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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Decent enough news there. Really think you should go with Matt "the Train" still though. Bischoff coming in is a good move. Controversy creates cash. Anyway, I read back over a lot of this, and your creativity here is actually very good. I usually hate created feds due to a severe lack of realism. But you have done quite the job here, imo. It feels as "real" as something "fake" could feel. You have proper explanations for everything, and have used proper type resources to create the fed. Example=Hogan. I mean, with some help, Hogan could - and SHOULD- start his own company. I love the fact that you didn't go with a "Vince is dead, and this happend..." type deal. Anyway, I usually don't go out of my way to comment on the work of an individual I don't know, but I think you deserve credit for your standout creativity. Btw, I am sure you have an idea of what your titles will be called, but for kicks, I have always thought a title called the "Flyweight" or "Fly-Wieght" Championship would be cool for the Cruiserweights. So, steal it if you'd like. Anyway, good luck sir, and I will try to observe and comment as much as I can.

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