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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Thanks for all the loving. Here’s some pay back.

Dynamite Review

Really like Welcome to the Jungle as the theme. Great old school rock song, that would really fit something like this. I could literally envision the camera shots with the song playing. Nice. LMAO @ Mike Bucci being the commentator. Name just sounds funny. No harm though, and alongside Joe, he’d probably be pretty good. Commentary was good for who was giving it.

Can’t quite imagine the Bisch getting MEGA HEAT. At least not yet. The buzz if him being there would surely be enough to get the markishness going. Matt Bloom on the other hand, would be getting not only heat, but shave your back chants. Bloom is credible though, and I always liked the Train for some reason. He’s a good big man, and Hogan may be in for trouble. Can’t say I like the “Easter Extravaganza” name. Screams cornyness tbh. USE SOME OF THE NAMES I GAVE YOU! Really tho, I thought they was good shyte. Great of Bischoff to cue the music and announce himself. Really fun stuff, and we’re in for a hell of a ride with Eric as GM. Although, GM is stolen from WWE, and he could have been given a different “authoritative” name. And wow bro, the Hogan – Bischoff interaction was really good. Great characterization, realistic interaction, and I could just really envision it happening. It feels like a real legitimate new fed, with things beginning to cook. I can honestly say from the heart, as of now, I am very impressed. You do have the rest of the show to go though.

Nice description to the first match in the championship tournament. RVD goes over, which is the right choice, as the bigger names need to remain on the forefront off tops to bring the viewers in.

Again, a solid little segment. Waltman takes Doane under his wing. Xpac is bashed to no end, which is trash, since he’s underrated and at one point was one of the world’s greatest workers. He had the Jeff Hardy style performances and fan fair in the mid-90’s. Hate Doane, but meh.

Establishing Bischoff as GM is fine. I think you are showing him a bit too much. Is this a one hour show? Let’s not kill it with too much backstage stuff. Get a handle on how much can really fit. Anyway, for tonight it’s fine, I just hope we don’t see Bischoff this much every week. Jillian Hall guiding the Basham’s is cool, and at least they can run trains on here and not … Shaniqua. Sheesh. Bashams vs. Pitbulls for the tag titles works for me.

One thing, without making me look back over things, can you explain how a few of these guys are here, and not in WWE. Not the ones who onviously aren’t there now. But ones like Rey, Jillian, Doane etc. Decent match, but really sad to see Rey lose. Not that I dislike Big Show. It just that Rey is a big name, and in a new fed like this, he should be in the main event off tops. To have him lose this early in the tourney makes me wonder why he’s with the company. Carlito comes out and wastes Rey away, and I had forgot about their ongoing program. But still, he should have been allowed to interfere, costing Rey a more competitive match. Instead, Rey looks weak as hell, and then gets killed again. Boo at all that. Although Backcracker > backstabber. Much better name.

Who the hell is the Priest guy? Jindrak is coming, which is fine. Building him up, so you must have big plans. Never been a huge fan, but we’ll see. Think his name could simply be “The Divine” rather than “The Divine One”. Meh.

BOOOOOO @ Super Crazy vs. Bloom as the Main event. I certainly would have had this match go early, and just cap off the Hogan-Bischoff-Bloom shyte then. Could have ended the show with the RVD victory, or hell, Carlito beating down Rey for a controversial ending. Could have had security come out to break it up, and all kinds of fun stuff. Anyway, Bloom kills Crazy which is fine and all, but not as the Main Event. Show closes with a staredown between Hogan and Bloom, which I’m aight with. Sets the scene for the future. But really, Hogan is the owner, and already the main eventer, so he really does have to go down our throats too much. Again, other guys can main event the show. Although, I cannot deny that this was realistically what would likely happen. LMAO @ “shouts something uncomprehensible at Hogan”. Funny Shit.

Overall, a strong show. It started off really good, middle remained very strong, but I just really feel like it ended weak compared. Change some shit up, and it could be GOLD, front to back. I really think you could go far with this if you stick to your guns. I could see it around in 6 months or a year, as one of the top BTB’s on WF, especially for a created fed. Good luck, and I will continue to follow.

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