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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Thought I'd drop you a review.

Anyway opening match between Super Crazy and Mysterio was good. Nce ending with Carlito comin out stopping the 619,still mysterio prevails even after the interferance and is moves on to the semis.Can sense revenge later in the night for Mysterio though. Possibly interfering in CCC's match.

Bashams come to the ring:Nice to see Jillian doing the talking,can't imagine to listening to the Bashams on the mic to be honest.Liking Kid kash coming out,good lines from him,especially:Because that’s all you guys are…mediocre. And every single one of these intelligent fans in the arena knows that mediocrity is not excellence. Mediocrity is not perfection and mediocrity is certainly not entertaining… The Invaders are entertaining!”
. Invaders attack then,both Kash and Gibson hitting their finishers and are left celebrating in the ring.Can see some payback from the Bashams next week though,really need to do something to try and get the upperhand.

Waltman/Doane promo was kinda meh,don't really care for either guy to be honest.Still not sure where it's going.

Doane/Wight :Interesting ending,Waltman helping even if he doesn't want it apparently,surprised Wight didn't kill him after the match though.BTW is Wight a face at the moment,I assume so.

Limo pulls up,Bischoff,can't wait for him later on,imagine he'll be ending the show.

Jindrak is coming:Hmm "The Divine One" I actually like it,unusual kinda thing.Don;t know a lot about Parisi tbh.Still nice gimmick it seems and he'll add more depth to your roster.

Carlito/Sydal: CCC dominates early on before Sydal comes back into it. Myserio eventually comes down and does what Carltio couldn't earlier and costs him the match. I'm expeccting Carlito's revenge next week. Good feud though,something that I find very interesting. Sydal advances,Don;t see him going any further though.

Final Promo: Hogan comes out to a nice pop as expected.Seemed pretty in character here,so good work on that. Bischoff comes out and immediately gains heat from the crowd.No surprise to see him as a heel and uite rightly so too. Ha him rubbishing Hogan and his tournament is pretty much Bischoff as usual,nice to see.
So Bischoff thinks he needsa real challenge eh? Interesting.Woah it's A-train(lovin the name Matt"The Train" BTW)
Woah Bloom nails Hogan and lays him out in the middle of his ring,didn;t expect them to get physical right away but it gains Bloom and Bischoff instant heat and manages to make Bloom look like a monster too.

Overall good show.Keep up the good work I enjoy reading it as it's refreshing and different.

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