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Re: Forever-Delayed Does WWE

I’ll take this first set of responses on a match by match basis as that is probably the easiest way to explain everything, but I’ll start with the backstage segments

The Undertaker videos were used to try and emphasise what he had achieved in his time in the WWE at Wrestlemania and that it could be the last time we see him. The problem with recapping is that everything cannot be explained thoroughly, but the Flair’s last match storyline would have definitely been featured a lot on Raw leading into the ppv. The fact it was Flair’s last match, but could be the Undertaker meant I went with him for the videos at the ppv. Possibly not the best reasoning behind it, but it’s the way I was thinking at the time

The Orton punt-kick? I can’t remember whether it was me or Kane01 who first gave it to him but I think I used it as the way he attacked Foley a long time ago, and then around GAB time. He’s used it sparingly in a storyline, but occasionally. This was always going to be the opener as I had to start the show with a big match, and this was the one that fitted the bill best (plus the 4 gimmick matches needed spreading out).

Punk and Kash both have a good future in this thread – it’s just Punk possibly needed the win more after losing his IC title and not having scored a ppv win since Survivor Series

Umaga vs. Rey was a match that I wasn’t sure whether I’d made the right choice with the winner, but the fact no-one saw Umaga as the winner means the shock worked well, and I loved the finish that I came up with. I think everyone knows that Rey will probably pull off the underdog win at some point though.

Originally Mickie vs. Trish was supposed to be on the card but 13 matches would have been too many, and even with 12 the event would have gone 5 hours (and possibly more with all the promos, entrances and post-match shenanigans), so I had to cut 1 match (and make an 8 man MITB) and the women’s match was possibly the weakest match on the card. The women’s division will continue to be focused on (there is a match on all Raw ppvs throughout the rest of the year planned) and will main event a Raw soon enough.

Loved the fact you thought the MITB told a story.... as I wrote it as a total spotfest. And last years match was written as a story and everyone thought it was a spotfest! RVD took the title as I needed another title change someone on the card, and the finish... couldn’t come up with anything more creative so I went with the same finish 2 years in a row (and note the amount of nods to history that are seen in the ppv)

Batista/Angle was a bit filler, but still came out as a solid match I suppose, and definitely isn’t finished (but won’t go in the obvious direction)

Rock/Kennedy has a point and a logic to it. While it would be more beneficial for Kennedy if he had got the win, that was never a plan to happen. The Rock winning clean sets up something more interesting hopefully for Kennedy.

The street fight definitely took its cue from bits of Hogan/Vince and bits of Shane/Vince (a ***** match.... you won’t find a better match with a better storyline built around the match than that between two non-wrestlers.... it’s a perfect version of what it is) but wasn’t easy to top them. I had a problem for a while as to work out how to get the finish of Bischoff winning and having the Austin/Hogan aftermath, as I didn’t want to turn Hogan heel (at least yet and as a full-blown heel). Austin/Hogan? Why not... it’s original, it’s a huge match, and definitely has had the seeds for it planted... (and it means I’ve turned both Austin and Hogan heel in this thread... no-one else is brave enough to try that)

Tag titles aren’t actually unified (for now)... MNM just hold both sets of tag team titles.

Flair was never going to beat HHH clean... as much as it would have been a more fitting ending, HHH losing clean to someone whose had 18 months off just would have buried him, especially as he still as a rematch clause for the WWE Title at some point. So I went with the dirtiest player in the game angle for his final win to steal it.

Edge vs. Christian was also going to get hated on as everyone seems to have had their go and writing the feud but it still has some originality in the fact that both men are still faces. The Tomko heel turn was never going to happen. As for who turns heel? I actually don’t know yet who will – I have reasons for keeping both face, but also turning them both heel so anything could happen there

The HITC match... I know it wasn’t necessarily needed but it just adds a bit more to the match... Lesnar taking on Taker on his home turf in his home match to finish him off. Concrete floor=mats... just makes it sound more dramatic than it is. The issue of Lesnar now will have to be seen to find out what happens to him. I’ve never been a fan of his (and never saw the majority of his run in the WWE) which makes him hard to use, but I recognise that he does have value in the thread at the moment.

Surprised that you didn’t see HBK/Cena as a MOTN contender as it was my favourite match to write to be honest... but I guess in a recap it may not have come across as well as I intended it to. There was a brief moment where I thought about giving the win to HBK for shock value, as well as the fact he is due a title reign at some point, but Cena needed to win the match as a result of the storyline he had.

I'll get a few more comments out to people later today (or maybe soonish), as well as replying to anything that it posted in here. News and notes, as well as a Raw Preview to come at the end of the weekend (probably), and then Raw around the middle of next week
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