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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

Sorry for the VERY late review FD, tbh havenít been motivated to get on my ass and do reviews the last two weeks I have been ill. Also very surprised to see that you have only got one full review for Wrestlemania, amazing.

Wrestlemania 23 Review

Wow, surprised to see this kick off the show but opens the show with one hell of a bang. Explosive match as expected, use of weaponry was very good throughout the match without completely being a spot fest. The last few moments of the match was some very exciting stuff, and loved the way you ended it with Orton hitting Foley with two RKOís on the Thumbtacks. Great opener

Seemed like a decent promo, canít see Vince losing to Bisch on his own creation.

Punk v Kash despite being the least interesting match on the card, through the recap you made it out to be a pretty good match. No surprises to see Punk win, as there was simply No Chance in Hell Kash was gonna win this. Hope to see Punk get a good push over the upcoming months.

Flair promo looked very short, but did itís purpose.

Wow big shock for me here, as Mysterio came in the Underdog and the match was mainly dominated by Umaga. Looked to be a very enjoyable big man/little man match, and despite the surprise am very glad to see Umaga get the win as I could see him doing much bigger and better things than Mysterio.

Looks like a Mickie/Trish feud is coming post Mania which can never be a bad thing.

Very good MITB match, a lot of good spots, and unlike Wolfy I actually thought this was more of a spotfest than a match which told a story. Favourite moment of the match for me was definitely RVD connecting with the Spinning Wheel Kick in mid air to Jeff Hardy. Damn Shannon Moore for screwing Kane out of the match . Very smart ending to the match with RVD taking the US Title and Jericho then taking the MITB contract. Look forward to another Jericho title reign as it appears.

Ken Kennedy interview was good, and hyped up his match well. Expect him to take the victory.

TBH I was a little disappointed with the Batista/Angle match, as it would be a very big drawing match and also a very good match, but it seemed more like a filler here for both men. Also wasnít so keen on the ending as I can not see Batista getting a victory with a simple roll up. With the ending however I can see it developing into further matches between the two.

Pretty enjoyable match here, especially the ending with the constant reversal of finishing moves. Great to see The Rock get the win, and will be interesting to see where both men go from here.

LMAO very crazy overbooked match here with a ton of suprises. Loved the spot with McMahon going for the Leg Drop off the Ladder. Lol at Vince owning Hogan and then Steph turning on Vince. WTF at Bischoff winning. Bischoff as owner of WWE will make great TV, but would you really think McMahon would lose to Bischoff on his own creation? Oh well who cares. Austin v Heel Hogan feud please.

HHH/HBK feud after Mania? Wouldnít be surprised after this promo.

Tag match splits up the big matches on the card so smart decision to place the match here. Seemed to be a decent Tag Team Match, and is good to see that the Tag Team Titles have been unified. Would be much better to see both brands compete for one Tag Team Championship, which would help make a better Tag Division.

Nice guard of honour before Flairís last match.

Good match for Flair to retire on. No surprises to see Flair get the win, but was hoping to see him get the clean win via submission, but HHH would never lose cleanly here. Aftermath was good with HHH congratulating Flair. Seemed to be very faceish here, and I am thinking that he will now move onto a feud with HBK with HHH as the face.

World Title match was very good, and because the match had both of them as faces it made the match more unpredictable as I did feel that Christian had a little chance of winning it since how hard you have pushed Christian. No turn by Tomko surprises me a little, as the whole Christian/Maria/Tomko thing has grown very stale. Expect this feud to continue post Mania, but the main question is who will turn heel out of the two?

A very good brawl here between Lesnar and Taker, didnít appear to better their HIAC match at No Mercy in 2002 but however was still a very good match from what I read in the recap. Liked the spot with Taker tossing Lesnar off the inside wall of the cell, would be good to see. Very disappointed to see Taker win, as I was hoping he would retire here but I suppose now Taker losing at WM is too unrealistic. Lesnar leaves the WWE, and really I donít know why you brought him into this threadÖÖOh wait a secondÖ

Main event looked to be the MOTN, you wrote the match very well and despite being in recap you could see it was a very good match. Some nice spots in the match like the Rocker Dropper, and the Double Kip up were nice to see. I thought HBK had it after the SCM, but Cena kicked out at two. Good booking to end the match with Cena hitting two F-Uís which keeps HBK looking strong despite losing.

Overall was a great show FD, is hard to comment on PPV recaps for me anyway as you canít really comment about the matches themselves, but you wrote long enough recaps of the matches to know how good the matches were. Was a few letdowns like Batista/Angle and in someways Rock/Kennedy, but then again was a very entertaining show with lots of surprises. Look forward to you starting posting again from this weeks raw
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