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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alcoholic’s Dynamite Review by KF4E

~First of all the opening commentary got me psyched for the show. I mean the way they were describing how the company has been going for five weeks is brilliant. I must say it seems so much like a real company, and it very well might just be soon:P I have to say though you should have bolded the announcer names because it was merging with the actual lines.

~A very nice opening match here in the Road To The Gold tournament. It had a very nice feel and flow to it. That’s why I always love reading tournament matches, because they just seem so important and they make the show seem more important.

~As I mentioned in a comment I left earlier. I absolutely love the fact that you have put The Basham Brothers in some sort of stable. I really loved the team when they used to wrestle in the WWE so I’m glad you’re using them. And using them well I must stress. Having Jillian there as the mouthpiece was the best thing to do, it sort of reminds me of when Shaniqua used to be the Basham’s mouthpiece back in 2003. I laughed when I read the line ‘Jillian’s screaming voice is near insufferable’ because it’s probably true. The brawl after the talking was written out well and I enjoyed it. It is a nice little tag team feud you have going on here and I must say, I like the way you have been developing your characters.

~The Doane and Waltman segment backstage struck me as intriguing. I love the fact that you mentioned Scotty Taylor (I think that’s Scotty 2 Hotty) as the companies best jobber. The only reason I liked it is because it’s the same as he was in the WWE. However I am a fan of Scotty and wish he was doing something. Overall this segment has made me wonder whether anything will go down in the match next.

~A good decision to have Wight advance to the next round. I liked the way Waltman came down to help Doane even after the little backstage segment earlier. Something fishy is going though and I can’t see this ‘friendship’ thing lasting too long. It was a nice little tournament match aswell. Good writing overall.

~I love the detail you put in the video packages. ‘The Divine One’ is a nice and catchy title for Jindrack and I’m really looking forward to his debut in this company. I think your going to use him pretty well. One thing I have noticed, is that this company is not build around huge stars, but lesser known people. Propps for this because I am a fan of the lesser known guys

~I was not a fan of Mysterio costing Carlito the match. In my eyes it should only be the heel costing the face a match. By having Mysterio cost the heel Carlito, it makes Mysterio seem the same as Carlito, meaning that even the face will stoop to his level. However your keeping this feud going which is cool.

~The promo with Hulk/Bischoff and Matt Bloom was awesome to say the least. I love the way you write Hulk Hogan, he really sounds perfect. Hulk was great hyping this company. I didn’t like the fact though that they were all just talking about money. It kinda degraded the company in my eyes. I have to say though I love the name you chose for A-Train I’m a bit confused as to who will get the championship shot though. Will the winner of the tournament get the shot, or will it be Bloom. Either way you have portrayed Bischoff and Bloom in an awesome way on their very first appearance. Bischoff is best like this, being the jackass heel, and to make things better he has kind of a body guard character in Bloom.

~Overall this was a very enjoyable thread. I have realized that you are a very good booker and an extremely good writer. You kept me hooked and entertained which I respect you for. The only thing I really didn’t like was Mysterio costing the heel Carlito the match. However I’m looking forward to the next show, and to the Easter Extravaganza.

PS: I’m sorry to say this mate, but I’m not sure if I can make that banner. I mean I have tried the layout you asked but I just can’t seem to get it right. I’ll keep on having a few go’s though for you

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