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Re: Rate & Mini-Summarize the Last Movie You Saw

I Am Legend
First of all, based on what I had read in reviews and what a lot of people had been telling me, I was extremely excited when I finally got to see I Am Legend. Will Smith is a FANTASTIC actor in my opinion, and I was interested to see how he'd do in an apocalyptic zombie movie. The first 20 minutes or so of the movie was great... it showed Dr. Robert Neville's day-to-day in a world where he was the last surviving human, and I thought it was setting up to be a very good movie. Then, when his dog runs into the dark building, I was excited... this is where shit was gonna start going down! Then, we get a glimpse of the zombies... instant dissapointment. Not scary whatsoever... at all, one bit... end of story. From then on out, it just became a pointless shoot-em-up, just like every other zombie flick ever made. *CAUTION: Spoilers Next* Then, when the two other survivors save him, the movie takes an even more unpleasant turn: a cliched, guy-becomes-hero-and-saves-woman-and-child kind of twist... blah.

All in all, a very promising movie wrapping around an empty shell... could've been so much better... 6/10

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