, but leaving Christian as a shadowy World Champion. Boo. Overall solid show, with some very unique booking decisions. Some I loved, some were meh.

Meh, skimmed through the next post. But I don’t want to comment on it all like I did the first. Plz understand. A lot of postage for a bunch of recaps you weren’t expecting feedback on. Gotta say though, I am begging for Christian to get some big wins with no shenanigans involved. SummerSlam? I’ll go with some thoughts on GAB, and hop right into SummerSlam.

Juvi as CW champion, retaining over Chavito is awesomeness. Lol and Batista-Masters match description. Time for Dave to finally do something in this thread. He aint the greatest, no, but its time for him to go higher than you’ve allowed. Masters? C-ya! Spirit Squad running a muck on your tag division nauseates me. That is all there. Marking out like hell at Jericho making Kane tap, en route to finally beating Taker down the road. Awesome scenario with both Haas and Benji getting quick singles reigns out of the tag team, to establish their singles abilities, only to lose quickly. I like it. Hardy as US Champ is cool, and where he deserves to be, after being pushed to the Mania bout with Booger Layfield. RVD is back, which is awesome.

Looked be the sexiest bout of the night between Kurt and Paul London. London has had the mouth wateringest build I’ve perhaps ever seen, so for him to finally lose, to a guy like Kurt, in this manner, was perfect. Great stuff. Benoit shouldn’t have retained. Boo to that. Injury at least. Bye bye baby killer, you complete fuck of a human. Too bad for JBL, who you have been no doubt building up forever. Swore he’d take the title. We’ll see what happens.

Onto to SummerSlam. Predics with reasons. That is all. Looks to be a great card. Winners in green, imo.

WWE Championship Match; Tournament Final:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

Gotta go with RVD. Which for me is a SHOCKER! You have never been the biggest RVD fan, but at the same time, I know from my own thread that you currently hate Jericho. I also see Undertaker-Jericho being on the cards, not for the title, with perhaps Taker’s *DONG* costing Y2J here. Furthermore, I could also see Edge cashing in on RVD immeditaley. This would ignite awesomeness. A face RVD could chase the heel champion, winning it back down the road. It would be unique in the fact that two new champions crowned back to back. It would further cement why you hated me for using my MITB angle at SummerSlam too. Plus, Edge is wasted away in a US match? I dunno. SOOOOO many variables tbh. RVD wins the WWE Title here, and rightfully so.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Brock Lesnar

Gonna be disappointed in Christian’s run as Champ if he doesn’t pull it out. Last year he was involved in BY FAR THE BEST slow build EVER. And I am referring to his program with Austin, which lasted some 8 months, and culminated in a sexy WrestleMania win for Christian. Off the heels of that angle alone, he became World Champion. Awesomely done. Now, he’s had a lackluster reign, where he’s taken a backseat to Orton and Cena, and hasn’t had a great title defense yet. Christian to defy all the odds, coming in injured, and defeating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. I LOVE Brock, but he can live to fight another day. IMO, Christian NEEDS the win more than Lesnar, despite the fact that Brock jobbed to Rey for two months.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Spirit Squad vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

God in heaven is all I have to say. Again, disappointed to see L & K paired at this point, as you’re taking another WWE team instead of creating your own. Nonetheless, they are an awesome team. And the SS has been running a queer muck in the thread. London on the other hand has had a build that one could salivate over. New champs is the only way I can see this one going down.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match;
Fatal Four Way:
Finlay vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito

Too hard to call really. I’d say Dinsmore, but he’ll likely win it later, in a one on one type joint. Kennedy is KOR, but still, meh. Gotta go with the champ. He’s the best in this thing anyway.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Edge

DQ? Count out? No contest? Doesn’t matter, Hardy leaves with the belt. I just don’t see Edge winning. Although I could see some, “I’ve got MITB, I’ve got the US, now I’m coming for the World” type angle. Meh, see the WWE Title match for more clarifications on what I think might happen here.

One on One:
Batista vs. Kurt Angle

Very heard to call match. Batista on the way up, Angle losing match after match. Gonna go with Dave because I think even in losing again, a loss still hurts the credibility of Angle less than that of Batista.

No Holds Barred:
Shawn Michaels vs. Garrison Cade

Revenge for HBK. Hands down. Lucky for Cade to face HBK at SummerSlam too. Last year HBK was involved in the tag line match “Hottest night of the Summer, Hottest Match of the Year.”.

Gauntlet Match:
Triple H vs. The Brotherhood

I really like the way you’ve held Hunter off. It’s been a long process, and now Hunter finds himself in a major bind. The McMahon-HHH culmination will come for sure, and the baby being thrown in is certainly WWE-esque! Anyway, Hunter to LOSE I think. An awesome showing, but just coming up short. Gives the Brotherhood some steam too. Hunter will get his due, as imo, he is already headed to a WWE Title Match @ Mania 23 in this thread, after one long ass time coming.

Hell in a Cell Match:
John Cena vs. Randy Orton

I can already tell this match is going to go after the title matches, which I’m not thrilled about, but find okay for the amount of build the thing has. What can be said? The longest built and running story in the thread right now. WM 21, WM 22, and now the ultimate showdown and climax, Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam. Interested how you’ll be able to make this match compare to the great HIAC’s of the past. In the end, I have to think the RIGHT MAN will win. And that man is Randy Orton. Cena won at Mania, twice. Orton NEEDS this win. It’s a brutal match, which gives the experience to the Legend Killer, and it’s the one he just has to win in the end. A brutal contest, which will leave both men looking strong, and Orton as the victory, FINALLY, against Cena.

Can’t wait Wolf-a-thon. Get to it.

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