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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

ROFL, I love Hulk Hogan. Solid enough of an opening promo, although instead of him just using brother, throw in a few dude’s and maybe even a jack or two. Hogan is the master of variety brother. Also, I think it’d be a nice touch to italicize the brother/dude/jack… I like doing it … gives it more of an emphasis, if you will. I like the fact that instead of having a PPV, you’re having a 2-hour edition of TV. I think that’s a very wise decision, and refreshing. No need to jump right to PPV. 2 Titles is always beefy goodness, but not a big fan on bringing up TNA or the name of the show. Bringing up your competition (which TNA is, not WWE, really) is never a good thing. Putting word of mouth out about TNA would only make more guys want to watch it. If it was the WWE, it wouldn’t matter; everyone knows about them anyways. Also, Easter Extravaganza… WAY TO DISCRIMINATE YOUR NON-CHRISTIAN BASE, BASTARD~!

…ROFL, just playing, although I don’t like giving a big show a theme about a Holiday, especially one like Easter. It’s not really a big holiday, outside of the USA. Too religious of a holiday.

Nice match in terms of over booking (WCW feel to it <3), and even though Basham took the job, he looked dominate as fuck. Psicosis was his bitch in the match. I like how you’re slowly developing the beginnings of your tag team division, and these 3 teams should be great to pioneer the division, especially when you add the Belts for EE. Because that’s obviously one of the Titles you’re bringing in. The other, I’d go for the Cruiserweight Title, only because I’d rather see that than a mid-card Title already.

Am I the only one who doesn’t like the quotations with dialogue? I dunno, but it’s a tad annoying for some reason. Anyways, LOL at this segment, only because Sean Waltman was totally hitting on Kenny Doane there for a second. I’m smelling some pent up homosexual tendencies by Waltman. But hey, he did sleep with Chyna, and we all know what she’s like… just as ‘Mac . But yeah, nice to these two getting some time, and I actually would like to see them team up. Waltman’s solid in tag teams, although better in a the big man-little man team. But nevertheless, I liked this segment. The Waltman/Taylor match was nice, although possibly a bit too lengthy depending on how long the main event ends up going. LOL at Waltman, a little fucker, catching Taylor on a fall away slam… didn’t like that part, mind you. Still, nice stuff.

While I love the concept of what you did with this Carlito and Rey angle, the “Boo” and Rey jumping up like a little bitch. That was just silly, and not really needed. Carlito really ended up looking like a bitch, but it was hilarious when he got kicked into the locker room. I would’ve really loved it if Rey locked Carlito in the locker, but alas, no such luck. Still, good way to continue to build their feud up.

Nice video package with Parisi and Jindrak, although now having an Easter themed show with a character like this, is just really stupid. You pander to one crowd, and then totally shit on them in the same show. This is the kind of risqu&#233; gimmick that would piss off the religious zealots, so don’t see why you pandered to them earlier. Despite the logic flaws, I’ll give this gimmick a chance, only if you later have a pedophilia angle with Parisi. Make it happen, booker man!

T’was no shocker that RVD was going over in this match, especially since Kazarian hasn’t done anything to prove himself in GWE, and RVD is a household name. However, Kazarian did a solid job trying to make a name for himself, which is what you needed to do if you wanted to try and establish Kaz. You did that, so both men come away as winners, yes.

Solid show, and this is proving to be a solid BTB that is different to the plethora of average WWE BTBs out there. GWE is something fresh for readers, and I am enjoying what you’ve been doing. You set up a lot of stuff on this show for EE, and also the Waltman/Kenny and Rey/Carlito stuff, as well as the tag stuff. This continues to show a lot of promise, and has potential to be really good.

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